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Too many women are sent to jail, judges told  

Not Enough! say I.

My missus could definitely do with a spell in prison - a long one - with hard labour - so that she can mend her tiresome ways. 

Six days for nagging. 

Ten days for recording the wrong bloody channel!

And TWENTY SEVEN days for persistently talking while I am watching the news!!!

What is wrong with these women!? 

Yap. Yap. Yap. - whenever one is trying to follow an interesting news item, or, come to think of it, anything else.

"And now, today in Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance leader Dr Abdullah Abdullah gave the United Nations his sternest warning yet. He said ... "

"Goodness. Look at the tie that he's wearing! It looks just like the one that Tony Blair was wearing last month at the CBI conference. It doesn't go with his ..."


"And, in response, President Bush made it clear that ..."

"How old do you think he is?"

"I've no idea. Fifty. Fifty five. Now Shush!"

"No. Not Bush. The Pope."

"Pope? What Pope? Where's the Pope? Where's the f##king Pope? "

"There's only one Pope, Silly. He lives in the Vatican"

"YES. I. KNOW. But what the hell has the Pope got to do with it? WILL. YOU. BE. QUIET. WOMAN!"

I have heard nothing. I no longer even know what this particular news story is about. The whole item has disappeared into a sea of confusion.

"He said that 200 extra special troops would be placed on alert in case the city was put under siege."

Who's 'he'? Blair, Bush, Abdullah? Abdullah again? The Pope? Whose troops? Which city?

It's all gone! It's all now completely meaningless. 

"It's Blair," she snaps impatiently. "He's going to put these troops into Kabul."


Moaning Madam Multitask can speak and hear at the same time! 

Well, it's because Moaning Madam Multitask can speak and hear at the same time! 

That's how she does it.

But I can only focus on one thing at a time. Whenever my missus opens that huge mouth of hers, I might as well flip off the TV for the whole duration of each of her comments - plus five seconds - because my brain has to be allowed to focus. 

Without focus - nothing.

My genes are those of a skilled hunter. An expert marksman. A wily strategist. A solver of problems. A deep contemplator who tracks the logic of the situation in order to understand it as fully as possible. My mind must drive forward into the very heart of the issue as best as it can. Any distraction, and the logical connections dissolve.

My missus, however, is a very simple tape recorder. No logical connections necessary.

The sounds just sneak into her ears while her mouth moves interminably - open, close, open, close. Then they somehow get recorded on to those miniscule molecules floating haphazardly about inside her head. And then the sounds can all be coaxed out of her mouth with, of course, the correct retrieval cues such as, "What the hell did he say? I wish you'd be quiet!"

she can walk and chew gum at the very same time!

You see, she can walk and chew gum at the very same time!

She can multi-task!


The famous actor Omar Sharif was well-known in his heyday as an extremely talented Bridge player. He was once asked why it was that men almost invariably made the best Bridge players even though the game was played seriously by many women. This was in the days well before scientists had come up with the notion that women were capable, supposedly, of 'multi-tasking'. (And when the very phrase 'multi-tasking' was very rarely heard in any context.)

His answer went something like this. 

When men played bridge seriously they focused solely on the game. Nothing else at all entered into their minds. Every piece of consciousness was directed at aspects of the game. 

With women, however, their minds would simply ramble whimsically from one irrelevancy to the next, and drift aimlessly into the ether.

Our little Gemma will be ten next week, and Graham is getting more grey hairs than Tom. And, oh look, Charlotte has put on more weight, so I am now thinner than she. Tee hee. I hope that the weather is nice tomorrow so that I can suntan my legs and make them darker than Debbie's. That'll teach her for smiling at Jim. Doesn't the Queen of Diamonds look grim? Perhaps she has been sexually-abused by the Jack of Spades. I don't like him at all. He looks like a murderer. What was the bidding again?

