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On False Rape Allegations

BBC Piece On False Allegation Of Rape False allegations of rape may make for gripping headlines in the newspapers, but they can also ruin the lives of those men who've been accused despite being innocent.

"We are beginning to get a lot of university students phoning us," she says. "One of the scenarios is going to the pub and then suddenly finding the morning after you've had a boozy night out and you've been with somebody, that you get a phone-call from the police because an allegation of rape has been made."

The URL to the above piece was sent to me to show that, at last, the BBC was actually making some effort to inform the public that false allegations of rape do occur.


But I grew so aggravated by some of the baloney in the piece that I felt impelled to remind my most fabulous readers of the reasons why I know that the Home Office, the police and the media are lying to the public about the rape figures and/or attempting to distort hugely the truth about them.

1. The Home Office claims (or tries to give the impression) that the vast majority of rape allegations are true even though only 5% of them result in convictions.

But the Home Office and its feminist-dominated 'researchers' cannot possibly know that the vast majority of allegations are true because there is no valid evidence for this anywhere. Absolutely none.

The best that we can say from the evidence is that when the police, the doctors and the juries have done their investigations, 95% of the allegations are dismissed.

In other words, what can the Home Office 'researchers' possibly know that the police, the doctors and the juries did not know?

And the correct answer is, Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Thus, the Home Office cannot justify its claim that the vast majority of rape allegations are true.

Indeed, the circumstantial evidence suggests that the vast majority of rape allegations are actually false. 

2, We know that the Home Office bends over backwards to deceive the public over the issue of rape. As just one example of this, it regularly tells the public that the police investigate around 12,000 rapes every year in the UK. This is a blatant and purposeful distortion of the truth - which is that they investigate some 12,000 allegations of rape. And 95% of these will eventually be deemed to be unsubstantiated.

the Home Office is lying to the public. It is purposely and knowingly trying to stir up hatred towards men.

In other words, the Home Office is lying to the public. It is purposely and knowingly trying to stir up hatred towards men.

Can you imagine the outcry that there would be if, for example, the Home Office said that it was investigating 100,000 violent crimes committed by blacks every year when, in fact, only 5% of this number was substantiated?

People would readily see this as a clear attempt by the Home Office to stir up hatred towards blacks by issuing grossly inflated figures. 

It would be seen as outrageous for the Home Office to claim that there were 100,000 violent crimes committed by blacks every year when they had only enough evidence to demonstrate 5,000.

And ordinary people who engaged in similar public dishonesty would probably be prosecuted for attempting to stir up racial hatred. 

But this is exactly what the Home Office is doing with regard to 'men' when it distorts hugely the 'rape' figures. It is purposely stirring up hatred towards men.

What the Home Office and the police should be saying is that they investigate about 600 rapes every year. Indeed, they should also be saying that they also investigate about 11,400 allegations of rape, and that these, on close inspection, are eventually found to be unsubstantiated.

Now, the staff at the Home Office know very well indeed what the public will believe when they are fed the lie that they are investigating 12,000 'rapes' every year. The public will believe that there is a huge epidemic of rape and, further, that thousands of men are getting away with rape. 

Indeed, you only have to look at any of the media to see that feminists and politicians are forever claiming that thousands of men are getting away with rape.

For example, on the basis of the Home Office lies, UK feminists regularly claim in the media that, "19 out of 20 women in Britain see their attackers go free". 

The idea behind this persistent claim is to give the impression that the 'patriarchal' justice system is biased against women and somehow colluding with rapists - when, in fact, the very opposite is true - to stir up hatred towards 'men' - as a whole - to pressure, with much success, the government into corrupting the justice system even further in order to gain more convictions - regardless of the consequences to innocent men - and to encourage even more women to make formal accusations of rape.

And, quite clearly, this is precisely what the Home Office intends to happen.

Clearly, and without a shadow of doubt, the staff at the Home Office want to deceive the public over the number of rapes.

Clearly, and without a shadow of doubt, the staff at the Home Office want to deceive the public over the number of rapes. They want to give the impression that there is an epidemic of rape. They want the public to believe that thousands of men are getting away with rape every year. They want to get more convictions. They want to see more innocent men prosecuted and they want more and more women to make accusations.

These are government officials purposely deceiving their own people, and purposely stirring up hatred towards their own people.

How much lower can these officials sink?

