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Most of my most excellent readers will already have seen a clip of the disgusting behaviour of Sharon Osbourne and her friends in The Talk chat show TV programme wherein a man whose penis had been cut off by his partner was jeered and ridiculed by them. (See somewhere below.)

Much of the female audience was jeering too, judging by the laughter.

So, how do you think that these women would feel about a man who was subject to a false accusation of rape?

Well, I'll tell you. They would laugh at his demise, and probably cheer on the woman who had made the false allegation.

At 'best', they would simply remain unconcerned about what this man had to go through.

My point?

Women no longer feel any restraint about making false allegations against men

Women no longer feel any restraint about making false allegations against men, any more than they feel any sympathy if his penis gets chopped off, or if he is even murdered.

Not all women.

But a HUGE percentage of them.

And this is why the current false allegation rate when it comes to rape is closer to  80% than it is to 50%.


1. Rape research from even five years ago is way out of date. (And much if it will include cases from five years further back.)

But, these days, women are much, much more inclined to feel no guilt about making false accusations - as per the disgusting behaviour mentioned above - and so the false allegation rate has been going up and up.

2. Using UK figures: If 3% of all women would lie about rape just once during a 50-year period in their lifetimes, then this would account for all the rape allegations made every year over a 50 year period.)

So, add together those women who are the most psychopathic, the most spiteful, the most deranged, the most unintelligent, the most cunning, the most vengeful, the most hormonal, the most manipulative, the most mentally unstable,  the most needy - either for attention or for an excuse to explain their own poor behaviour.

And then add to all these untrustworthy women all those 'normal' women who would even jeer at a man who has been seriously mutilated.

What percentage of women do you get to?

20%? 50%?

And yet if 3% of all women would lie about rape just once during a 50-year period in their lifetimes, then this would account for all the rape allegations made every year over a 50 year period.

Indeed, as I recall somewhere on this website, I still remember encountering two women some 15 years ago who were joking with each other about the fact that a friend of theirs had falsely accused a father of molesting their son simply in order to teach him a lesson and to gain the upper hand in a divorce situation.

They were laughing about it.

All in all, therefore, the notion that the false allegation rate for rape is nowadays around 40% is risible. It is completely untenable.

The false allegation rate is closer to 80% - as admitted recently by two senior police officers; see below.

No. This does not mean that 80% of women would make such false allegations.

It simply means that some 3% of women over a fifty year period would do so at least once.


The Maths ...

Some 15,000 rape allegations are made to the police in the UK every year.

Over 50 years, this would give rise to 750,000 allegations.

The UK adult female population is about 25 million; 3% of which equals 750,000.


My overall point is that it only takes a very small percentage of women to be making false accusations every year (3/50% or, if you prefer, 0.0006 of the female population) for the authorities to be flooded with false allegations.

And this, in fact, is more or less what is happening.

Finally, if you think it unlikely that some 6 women out of every 10,000 would make a false allegation of rape every year, then bear in mind that the 'official' government feminist-inspired view is that 60 men out of every 10,000 actually commit a rape every year - but, allegedly, 90% of these go unreported.

Or, if you prefer, 30% of men will commit a rape during a period of fifty years. ...


The Maths

At the current rate of reporting, 750,000 allegations of rape will be made to the UK police over 50 years.

But, allegedly, only 10% of rapes get reported.

This means that there will have been 7.5 million rapes during this 50 years.

7.5 million is 30% of the adult male population.

Also see, Rape Baloney - Part Two.

False Allegations 80%

Rape Hokum Out of every ten rapes which are reported in Ruraltown, at least eight turn out to be nonsense. Inspector Gadget - A UK POLICE OFFICER ...

As a serving policeman, there are several things I am not allowed to talk about.

There are plenty of operational secrets we cannot discuss, but I'm not referring to those. I'm talking about the taboo subjects. The ‘detection’ rate for rape is one of these.

It's very frustrating to sit and listen to pundits talking about the low number of rape convictions in Court, when as police officers we all know what lies behind these poor numbers.

For example, I couldn't possibly tell you that out of every ten rapes which are reported in Ruraltown, at least eight turn out to be nonsense. To be fair, eight out of ten of everything reported at Ruraltown police station is nonsense, why should rape be any different?

I couldn't tell you that of the remaining two, an existing alcohol-fuelled chaotic drug-based relationship is a factor in at least one of these, and ‘consent’ is probably present in the other to some degree. In my whole service I can only recall three stranger rapes and a half a dozen where consent was withdrawn at the time and he carried on. But I can't tell you that.

