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Police Must Ignore Male Victims Of DV "If the ratio of male to female suspects and victims differs substantially from those found above, departments should be alert to potential gender bias in their response to domestic violence."

In other words, if it appears to be the case that, let us say, more than 10% of domestic violence victims turning up at the police station are men, then it is being said that this could only appear to be the case because there must be gender bias against women within the system!

In other words, it cannot possibly be that men make up more than 10% of domestic violence victims.

It just isn't possible!

Despite huge amounts of research evidence pointing to the fact that men are just as often the victims of domestic violence as women, the US Department of Justice is stating that this cannot possibly be the case.

This is not only totally outrageous but it really does reveal just how utterly corrupt, self-serving, dishonest and hateful towards men are those who work within the justice system.

Quite clearly, these people are often, nowadays, little more than loathsome parasites who fill their bellies and their bank accounts by stirring up hatred towards men in order to reap the rewards from the ensuing problems that this causes, and by employing policies that are specifically designed to disadvantage men.

And more men need to wake up to the fact that there is a huge and very lucrative industry out there which thrives on demonising and disadvantaging men in virtually all the important aspects of their lives; health, education, family etc etc.

And it is not going to go away unless YOU stand up to it - which means undermining it both from within and from without at every opportunity.

False UN Propaganda About DV Escalates UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday led a chorus of United Nations officials in calling on the international community to make greater efforts to tackle the global pandemic of violence against women and girls.

And yet it is men, not women, who make up the vast majority of victims of violence.

So, why does the UN seem relatively unconcerned about male victims of violence?

ANSWER: Feminist propaganda, feminist policies and the demonisation of men allow the UN and other government agencies to control even the most private and intimate aspects of people's relationships - on the fraudulent grounds that they merely want to protect women.

The truth, however, is that these people simply want bigger empires, bigger expense accounts and bigger pensions.

And the billions of dollars that this requires has to come from you - hence the persistent lies and exaggerations about rape, domestic violence, sex-trafficking etc.

Women More Domestically Violent Than Men  Nearly twice as many women as men said they perpetrated domestic violence in the past year including kicking, biting, or punching their partner, threatening to hit or throw something at their partner, and pushing, grabbing, or shoving their partner. The Psychiatric Times

DRAT. You need to be a member to read the article; but it shows that men are more often victims of serious domestic violence than is currently accepted by the domestic violence industry.

The authors discuss a recent meta-analysis with the finding that a woman’s perpetration of violence was the strongest predictor of her being a victim of partner violence.

At last! It is finally 'discovered' that domestic violence is mostly caused and perpetrated by women.

Haven't I always said so?

Yes, I have.

Anyway. Have you noticed how totally acceptable it is to the general public for men to be beaten, kicked, slapped, punched and, in general, physically assaulted by women - with such incidents often characterised on screen as humorous, or deserving - whereas the complete opposite is true when it comes to men assaulting women?

Yes. You have noticed all right.

But what does this tell us about what goes on in real life?

It tells us that men are far more often the victims of women's violence in real life than vice versa.

Indeed, I would say that the accepting attitude of the public to what happens on the screen when it comes to violence against men is strong and additional evidence for the view that men are, by far, more likely to be the victims of domestic violence than are women.

(And if you read the piece entitled Would You Sign This Contract? you will see that men do, indeed, make up the vast majority of victims of domestic violence).

Furthermore, I can think of no circumstance where the public's general degree of willingness to accept attitudes and behaviours depicted on the screen does not reflect their attitudes and behaviours in real life.

Thus, for example, if the public thinks that it is wrong when a character (fictional or otherwise) behaves in a certain manner towards somebody else on the screen, they will likely believe the same when it comes to real life.

As such, it seems to me that if you want to determine what, exactly, is going on in the real world when it comes to domestic violence, you only need to look at the public's reaction to what is happening on the screen.

Battered Men Are Falsely Accused 70% of battered men were themselves falsely accused of DV, or threatened with a false accusation of DV, by their batterer.

Thus providing even more evidence for my view that the MAJORITY of women who report domestic violence are the main perpetrators, not the victims.

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Would You Sign This Contract?

... where you will discover the truth about the real nature of domestic violence.



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