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Well. There I was sitting at the keyboard, minding my own business and exchanging emails with Bob1234. 

We were discussing various theories of the mind and assessing how well they could be conjoined with the latter-day scientific speculations about dark matter.

I had just reminded him that until the spin of a quark could be integrated mathematically with both its colour and its orientation then there would be little hope in progressing further on this tricky matter when, suddenly, an email with an Oxford University address popped into my box.

At last, I thought, something a bit more intellectual. Probably another email from Richard Dawkins or Colin Blakemore. 

I clicked the button 


[email protected]

Is it the lack of breast milk in infancy that has made you incapable of putting good jokes on your website? Is it the lack of pussy in adulthood that makes you so bitter that you are barely articulate? Finally, what is it that makes you incapable of selecting truly informative articles on women (some of those articles would indulge your beer-bellied misogyny as well as any), instead of "defunct links" and worthless personal testimonies?

I look forward to hearing these questions answered.


Arina Patrikova


I checked the email address again.


Magdalen, Oxford.

Even jabbering idiots are entitled to have email addresses these days.

It must be an angry tea lady, I thought, or, perhaps, an unhappy cleaner of men's lavatories. Someone who neither reads, writes nor thinks for a living.

Oh well. Never mind. Even jabbering idiots are entitled to have email addresses these days.

I got back to Bob1234.

He had been concerned lately about the ozone layer and I felt that he needed some kind of reassurance about it. I sent him a few complex equations and pointed him to an article that explained how the currently-accepted projections of future ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere had failed to take into account the density and frequency of microbial catalysis taking place inside the oceanic crust of the Pacific Basin.

I awaited his reply.

Another email from Oxford popped into my box.

... Thinking rationally for a moment white 'western' women could never actually die out, could they, because then there wouldn't be any more white western men, would there?

... You, as a man, obviously feel threatened by women.  Do you feel the same
about black people and gay people, and any other minority group you would
care to blame for your personal unhappiness?

You are a misogynist.  That is all.

Lindsay Jopling


"Sacre Bleu!" I thought to myself in French. There is nowhere on this entire site where there is criticism of anybody because of their colour or their sexual orientation.

Don't tell me that another unhappy cleaner of lavatories is now writing to me?

What is going on? Is there a convention or something?

Or has there been a crossed wire?


Maybe these messages are in some kind of code.

Maybe these messages are in some kind of code.

Perhaps I had stumbled across a diabolical international conspiracy of some sort.

And, if so, what was it about?

I forwarded both the messages to Bob1234 in the hope that his recent discoveries in the field of quantum cryptography might enable him to crack any code and so decipher the meanings of these messages.

"Very interesting," came back his immediate reply. "I shall give it my full attention."

I stretched my legs and reached for my glass. The gentle bouquet of the fulsome wine was helping me to relax a little.

I glanced at the screen.

Another email from Oxford had already arrived.

More intrigued than ever, I tapped the keyboard



You really suck

... You must have a deep complx. I bet you were rejected many times by women. They’d probably known why

I don’t blame them at all




Well, there you have it.

Three women students at Oxford University have conspired together to deliver a stinging protest about this website.

Does not their combined intellect take your breath away?

Is not their grasp of the significant issues truly magnificent?

Is it possible that we are now producing female Einsteins by the score?

Praise be to Allah.

It's almost unbelievable, isn't it?

This is the level of intelligence reached by the young women at Oxford University - one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Goodness knows what kind of women the other educational establishments are currently churning out.

These women - or should I write 'wimmin' - one never quite knows these days - are probably postgraduates about to get double-first degrees in something or other to do with liberal studies; i.e. politically-corrected oily hocus-pocus accompanied by heavy indoctrination with the view that all men are odious brutes, serial rapists and bloodthirsty oppressors.

I can already imagine the titles of their theses.

All Men Are Ba#tards. 

All Women Are Victims.

All Sex Is Rape.

And in total they will each probably manage over three years to do little more than write about 10 pages of mindless verbiage wherein they will simply regurgitate and, hence, plagiarise all the spiteful male-hating baloney that is vomited daily out of the mouths of the media feminists who still poison us all with their loathsome and unwholesome presence.

Now some of you probably think these three asinine wimmin who are privileged enough to attend Oxford University would be ashamed to be associated with the immature hostility and empty-headedness exhibited in their emails.

But you would be wrong.

They are most probably very proud of it.

What women have learned over the past few decades is that they can get anything that they want simply by using intimidation and harassment as methods of persuasion.

