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Are Men More Intelligent than Women?

Are men more intelligent than women?

Well, the evidence seems to suggest that this is so.

On Start the Week, on Radio 4, tonight, Jeremy Paxman asked Professor Susan Greenfield, avowed feminist and well-known neuroscientist (and Director of the Royal Institution) "You claim, don't you, that the more emotion you have, the less mind you have?"

"That's right," she answered. 

Indeed, it is one of the main propositions in her new book, The Private Life of the Brain.

She went on to say,"[For example] One might say that, in meditation, one is developing a very deep consciousness, where you are accessing your inner states, and ignoring the outside world. This could be an example of where you are NOT experiencing an emotion, as such. The opposite would be, [perhaps] a baby, or someone with road rage, or a bungy jumper, awash with emotions and who is not [therefore] 'accessing' [with the mind] the past, or the future, or anything 'inside'."

Thus, Prof Greenfield is saying that the more 'emotion' you experience, the less 'mind' you have. 

Now, which of the two possible genders, statistically speaking, experiences more emotion - and would claim to?

Hmm. The female gender, one would suspect. 

And it would follow from Professor Greenfield's beliefs, therefore, that, statistically speaking, this gender has less 'mind'. It is less in 'contact' with it. 

Putting this another way: Relatively speaking, compared to men, the conclusion must be that women are less often 'accessing the past, or the future, or anything 'inside' ' - statistically, that is.

Well, that's what follows from Professor Greenfield's observations.

All in all, therefore, women seem to function less 'mindfully' than men, or, putting it less euphemistically, less 'intelligently'.

Statistically speaking.

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it is men who are the focused, the possessed, and the obsessed

In addition, it cannot have escaped even the most ardent feminist's notice that it is men who are the focused, the possessed, and the obsessed. It is men who push forward the boundaries of science, music, technology and art. It is men who build great cities and great religions.

It is men who tinker well into the night, studying and prising apart the boundaries of even the most obscure and intractable. 

locust cartoon drawing sketch

I knew one man who spent six years studying locust legs. 

Not locusts.

Locust LEGS! 


And he is probably still at it.

I knew another man who was a mathematician and who struggled daily, FOR YEARS, with some obscure problem in which only one other person in the entire world seemed to have any interest - and it wasn't me.

Just look at any science programme on TV and notice the 'workers' labouring in the various scientific fields. The 'experts'. The ones who sneak into their laboratories even on Christmas Day to skulk around engines, chemicals, computers or insects. The ones who spend hour upon hour, year upon year, squashed into their little rooms to study the contents of test-tubes or tissues. The ones who wander into the most hostile and desolate parts of the planet to scrub around for clues, artefacts and ideas.

They are mostly men.

It is men who lead, explore, push forward and calculate. 

the intelligence of men must creep forward more quickly, and further, than that of women,

And, to the extent that intelligence is based on factors in the environment, as opposed to genetics, or based upon learning and studying, as opposed to 'emotionalising' (and, so, losing 'mind') then the intelligence of men must creep forward more quickly, and further, than that of women, throughout their lives - because, statistically speaking, they choose to take on more of the intelligent-provoking 'environment', and they interact with it in much more of an objective and emotionless way (i.e. with more 'mind'). 

When it comes to intelligence, men have got what it takes. They drive in straight lines, they focus their attention, they do not multitask, they obsess, and they do not spend so much time emotionalising. 

And they actually increase their intelligence by doing such things.

And the whole species benefits from their pursuits.

Statistically speaking, men are taller than women. Not much, but significantly so. The picture below is of some men and women. Some of the women are actually taller than some of the men.


men and women cartoon



But now look at the next picture.


men and women cartoon


The very same men and women have fallen in love, and they have partnered each other. They are so happy. But, notice that EVERY SINGLE man is TALLER than EVERY SINGLE woman.

And the same thing happens with intelligence. Just as it is that women, statistically speaking, prefer men who are taller than them, and richer than them, and socially higher up the ladder than them, so it is that they prefer men who are more intelligent than them. 

Not only do women admit to this last aspect, recent research also shows that most women believe that their partners are more intelligent than them.

And they are!