I can't tell you that most of the adult rapes reported in Ruraltown represent either the latest in a series of allegations designed to score points against an ‘ex, lies designed to fend off an angry parent when a curfew has been missed or a defence mechanism when a jilted ‘partner’ discovers an infidelity.

A rape once reported, even if withdrawn later, is in the system and a failure to bring someone to justice, even if it never happened, shows up in the ‘detection’ rate. The ‘detection rate’ is low because the number of rapes which actually happen is low. I couldn't possibly say that though.

So who suffers when Charlene drops by the nick to accuse Wayne of raping her because she is hacked off that he used her child benefit money for drugs? Who suffers when we deploy a full investigation team, send officers out to arrest Wayne and deploy CSI's and specialist rape officers to the victim suite, all for Charlene to suddenly decide that she loves him and he didn't do it after all? Who loses when she can't identify a scene (because there never was a scene) when we can see on CCTV that Wayne was in the High Street (on his own) at the material time and that her mobile phone records show that she was texting her mate who works at Tesco, right at the time she was supposed to be being brutally taken by the boy?

The next genuine rape victim to walk into the police station, that's who. The next genuine victim who may face the cynical looks and delayed reaction from officers who have just finished dealing with the last ten Charlenes.

I also shouldn't tell you that it is Force Policy, in all but the most exceptional cases, not to prosecute Charlene for wasting police time. Apparently this would prevent genuine victims from coming forward. Make no mistake, the genuine victims suffer, the detection rate is low and we keep pretending that everything is alright.

The facts about rape seen from the street are this: most genuine rapes are against children under 13 years old and are within the family or family circle. Genuine adult rape is rare and nearly always charged to Court; what a jury do next is for them, but it usually comes down to ‘consent’ issues, and being as they were not in the bedroom at the time, and we are not simply proving intercourse because that is already admitted by the defendant, it's not really within our gift to prove or disprove consent. Consent can amount to one word, said in a half whisper six months before in a darkened room where no one else was present.

But we can't possibly say any of this. We will simply accept that it's all our fault and promise to do better in the future.

False Allegations 80%

Austrian Police Officer Claims 80% Rape Accusations Are False 4 out of 5 sexual abuse accusations are false, reports the chief of the vice department in Lower Austria.

Two weeks ago, a UK Police Inspector claimed that more than 80% of rape accusations are false.

This week an Austrian police chief says the same.

So. Does it now finally seem that your Uncle Harry might have been correct for the past FIVE YEARS?

Altogether now.


And does it now finally seem that your Uncle Harry is not as crazy as he is often portrayed to be?

YES! Angry Harry is wonderful.


Two Women Jailed For False Accusations Two 'wicked' women who falsely claimed they were raped by the same man were jailed today after he showed police photos of them enjoying a threesome.

Two of them!

Thus demonstrating, yet again, that many women these days will falsely allege rape because women these days, in general, believe that doing so is of no real significance.

Furthermore, the fact that we so often discover women actually colluding with each other shows just how acceptable it is for women to make false rape allegations.

Clearly, they do not see anything particularly wrong with this.

Message to politicians, police officers, judges and those working in the justice system: ...

Thousands of men in the men's movement will continue to undermine your profession and your colleagues until you do something to protect men from these disgusting situations and you also stop encouraging women to make false rape claims through your malicious and utterly discreditable propaganda.

Truly Wicked Mother Exposed? A girl of seven at the centre of a custody battle was coached by her mum to make fake claims that her father was a paedophile.

Former jockey Victoria Haigh, 41, also launched a public campaign against her wholly innocent ex-partner David Tune, a senior High Court judge said yesterday.

Ah yes. The truly terrible things that some women will do, eh?

But, of course, they would never make false accusations of rape, would they? 

Two questions.

1. Why isn't she serving any prison time?

2. Is she truly 'wicked'?

With regard to the second question, I'm beginning to have my doubts, because it seems to me that false accusations by women against men clearly run into tens of thousands every year in the UK alone.

In other words, this kind of appalling behaviour seems to be the norm these days whenever women wish to hurt men.

Sharon Osbourne

Catherine Kieu Castrates Husband - YouTube Video - 5 min

In this video, you can see just how outrageous is the attitude of some media women (which includes Sharon Osbourne) to this savage mutilation.

But please also take notice of the reaction from the female audience.

Surely this shows you that men really are a hated species nowadays.

Do you really think that these women would not make a false rape allegation if they could profit from it or get revenge by doing so?

Wake up!

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