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Men Love to Bash Pregnant Women 

UK Almost a third of cases of domestic violence began or intensified while a victim was pregnant, a study for Scotland Yard reported yesterday.

And, of course, one of the reasons for this is the shock that hits men when they realise that they are being marginalised by the pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, men - particularly the younger ones - usually think that their relationships with their partners will be relatively unaffected by any pregnancies. They erroneously believe that they will continue to be the Number One being in their partners' eyes.

Big mistake!

When a woman becomes pregnant her partner not only ceases to be the centre of her universe, he quickly turns into not much more than an implement for achieving her aims.

Most of the animal kingdom seems to operate in this fashion.

Unfortunately, men are not taught about this at an early age, and they are often terribly hurt when they discover that a pregnancy has so quickly reduced them into being little more than expendable peripherals in the eyes of their partners.

"You have been replaced."

The woman who used to say, "You are my everything," suddenly starts saying, "You have been replaced."

Further, in today's society, men are becoming more aware of the awful potential consequences that are likely to arise from their partners choosing to become or to remain pregnant. (And western women do choose to have children e.g. see AH's Why Should a Man Bear Responsibility for a Woman who Decides to have a Baby?

As a result, they often feel very insecure and threatened by such an event. Further, they often feel that they have been duped, and lied to, because of the dramatic changes in their partners' attitudes toward them - hence the violence.

Also, of course, insecurity gives rise to violence. And so with the feminists, the politicians and the women's groups daily urging women to see their partners' behaviours as abusive in some way, and to throw them out, it is not surprising to find that domestic violence is on the increase as men are purposefully made more insecure.

"And it reported that women trying to end a relationship were among those most at risk of being attacked or killed by their partners."

Well, what a surprise!

Some more bogus research ...

UK One in six women has suffered domestic violence during pregnancy, say researchers at the Hull Royal Infirmary.

Well, no surprises there! - mostly because this 'research' will be funded by a source keen to promote the view that men are violent bast*rds.

Senior medical staff at Hull Royal Infirmary gave questionnaires to 500 pregnant women. They were asked if they had been physically or emotionally hurt by a partner, or someone close to them, in the past, or physically hurt in the current pregnancy.

The first thing to notice is that this 'research' was based on questionnaires. Further, they were handed out only to women. Not only are questionnaires notoriously unreliable tools for obtaining valid data, in this case they were only filled in by those whose evidence is likely to be highly one-sided and tainted. 

Further, for example, a woman might well answer Yes to the question, "Did your partner ever shout at you or hit you?" but it could easily be the case that the woman was, in fact, the first one to engage in any assault.

One doubts whether or not this possibility was actually investigated in this 'research'.

Of 475 women who replied, 81 (17 per cent) reported domestic violence, including 16 women who experienced it in their current pregnancy, 68 who had experienced emotional abuse and 70 who had experienced physical abuse.

The second thing to notice is that 'emotional abuse' is counted as domestic violence - once again, without any reference as to how the women themselves might have been acting toward the men who allegedly abused them 'emotionally'.

The third thing to notice is that, in fact, only 16 women out of the 475 respondents were claiming to have experienced 'domestic violence' throughout their current pregnancies - which equates to only 3% of the total - and this suggests that the vast majority of women alleging domestic violence had been pregnant many times before and/or that there is a very steep reduction in domestic violence in later pregnancies compared to earlier ones. 

Any combination of these two factors strongly implicates the women themselves when it comes to thinking about the causes of domestic violence.

(If this doesn't quite make sense, think carefully about how a rate of 3% for current pregnancies could possibly become 17% when taking into account previous pregnancies. Either these women had many previous pregnancies and/or there is a very steep reduction in the likelihood of domestic violence after, say, the first pregnancy.)

'boyfriends' seemed to be the major perpetrators

When one adds to all this the fact that 'boyfriends' seemed to be the major perpetrators, and that domestic violence is largely an 'underclass' phenomenon, many further questions would seem to be worth examining when it comes to thinking about why there might have been 'domestic violence' during pregnancy.

For example, was it the case that the women who reported violence were mostly previously pregnant with the same man or with different men? If with the same men, then why did they stay? (Are their problems now sorted?) If with different men, what does this mean?

 this 'research' is nothing more than a numbers game designed to demonise men.

The point is that without some focus on characteristics relating to the women or to their circumstances - or to the men and theirs - this 'research' is nothing more than a numbers game designed to demonise men.

And if you look closely at the article, it is clear that this is what the intention is.

the following statement says absolutely nothing of interest. It is there purely to exaggerate the problem.

For example, given the medical progress that has been made in recent years, not to mention the positive fortune spent on women's health, the following statement says absolutely nothing of interest. It is there purely to exaggerate the problem.

Violence, ranging from punching and slapping to forced sexual activity, is more common than many other pregnancy complications.

However, it would be no surprise to discover that 17% of absolutely anything during pregnancy these days is more common than other 'complications'  - because these days, specific complications are quite rare! - if for no other reason than that medical science has divided these complications into so many different categories.

Bear with me for a moment.


Some 25% of women will experience complications of some sort during pregnancy. The better that medical science becomes, the more categories will these complications be divided into. 

6% of complications will come from this, 3% will come from that, 0.9% will come from the other, and 0.005% will come from Mars - and forever into the future the number of categories will increase, and so their relative percentages will decrease.