The situation is exactly the same as for Picture B. Simply think of intelligence instead of height. All the women in this picture have chosen partners who are 'more intelligent' than them, even though it is true that, statistically speaking, across the whole population, there are millions of women who are more intelligent than millions of men.

And until such time as women CHOOSE partners who are less than, or equal to, themselves in terms of intelligence, the statement that 'men are more intelligent than women' will remain true even when looking at the issue as it relates to partnerships between men and women. 

men are MOSTLY more intelligent than their female partners.

Putting this another way: When it comes to looking at men and women as they function within their relationships, men are MOSTLY more intelligent than their female partners.

But, of course, we all know this instinctively. 

We just cannot say so.

But it is clear that both men and women CHOOSE things to be this way - statistically speaking.

As Germaine Greer puts it, "Women are not valued for their intelligence."

Well, Yes, they are. But they are not loved for it, nor are they found attractive as a result of it - statistically speaking.

stone age women in grass skirts talking cartoon

In her book, Sexual Personae, Camille Paglia said that, "If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still all be living in grass huts."

She has a point, because if women had, indeed, been the dominant gender, then they would have used their influence to promote further 'emotionalising', and the result would have been less achievement with regard to developing other things. 

Like wheels.

And this, of course, partly explains why the educational systems in the west are currently failing so miserably to produce high standards in their pupils. There is too much emotionalising going on, and not enough thinking; i.e. not enough 'mind'.

women in front of TV crying cartoon

And, in the past, those little societies that spent their time emotionalising, instead of creating, inventing and progressing, had no chance in evolutionary terms. They lost the battle long ago. The men were killed and the women were carried away. And they no longer exist. They have been statistically washed away.

Camille Paglia also said that, "Women have been discouraged from genres such as sculpture that require studio training or expensive materials. 

But in philosophy, mathematics, and poetry, the only materials are pen and paper. 

Male conspiracy cannot explain ALL female failures. 

I am convinced that, even without restrictions, there still would have been no female Pascal, Milton, or Kant. 

. . . Even now, with all vocations open, I marvel at the rarity of the woman driven by artistic or intellectual obsession, that self-mutilating derangement of social relationship which, in its alternate forms of crime and ideation, is the disgrace and glory of the human species." 

Men are, indeed, more intelligent and creative than women, on the whole. They work at it. They strive for it. They value it. They are loved for it. They are wanted for it. 

And the mental environments in which they choose to spend their time definitely develop their talents even further. 

That is, they give much more time to their 'minds'.

And this is mostly why women, STATISTICALLY SPEAKING, will never be able to compete successfully with men intellectually and nor, therefore, in any task or job which requires intellectual endeavour.

Finally, not only do men develop their intelligence by CHOOSING to engage more so in activities that enhance it - as opposed to emotionalising - (and so, to the extent that the environment affects intelligence then it will do so more for men than it will for women) but it is also the case that, thanks to the Y chromosome, the genetic variability of men is greater than that of women, so spreading the range of their intelligence more widely. The consequence is that at the bottom range of intelligence there will be found to be far more men than women, and in the top range the SAME will be true. 

Further, and for the same reason, both the highest and the lowest intelligence levels of men are more extreme than are those of women.

at the high-flier levels, women haven't got a hope of competing with men

And the upshot of all this is that at the high-flier levels, women haven't got a hope of competing with men either in terms of their number or in terms of their achievements - unless, of course, the men are deliberately handicapped in some way.

Thus, there is not so much of a glass ceiling created by sex-discriminatory men holding back the realisation of statistical parity between men and women in the higher echelons of the world, the women's relative lack of success in these lofty places is far more due to the choices that they make and their less-variable genetic makeup.

Neither of which is the fault of men.

man holding winners cup award cartoon

Nature vs Nurture

For at least half a century, the overwhelming evidence that intelligence is determined very significantly by genes has been hidden from the public - by the usual culprits. The politically-correct view was that the environment was the most significant factor in the development of intelligence and that genes were almost irrelevant.

Indeed, scientists who have expressed the view that intelligence is largely the product of a person's genes have been labelled by the politically-corrected feminist-dominated left as racists, sexists, Nazis, and goodness know what else.

And, for example, during the 80s and 90s many of the UK's school teachers were indoctrinated with the view that children do not differ at all in terms of their mental abilities.

