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Men earn quarter of a million pounds more than women

Men earn quarter of a million pounds more than women during the course of their lifetimes.

The article Women Do Not Deserve Equal Pay explains some of the reasons why it is that, statistically speaking, women earn less than men. And it explains why there is nothing sinister about this, for the figures simply demonstrate the consequences of women's biology and the choices that they make.

Here we look at the ridiculous, distorted propaganda propounded by the EOC, squeezed out from the very same figures.

The EOC is currently trumpeting the fact that men, on average, earn quarter of a million pounds more than women during the course of their lifetimes, and that, therefore, this reveals some terrible injustice being done to women.

So, let's look at what this figure really means.

Firstly, it means that men pay about 90,000 more in taxes than do women. In other words, the average man puts 90,000 more into the pot than does an average women. Your average man is therefore supporting women to the tune of 90,000. Just one average man!

Bearing in mind also, that when it comes to benefits, such as health, pensions and income support, a whopping 70% of the budget is actually spent on women's needs, it is absolutely clear that the support, in the UK, given by men to women, is phenomenal, and it shows just how much the men in the UK truly hand over to women via the government coffers. 

Further, men also hand money over directly to women when they stay at home to look after the kids. And why shouldn't they stay at home to look after the kids if that's what the pair of them want? Why should feminists try to make women go out and earn the same as their partners? 

So, what do the feminazis at the EOC do with these figures? Well, as usual, they twist their real meanings and turn them into man-hating propaganda. Thus, they are currently squawking loudly about this quarter of a million pounds with a deliberately distorted spin designed to make women feel aggrieved, disadvantaged and hateful towards men.

But let me show you something.

Imagine that the figures were the other way round. Imagine that women earned quarter of a million pounds more than men during the course of their lifetimes. What would the feminazis at the EOC be saying then? It doesn't take much imagination, does it?

Here are the headlines.

Women are having to do all the work. Women pay more taxes than men.

"Women are having to do all the work. Women pay more taxes than men. The tax laws are discriminatory because they take more from women." And do you know what would happen next? There would be a major government initiative to stop benefits for men, and demand that they take up any work that was on offer. The government would set different tax rates for men and women in order to make sure that men could not benefit from 'sex-discriminatory' tax laws.

But the EOC figures show that UK men put hell of a lot more into the pot, and they take hell of a lot less out of it. And it is still the case that while men die seven years earlier than women, they are still expected to work for five more years before receiving their pensions.

working for five years longer and receiving seven years less of pension, adds up to a massive twelve years of financial injustice

This is going to change in the future, thanks to Brussels and the European Commission. But do notice that, working for five years longer and receiving seven years less of pension, adds up to a massive twelve years of financial injustice. A truly blatant, ongoing act of sex discrimination. An enormous act of discrimination. And what has the EOC done about this? Nothing. Nothing at all.

People really must take on board the fact that the EOC is a feminist organisation dominated by all the selfish, self-centred slogans of feminism. It is probably the most sex-discriminatory body in the land, despite its cosy name, and it should have been abolished a long time ago.

An Equal Opportunities Commission whose sole aim seems to be to diminish and demean constantly one half of the population by distorting the facts, the figures and their implications, cannot be allowed to continue to exist.

The EOC costs a fortune, but all it does is stir up anger and resentment within women against the very men who support them - and massively so.

Do the feminists at the EOC really want women to have to work for the same number of hours as men, doing the same types of jobs, for the same number of years, for the same pay, putting the same proportion of money into the pot, and getting the same amount out?

And if so, who is going to look after the kids?

The stupidity of Feminism, and hence of the EOC, is that in its blind, hysterical vindictiveness toward men, it actually hurts all real women as well, particularly the majority of women, who do not want to devote most of their lives and their energies to whatever it is that they might have to do to earn a decent wage.

A few million UK women want to be mothers who stay at home, or just do jobs part time. What is wrong with that?

And while so many women continue to CHOOSE to do this, men are BOUND, statistically speaking, to be earning more than women.


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