And they collude together to do this.

all women are victims, and all men abuse them in some way

Indeed, for the past three decades the media and the advertising industries have been positively inundated with millions of women like the above who have pelted them with hostility whenever they have dared to produce any material which has been deemed by them to be inconsistent with the view that all women are victims and that all men abuse them in some way.

And, as a result, these industries retreated en masse from saying or doing anything that might offend women.

And most of you would not believe just how trivial and inoffensive can any material be before it ignites the menstrual wrath of these permanently-enraged wimmin.

For example, I recall one journalist - about 4 years ago - telling me that his health article in a national UK Sunday newspaper was nearly pulled because it dared to mention the fact that there was more money being spent on women's health than on men's health.

Apparently, this fact might have offended women readers and/or "made them feel vulnerable" - the latter being a tactic that is used time and time again to shame people out of airing perfectly legitimate views, facts and ideas; particularly should these reveal any form of discrimination against men or any form of disadvantage being experienced by men.

Women, apparently, would feel more vulnerable if they knew that men were finding out the truth about the way in which they were being horribly discriminated against. And, apparently, some women would feel 'guilty' about their privileged situations.

Poor dears!

And one barrister who, some three years ago, wrote a fairly innocuous piece in the Times suggesting that the legal system was, in some areas, biased against men dared not even give his name.

The Times actually published the article but had to identify the author as a leading barrister who preferred not to divulge who he was.

Even those who produce fiction - e.g. TV soap operas - are heavily lobbied daily by vindictive wimmin's groups to ensure that men are always portrayed in a worse negative light than are women.

[For example, earlier this year, 2011, Mumsnet - a UK website devoted to women's issues - managed to launch a huge and effective lobbying campaign against the BBC because a piece of FICTION portrayed a woman stealing a child.]

And I am sure that you have all heard about the Slut Walks.

slut walk

These were thousands of wimmin from many different countries protesting about the fact that ONE Canadian police officer dared to suggest that, in order to stay safe, "women should avoid dressing like sluts."

(Now you know why the government and the police dare not reveal the truth about rape and domestic violence - viz; that their statistics are completely and utterly fraudulent. Can you imagine the furore if they publicly admitted that some 80-90% of all abuse allegations made by women against men are very decidedly false.)

And most of you would also be amazed to discover just how deep and widespread is the 'conspiracy' to hide the fact that most victims - of just about anything - are, in fact, men, rather than women.

The BBC, for example, bends over backwards to hide the sex of 'victims' whenever these are men

The BBC, for example, bends over backwards to hide the sex of 'victims' whenever these are men, but it highlights and headlines their sex to an almost embarrassing degree whenever these are women.

Men dying from prostate cancer become 'patients', 'sufferers', 'people', 'hospital inmates', 'those afflicted with the disease'.

Women dying from breast cancer become 'women', 'women' and 'women'.

When men are killed in Iraq they are 'Iraqis', ' Americans', 'insurgents', 'terrorists', 'troops', 'soldiers', 'recruits', 'combatants', 'fighters'', 'pilots', 'crew', 'the enemy', the 'allies'. 

When women are killed in Iraq they are 'women', 'women' and 'women'.

The feminist-inspired aim behind this deceptive and somewhat despicable ploy is to ensure that 'men' are rarely portrayed as deserving in any way and that women are continually portrayed as having been short-changed by them in one way or other - mostly by portraying them as the perpetual victims of men.

western women are the most pampered and over-indulged organisms on the planet.

And yet, in truth, western women are the most pampered and over-indulged organisms on the planet.

Despite this, the mainstream media have not even been able for a very long time now to point out freely that men (or boys) were at a disadvantage in any area of life without being positively inundated with hostility from throngs of aggressive women who have been goaded by their feminist overlords to engage in various forms of histrionics; via writing letters, telephoning, faxing, demonstrating, and so on.

In the past few years this stranglehold over the media has lessened in force slightly thanks to the internet but millions of women remain committed to furthering their agenda through the only means that they know about; nastiness, hostility, intimidation, aggression and emotional blackmail.

They even threaten the very lives of WOMEN who offend them! - e.g. see Feminists Are Nasty Things.

And, of course, these malicious women have also targeted both government and business. 

In the academic world, they rule the roost, as evidenced by the punishment meted out recently to Professor Lawrence Summers at Harvard for daring to suggest that men and women might have different strengths when it comes to their cognitive skills - something that we know is true.