And so, in this day and age, the statement that 'domestic violence' is "more common than many other pregnancy complications," is nothing more than hype. In fact, 'domestic violence' is probably more common than all the 'many other' complications because the percentages of the separate categories are nowadays so low.

Let me explain with a simple example for my less able readers - of which, judging by their emails, there are many!

Imagine that there are just two causes of complications during pregnancy - as follows, ...

17% caused by domestic violence

83% caused through medical reasons

So, what the hate stirrers in the domestic violence industry do is this.

They chop the 'medical' reasons into different categories, so that they can quote statistics like this, ...

17% caused by domestic violence

15% caused by 'blood problems'

15% caused by 'uterus problems'

16.9999% caused by 'lymph problems'

15% caused by 'big toe problems'

15% caused by 'chemical problems'

Having done this, they then use the figures to proclaim that "domestic violence is the biggest cause of complications during pregnancy".

Sneaky, eh?

In other words, the comparison of domestic violence with "many other pregnancy complications," is virtually meaningless.

The bogus figures have simply been stitched together in a way that allows them to be used to deceive the public, and, hence, to demonise men.

And the feminists and the abuse industry and the government use this trick all the time.

the feminists and the abuse industry and the government use this trick all the time.

They chop up the factor that they want to suppress into little factors (so that their percentages are cut) and then they group together little factors into the big one that they want people to notice.

As further evidence of this attempt at deceit and demonisation, the final paragraph focuses again solely on the men. ...

The main culprits were boyfriends, although in one case a woman was forced to have sex with her brother and, in another, a relative was the culprit.

But why not say that the victims were 'unmarried mothers' rather than that the perpetrators were their 'boyfriends'?

Do you see?

The target is always men!

The target is always men! There is no attempt to analyse the women.

(Also notice the peculiar way in which one perpetrator was allegedly a 'brother' while another was a 'relative'. Was it a female relative, one wonders?)

The researchers and the media seem only concerned to produce alarming numbers to demonise men.

You know. If domestic violence 'researchers' had the slightest interest in reducing domestic violence, they would hand out questionnaires to those who engaged in it.

It is only those who engage in domestic violence  who know why they are doing it.

 why do such 'researchers' not also hand out questionnaires to the men?

For example, why do such 'researchers' not also hand out questionnaires to the men? Perhaps they could ask them these questions.

"How did your female partner behave during her pregnancy? Did she ever assault you, or shout at you? Did she abuse you emotionally? Did she threaten to leave you? When did she tell you about the pregnancy? Did she tell you that she was using contraception? Do you think that she is carrying your child or someone else's child?"

Furthermore, for all we know from this research, it could be the case that far more men were victims of 'domestic violence' than were women.

How can we possibly know that this is not the case if the 'researchers' are not prepared to ask the men?

We cannot know how many men were the victims of 'domestic violence' during these pregnancies because the 'researchers' had no interest in finding men who were victims.

There is an automatic assumption that the women themselves have no part to play.

The focus is entirely on the alleged behaviours of men - as determined by women. There is an automatic assumption that the women themselves have no part to play. They are presumed to be responsible for nothing. No data is collected about their own behaviour. And no effort is made to find out how many men could also be categorised as victims.

But since those providing the funds these days are at the beck and call of feminist mullahs - who would hate to investigate too closely why it is that men might behave violently, how women might provoke it, or how many men are themselves victims - 'researchers' who need to remain employed and build their little empires have to toe the feminist line - or they get no money.

It is also worth pointing out that domestic violence from both men and women is likely to increase during pregnancy these days because for both partners, but particularly for the males, any future offspring can easily represent a considerable loss of security and of control over their own lives.

And in an environment where men also recognise that women have complete control over their pregnancies and almost complete control over the children whom they give rise to, and that very little regard will be paid to their own welfare, it would hardly be surprising to find that they are more likely to respond with aggression if their relationships are perceived to be getting out of hand and deteriorating during the course of a pregnancy.

Furthermore, given that a good percentage of pregnancies will be unwanted and/or unplanned as far as the men are concerned - indeed, with some 5%-10% of these men actually being hoodwinked into believing that they are responsible for these pregnancies when, in fact, they are not - again, it is hardly surprising that many men might react somewhat unfavourably toward women who choose to press ahead with their pregnancies without regard to how they, themselves, might feel about them.

And if one also bears in mind the almost unbelievable failings of government when it comes to bringing up our boys - e.g. in the area of education, social policy, crime etc - it seems almost remarkable that the rates of domestic violence during pregnancies are so low!

However, there is one thing that remains certain. The more that men are disempowered within their relationships, the more will men and women tend to end up reacting toward each other with aggression.

We can therefore expect to see the 'domestic violence' figures continue to rise and rise.

Post-Natal Aggression The illness is a result of fluctuating hormone levels, which are naturally designed to cause an increased level of aggression after the birth of a child, according to Dr Simone Meddle of the university’s Centre for Integrated Physiology.

Mommy Rage The mothers of New York were last week agog at the reported exploits of a housewife who succumbed to a bout of “mommy rage”, an incendiary moment when the pains and pressures of motherhood erupt in a torrent of grief, frustration and flying tins of beans.

“I am exhausted, so on edge, I want to SCREAM,” wrote one mother. “There are a lot of angry moms on this morning,” noted another in an online chatroom. “I felt like smacking (my husband) with a frying pan last night,” a third confessed.

Giving Birth Gives Rise To Anger "I went to my GP and said I was ready to kill people, but I was not depressed. I was not sitting in a corner blubbing, but I was really angry.

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