I should also point out that the official conviction rate for rape is calculated on a different basis to all other crimes.

With all other crimes, the 'conviction rate' is calculated on the basis of the number of cases going to trial. With rape, however, it is calculated on the basis of the number of allegations.

If the conviction rate for rape was calculated as it is in the case of all other crimes, it would be about 50%, not 5%.

Thus, the idea behind this deceit is, clearly, to give the impression to the public that thousands of men are getting away with rape.

 3. The Home Office nowadays claims that there are around 50,000 rapes in the UK every year. (This figure has actually more than halved over the past few years -  in part, I believe, because of the aggravation that people like me have been causing them.)

But this 50,000 is based on the assumption that the vast majority of women who make allegations are telling the truth. If, however, the number of women telling the truth is, in fact, only about 10% - which is what the evidence really suggests; e.g. see my piece  The Truth About the Truth - then the number of rapes is about 5,000 - not 50,000.

4. Home Office staff have been caught lying through their teeth over and over again over so many matters recently (immigration, prisoner releases etc) that the whole department was actually deemed to be 'unfit for purpose' by a recent Home Office cabinet minister - John Reid - who was so incensed by the perpetual torrent of lies coming out of them. 

This is clearly a department whose staff you cannot trust on any issue.

Finally, I cannot refrain from pointing out that senior UK police officers are also involved in the dissemination of these lies and distortions about rape and that they are, therefore, discrediting their profession and their colleagues by engaging in such dishonesty.

A double whammy for police officers.

Indeed, when it comes to their male colleagues, they are discrediting them both as police officers and as men.

A double whammy for them.

Another Police Officer Blows The Whistle On Rape In October of 1992, I embarked upon what was to be one of the most profound experiences of my life – a career in law enforcement. That career would span the next ten years, and in that time I would serve in a cornucopia of positions in the system

... In that decade, I found that myths and lies about “Violence Against Women,” with respect to both rape and domestic violence, were both de rigeur, and vehemently defended by many who knew good and well they were defending myths and lies, and would privately admit as much.

... I can say with certainty that the number of rape complaints to which I have responded that were “good ones” [i.e. real rapes was] ... One.

One "good" rape, in ten years?

Well, I am happy to say that this officer's viewpoint is very much consistent with my own; which is that the false allegation rate is far closer to 90% than to the 50-60% figure often quoted by MRAs.

And, basically, the reason that I do not accept a 50-60% false allegation rate is because it implies that men must be somewhere between four and ten times more likely to rape than are women likely to report falsely.

And this notion is ridiculous.

The false allegation rate has just got to be closer to 90% than it is to 50%.

Rape Allegation Was "Dangerous Nonsense" A Cambridge graduate accused of a drink-fuelled sexual assault against another student was cleared yesterday following a trial branded a 'dangerous nonsense'.

Summing up the case earlier, Judge Hawkesworth said: "This is a story as old as time itself. Boy meets girl. Then the kissing starts. There are two irreconcilable accounts and that is all you have to decide. 

"Be cautious when taking into account discrepancies in motive. False accusations can be made in revenge. Sometimes they're made for no reason at all. People's fantasies can be boundless."

Has AH not always said that UK judges are the finest in the world?

Another student revealed he had shared a bed with the slightly-built blonde on two occasions, weeks before the alleged sexual assault.

And guess what? ...

Yep: She claimed that he, too, had assaulted her. ...

She later told a friend the man had sexually assaulted her but she never made a formal complaint ...

... A friend of the woman yesterday insisted she had told the truth, adding: "She didn't want him convicted. What she wanted was for police to give him a scare so he wouldn't do it again."

In other words, she was simply seeking revenge.

What this woman did should count as an extremely serious act of 'domestic violence', at the very least.

And she should be prosecuted.

(In fact, however, her case will actually be counted as a real 'rape' in the thoroughly dishonest sex-assault figures published by the habitual liars working at the Home Office.)

False Abuse Claims Are Endemic The assertion of trauma as a result of past suffering has become a way of winning public recognition and attention, and of making a claim on resources. Increasingly, the act of remembering has been turned into a public performance, where individuals ‘confess’ through their memoirs to having experienced alleged acts of abuse. Frank Furedi - 6 min

... Ours is a world where victims are treated as morally superior, and where cultivating a heightened sense of injury has become the psychological underpinning for winning moral authority.