And so it was that when Ms Arina Patrikova (the first emailer above) stumbled on to Harry's News - a relatively innocuous site with a distinctly male bias - she simply did what millions of wimmin are nowadays 'educated' to do.

They attack men viciously and vindictively for anything that they might say or do which their feminist icons reckon that they ought to find 'offensive'.

Typically, these wimmin attempt to undermine the egos of the men whom they are targeting

Typically, these wimmin attempt to undermine the egos of the men whom they are targeting by mocking their genitals in some way or by suggesting that they have some kind of 'problem with women'.

They sneer. They deride. They threaten. And often they simply hurl torrents of abuse.

Another tactic is the manufacture of an over-blown wailing hysteria accompanied by the claim that all women are victims of men in some way or other - and horribly so,

Women who have had sex when they were not in the mood are portrayed as having suffered the equivalent of death; e.g. they were savagely 'raped'.

Husbands who were simply not in the mood for talking are portrayed as having committed heinous acts of domestic violence.

Indeed, only this week, a young man in the UK has been prosecuted, convicted and put on the Sex Offenders register for having patted a woman's bottom in a nightclub. And the same fate has happened in America to a man who grabbed a young woman's arm!

Erin Pizzey - the founder of the refuge movement for battered women - has a good term to describe the behaviours of these chronically foaming wimmin - 'emotional terrorists'.

She originally used the term to describe the 5% or so of women who persistently and purposely create misery for their intimates by hurting them emotionally - especially in response to the most trivial of perceived, and often imagined, slights - but the characteristics that she describes seem nowadays also to apply to many millions of women going about their daily lives.

And it seems that three such wimmin from Oxford University have just decided to try to emotionally terrorise me.

But they chose the wrong target.

In Ms Arina Patrikova's case, she did not realise - until I responded to her - that she had actually stumbled into a hot area of men's activism.

(Remember: The Men's Page on HarryNews did not contain anything other than links to articles concerned with men's issues.)

On the contrary, in one of her emails to me she actually admits that she thought that the webmaster of Harry's News was "vulnerable" and "possibly traumatised".

And I would like you to ask yourself what kind of woman would send to a man whom she considers to be "vulnerable" and "possibly traumatised" an email which starts as follows ...

Is it the lack of breast milk in infancy that has made you incapable of putting good jokes on your website? Is it the lack of pussy in adulthood that makes you so bitter that you are barely articulate? ...

Well. I can certainly give you my answer to this question.

such a woman is utterly repulsive

In my view, such a woman is utterly repulsive, spiteful to the core, malicious, and completely undeserving of any place at Oxford University.

And what really angers me about her obnoxious - but failed - attempt to hurt someone whom she has never even met is that I have seen similar communications over the years being directed at men who have got real problems - they cannot get to see their children, they cannot afford the child support, they have been falsely accused of abusing their children etc etc etc.

These men are really experiencing the most appalling misery, and often merely trying to air their problems on the internet to those who might listen.

But you get these foul thoroughly revolting women interjecting and accusing them of "having a small penis" or of being "lousy in bed; and that's why she left you" .... that sort of thing.

Anyway. The point that I want readers to understand is that the progress - and the power - of the feminists and the women's groups over the past three decades has largely arisen from the wholesale well-orchestrated intimidation and demonisation of people who have 'offended' them in some way; and that even the slightest hint that men might be deserving in some areas (e.g. more money needed for their health) also gives rise to a tsunami of menstrual wrath.

And this is why, for example, areas of concern to men -  e.g. domestic violence against men - do not even get mentioned by the mainstream media and the politicians.

Now, I imagine that if you are a new reader to this site, you will think that I am grossly over-exaggerating my case.

And all I can say is this.

Read some of the articles on this site and you will see that if I am exaggerating at all, then I am not, in fact, exaggerating by very much.

On the contrary, so huge has been the well-orchestrated onslaught against men over the past three decades or so that it has oftentimes been barely visible.

(And perhaps the public's acceptance of Bobbitt jokes is one demonstration of this.)

But this website exposes what has been going on.

And this is why, for example, many of the moderators of "women's" forums on the internet quickly remove any mention of this website lest their readers - mostly their gullible followers - ever become aware of it and thereby get to realise how badly they are being duped.

everyone knows about the poor behaviours in which men can engage

Of course, men are often just as bad as women when it comes to hostility and aggression. But everyone knows about the poor behaviours in which men can engage. Indeed, these are headlined, highlighted and exaggerated every single day in just about every type of mass communication medium that there is.