This is absolute rubbish, but I have met many young teachers who actually believed this wholeheartedly as a result of the politically-correct nonsense being propounded by the teacher-training colleges.

The point here, however, is this. 

IF it is true that intelligence is largely, and significantly, determined by the mental environment in which it is engaged, then it follows, for example, that those individuals who find themselves - or place themselves - in situations conducive to the development of intelligence are going to end up more intelligent than those who do not.

As such, for example, those who live or mostly work in more impoverished circumstances are not going to end up being as intelligent as those who live or mostly work in more enriched circumstances. And so, for example again, middle class people are going to end up more intelligent than those from the working classes. Whites from the rich West are going to end up being more intelligent than impoverished blacks from, say, Africa (or who live in western ghettoes) and, presumably, men throughout history, not being tied to their children and their homes, ended up being far more intelligent than their womenfolk who, apparently, spent most of their time dealing with children and being oppressed.

angry mother woman exasperated with two children cartoon

 the politically-corrected cannot stomach the conclusions that must be reached even on the basis of their very own doctrines

Needless to say, the politically-corrected cannot stomach the conclusions that must be reached even on the basis of their very own doctrines concerning the development of intelligence.

And so it is that the various pronouncements of the politically corrected concerning the development of intelligence reveals that they are either mostly incredibly stupid, and simply cannot see where their own arguments lead, or that their propositions are mostly designed to manipulate people rather than to enlighten them; which means, quite simply, that they are bald-faced liars.

Mostly, one discovers that they are both.

But, in either case, their influence (which is mostly due to intimidation) is a negative one, and it tends to make societies structure themselves on the basis of serious falsehoods.

And clearly, societies that do this, particularly complex ones, are not going to progress very well. In fact, eventually, they are going to cave in - well, they will eventually collapse or perform hopelessly in those domains where the falsehoods form part of the very foundations upon which they have been built. 

And with regard to the negative consequences of having serious misconceptions about the nature of intelligence, the whole UK educational system immediately comes to mind.

The arguments that I have made concerning intelligence are relatively easy to grasp and they are worth understanding.

And they boil down to this ... 

The more that the environment is said to affect the development of intelligence (a PC left-wing argument) the more must the conclusions from this position suggest politically very-incorrect outcomes.

For example again, the men from the past must have been more intelligent than the women. The colonisers must have been more intelligent than the colonised. The masters must have been more intelligent than the slaves. The whites must have been more intelligent than the blacks. The rich must be more intelligent than the poor. 

 you fruitfully expose them for the intellectual phonies that they are.

And when you point this out to the politically-corrected and their feminist friends, in order to expose their ludicrous and conflicting claims, you fruitfully expose them for the intellectual phonies that they are.

And it is very important that we do expose these frauds, because they and their bankrupt ideologies have achieved enormous influence in western societies. And, as a consequence, the futures of these societies are being continually undermined.

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Fiddling with the Figures

I sometimes receive emails pointing out that the measured average intelligence of males is the same as that for females.

Well, the reason for this is because the individual subtests of traditional intelligence tests are 'weighted' mathematically to bring about this very result.

For example, females tend to do better on language tests whereas males tend to do better on spatial tests. The results of these tests are then 'weighted' so that the genders do not differ when it comes to the overall assessment of intelligence.

And so if, for example, a bit more weight was given to the language tests than is currently the case, then females would appear to be more intelligent than males. If, on the other hand, language tests were given less weight, then females would appear to be less intelligent.

In other words, these intelligence tests are purposely jiggered statistically to ensure that the averages are the same for males and females.

Nevertheless, it is possible to assess any differences between the two genders by statistically discounting those areas wherein there are gender differences in proportion to such differences. And when this is done, the average intelligence of men is found to be greater than that of women and, further, the difference becomes larger the further up the scale one looks.

Why Is All This Very Important?

Perhaps the most important reason to keep exposing to the public the truth about gender differences in intelligence - and in other areas - is because the politically-corrected and the feminist-dominated have managed over the past two decades to stir up a huge amount of unwarranted hostility towards men on the fraudulent grounds that they have been discriminating against women when it comes to them reaching the higher echelons.

But one of the main reasons that women do not reach the higher echelons is because, at these lofty levels, women, quite simply, are not as capable as the men with whom they are competing.

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