... The clearest expression of the privileged status awarded to victims today is the widely held view that we have a responsibility to believe what they say. The ‘right to be believed’ is based on the notion that those who are emotionally vulnerable need to have their suffering ‘affirmed’ and ‘validated’. Apparently, any suspicion about their stories is likely to victimise them further, and make them feel even more emotional pain. This believe-all approach is pursued with particular vigour in the area of sex crimes.


I never believe anybody who makes claims of 'abuse' via the mainstream media.


I never believe anybody who makes claims of 'abuse' via the mainstream media.

I am not saying that they are all lying but, most certainly, they are all seeking publicity, they are all seeking to make money, and they are usually seeking to hurt someone.

In other words, there is very much to be gained.

Such people are completely untrustworthy at the outset, as far as I am concerned.

Furthermore, people who are genuinely vulnerable do not stick their heads into the limelight. Indeed, people have to be very strong and self-assured to do this.

And such personal qualities are not a mark of vulnerability. They are, in fact, a hallmark of the very opposite.

Woman Who Made Five False Rape Allegations Walks Free A woman who made a string of false rape claims, leading to the arrest of five different men and wasting massive amounts of police time, has walked free from court.

Note that these demonstrably false allegations will be called 'rapes' by the police and the Home Office when they compile and publicise their various bogus statistics. And that these five false allegations will also be multiplied upwards by a factor of somewhere between 5 and 20 when 'working out' how many women allegedly failed to report their 'rapes' to the police.

Postscript to the piece above concerning the recent court case of the Cambridge University student accused of rape: 

In the Daily Mail, one of the alleged victim's friends has now written a piece stating that the alleged victim did not want to see the alleged perpetrator of rape prosecuted or punished. This is utter nonsense. The alleged victim is a student at Cambridge University and she knew damn well that the young man would have gone to prison and had his entire future blighted if he had been found guilty and, further, that his name would be publicised to the world regardless of the outcome at court.

Her claim that she had no intention of damaging him is just not credible.

Furthermore, it is quite clear from the judge's words that his view was that she had fabricated most of the alleged incident.

And, of course, if the alleged victim had genuinely not wanted the matter to go to court in the first place, then she could have refused to testify and to give any evidence.

She chose to testify against this man. And she chose to support his prosecution.

I would also point out that the police and the prosecution services are well aware that the evidence in cases such as this can usually go 'either way' - because the evidence is not clear - but, clearly, they are quite happy to mess up an innocent young man's entire life simply because they might be able to gain a conviction.

These people are malicious and corrupt to the core.

Think about it.

These officials knew that the evidence in this case was ropy and, hence, they knew that a wrongful conviction was quite possible. But they carried on regardless.

In other areas of crime, the police and the prosecution services would not dream of sending cases like this one to the courtrooms - because there is no strong evidence that any crime has been committed in the first place. 

Basically, the police and the CPS are prosecuting as many men as possible - almost regardless of the evidence.

Basically, the police and the CPS are prosecuting as many men as possible - almost regardless of the evidence. And they are hoping that this scatter-gun approach will result in the conviction of as many men as possible, regardless of their innocence - and regardless of how much damage and hurt that this might cause to them even if they are found to be not guilty.

Their attitude is this. "We do not care how many innocent men we put through the mill, nor how many of their lives we seriously damage. All we care about is getting our conviction rates up."

And, further, they do all this despite the fact that they know that most women who make rape allegations to the police are lying or exaggerating, and that all women who make such allegations have at least some kind of revenge on their minds.

Indeed, every one of these women is a hostile, biased witness who is, demonstrably, seeking to inflict some significant harm on to the person that they have accused. (This will be the case regardless of whether or not a rape has actually happened.)

As such, only the most malicious and corrupt of officials would seek a prosecution without considerable confirmatory evidence to back up their case that a rape has occurred.

In this case, as in so many others, no such evidence existed.

(As I have often said, Michael Nifong - the US District Attorney who was recently caught lying in order to get three men incarcerated for a rape that he knew they had not committed - is not an exception by any means. There are thousands of malicious, corrupt officials like him working in the feminist-dominated legal departments of western governments. And many of them are jockeying with each other to gain some career advantage for themselves by prosecuting as many men as possible.)

Also see my short YouTube  video entitled, ...

Understanding the Rape Statistics


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