Well, 'multi-tasking' is the currently accepted, polite and very politically-correct way of describing what women seem to be able to do.

But 'wandering aimlessly about and not getting very far' is how I would describe it when it comes to my missus.

Am I alone in this?

No. I am not.

 The thinking of women is more affected by emotions and trivia than is the thinking of men.

You see: The thinking of women is more affected by emotions and trivia than is the thinking of men. And emotions, together with the trivia, not only fluctuate with the wind, they also bias the thinking process - often interfering very significantly with thinking itself.

And this is why women cannot think matters through as rationally as men.

This is not to suggest that women are stupid. Of course not. It's just that they are - how shall I put it? - ah yes - 'mentally-challenged'. 

Of course, I don't mean 'mentally-challenged' as in implying a retard with a very low IQ - or something like that. No. Not at all. But when it comes to higher thinking, deeper thinking, more complex thinking, it is men, rather than women, who have what it takes.


Women Are As Daft As Brushes?

Women Are As Daft As Brushes? There are twice as many men as women with an IQ of 120-plus.

And this is news?


But, of course, the good professor is probably quite correct.

However, all over the blogosphere and in the mainstream one can see women foaming furiously with both genuine and overly-manufactured hysteria because someone should dare to suggest that men are better than women in the intellectual sphere; something that, in most of their hearts, they surely know to be true.

But how dare Dr Irving suggest that men, statistically speaking, are more intelligent! 

We women are equal to men!

But you will not hear women talking about this alleged 'equality' when it comes to 'emotional intelligence', empathy, sensitivity, social perceptiveness, domestic violence, etc etc. Indeed, whenever men are said to be superior to women in terms of some favourable characteristic then there is immediately created waves of frenzied outrage and hatred in order to silence any further debate.

The research is phony!

The research is phony! There is discrimination afoot! The environment is causing the difference!

But you won't hear a peep about such possibilities when it comes to any evidence suggesting that men are inferior to women in some way. In these instances, the notion that men and women are 'equal' goes right out of the window.

Indeed, women will sit around smugly congratulating each other on how superior they are, they will crow publicly and without shame about their lofty status, and they will proclaim loudly, day in, day out, about how wonderful they are in comparison to men; also knowing full well that men will be cowed into silence and will barely dare to express a countering point of view.

And, in my view, this type of behaviour by western women demonstrates just how self-centred, uncaring, selfish and malicious they have become.

They care only for themselves and they are quite happy to slander, demean, demonise and tread upon their men with absolute impunity - men who, by the way, provide them with virtually everything that they have.

But when it comes to intelligence or, indeed, to dealing with the world in general, the truth of the matter is this.

In the western world, men are heavily discriminated against and purposely undermined in virtually all areas of endeavour, and they are also psychologically battered through a multitude of sources; and yet still they continue to outshine women almost wherever one looks.

And it seems to me that western women exceed men only when it comes to the sheer amount of hatred that they are prepared to generate and inflict upon the opposite gender. And the fact that they appear to have no qualms about doing this themselves, and, with few exceptions, make no attempt to prevent others from doing so, surely reveals some fundamental aspects of their nature.

Well, of course, I do not actually know how valid is Dr Irving's research on intelligence, but I can see no evidence arising from anywhere to contradict his conclusions.

And what I do know is that had he suggested that women were more intelligent than men, then his views would have been lauded and publicised almost continuously throughout the western media and he would have been appearing on discussion programmes and chat shows from dusk until dawn.

And women, themselves, would then have had further fuel with which to energise their campaigns of demonisation and hatred; and I have no doubt that they would have continued to use this fuel.

Anyway. Here is one of those exceptional women who thinks that whatever might be the truth about gender differences in intelligence, it does not need to be hidden, ...

Women should feel insulted by this debate [on intelligence]. Not because of the study's findings, but because of the reaction to the study, which assumes women are too delicate to hear anything questioning the superiority of their sex. Carrie Lucas


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