The poor behaviours of women, however, are hidden from view or minimised on a truly massive scale.

And in the interests of 'equality' I consider it my duty to try to address this imbalance.

And even feminists, surely, cannot argue with this.

After all, they are seeking 'equality', aren't they?


I have some very good news for them.

They are shortly going to get it!

End Note:

My advice to men who receive from women emails that are intended merely to degrade or to disparage their anatomy is that they should reply in a similar way; particularly with reference to their hormones.

Women who think that they are feminists have usually been conditioned like Pavlov's dogs. And they are deeply programmed to react with rabid hostility towards anybody making jokes about their hormones.

In short, it drives them nuts and they start spitting.

And, of course, if spitty spiteful immature women hurl puerile insults at you concerning your most intimate and regal of male genitalia in an attempt to humiliate you, always remember that the female anatomy can probably be portrayed in an even wider variety of unwholesome ways.

I can think of many!

forget about all this chivalry nonsense.

And forget about all this chivalry nonsense.

Men should only be chivalrous towards women (and, indeed, towards men) who respect them, not towards those who are forever seeking to hurt them and to stir up hatred towards them.

In the latter case, such people need to be put firmly in their place.

And I see no reason to be polite to those who are rude and insulting.

Finally, it is always worth remembering that despite the fact that western women seem persistently to perceive themselves as being superior to men, the truth of the matter is that apart from giving birth to babies - something which all female mammals can do - there is very little that women can do better than men.

Hardly anything, in fact.

For example, see my piece Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle.

Just about everything that western women have today, they have thanks to their men.

Putting it bluntly: Just about everything that western women have today, they have thanks to their men.

And they maintain them mostly on the backs of men.

And so when women try to belittle you and your gender, it is often a good idea to remind them that without their men they would have nothing worth having.

The converse, however, is not true - and it is becoming more 'not true' as time passes - e.g. see Are Women Becoming Redundant?

Take it from me, when you tell these nasty wimmin this, it really winds them up.

In other words, forget the chivalry when it comes to these selfish self-opinionated vipers, and aim for some kind of 'equality' when it comes to insulting behaviour.

Well. That would be my advice.

And now here is a message to any wimmin out there who do not like the material on this website.

1. Emails containing sneers, insults, derogatory remarks, unsubstantiated complaints or bald negative assertions about my good self will probably soon get posted on to a webpage which I think I shall entitle, "Hate: The real force behind the feminist movement."

2. Emails containing nothing but thoughtful arguments will be attended to most assiduously - if I have the time - and if they are judged by me to be valid then, if appropriate, I will alter the site accordingly in order to accommodate to their views.

I have no interest in promoting anything on this website for which there is no strong justification.

Hi Harry

Thank you.

I've been reading and appreciating your essays for a while now without letting you know how helpful I find them. As I was reading about that Arina person insulting you, it occurred to me that you probably get more negative responses from women than positive ones. It made me realize that I should let you know that I think you are doing a great job.

I spent many years buying into feminist ideas that left me hostile to men. I viewed history as the story of men's oppression of women. Almost two years ago a friend got me doing some reading that turned my ideas around. That reading included some of your work. I feel so much freer and happier now that I am not carrying around animosity to men. I am able to appreciate my husband as protector and provider as I never could when constantly striving to prove myself his equal. I was originally attracted to him because he is stronger and smarter than me and then spent years of marriage resenting him for it. I suppose I don't need to explain any of this to you, since you seem to have a pretty good idea of the stupid things that women tend to do. Anyhow, thank you for speaking up, for helping people like me to smarten up and for taking on the Arina-types.


Hi Harry, 

I'm truly shocked by that email on your website. Below is my email to Ms Patrikova ...

Dear Ms Patrikova, 

I have just read your email as posted on Angry Harry's website. As a woman and a graduate of a British university, I am writing to express my shock and embarrassment at the tone and content of your email in which you resort to personal abuse. You immediately forfeit the argument when you do this. I will spare you the shame of taking your email apart, phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence, as I suspect that, on reflection, you now realise the mistake you have made. 

However, the content is a gross insult to your education and brings the university, whose email address you have used, in to disrepute. Nor does it further the cause of women; quite the opposite in fact: you have confirmed a commonly held male view that women don't argue from a logical, objective position but instead they emote in an irrational, highly personal manner. 

Yours sincerely, 

Miss Susan T



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