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Updated January 2014

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Paternity Fraud

When women commit paternity fraud, they cheat their children, their partners and the real fathers; and yet so corrupt and desperate to win the female vote are many current-day politicians, that many western governments actually promote paternity fraud.

Some 250,000 men in the USA are not the real fathers of the children that the mothers have purported them to be. 

They have been hoodwinked.

However, as is customary nowadays, many politicians and judges seem completely unconcerned that men can be defrauded in this way with impunity even though the discovery that someone else is the father of 'their' children must be one of the most devastating psychological shocks that a man can experience. 

Nevertheless, in many parts of the western world the legal system has been so corrupted by its officials that judges can now force men who discover that they have been deceived with regard to their paternity to continue to pay child support for children who are not theirs, and to be compelled to do so for many years into the future.

The bogus arguments in support of this blatant and utterly reprehensible piece of chicanery that treats such men as if they were utterly worthless and completely undeserving of any consideration at all, rest, as usual, on the fraudulent claim that the 'interest of the child' is best served by treating them in this atrocious manner.

However, the downright dishonesty of those resting their case upon this claim is readily exposed by pointing out that when it comes to funding for children, this can easily come from the state itself through the form of a welfare cheque via a payment system that is already well-established and which was designed specifically to distribute funds to needy mothers with children.

As far as financial support for children is concerned, therefore, the state can easily put its money where its mouth is, and pay up, if it is so concerned about the 'best interest of the child'.

Problem solved.

There is, therefore, simply no real justification to continue to heap further injustices upon men who are already the hapless victims of lying women

There is, therefore, simply no real justification to continue to heap further injustices upon men who are already the hapless victims of lying women and who have, often, already been exploited for many years before discovering that they have been cheated so dreadfully - and this thanks only to the recent development of DNA tests for paternity.

Furthermore, by forcing men to pay financially for the children of women who have defrauded them, women are simply encouraged into deceiving both their partners and their children. How can this possibly be of benefit to children? - particularly given that they will likely discover the fraud in the future when DNA testing becomes commonplace for various reasons.

As DNA testing becomes more readily available, easier to do, and more worthwhile doing in the near future, so it is that more of it will be done.

And when, as a result of this, most of the children who have been duped finally discover that a large and significant part of their true identities have not only been denied to them, but that, to make matters worse, these children have actually been suckered into developing false identities solely in order to benefit politicians, they are surely going to be highly aggrieved; to say the least.

And the later that these children discover their true parentage, the more that they and the men who have been deceived will be harmed.

How can society possibly benefit from anything that encourages this sort of thing?

It is also now well-established that even children who are aware that they have been brought up without ever having known one or both of their true parents often experience a deep sense of loss when they are adults because of the void that continues to reside in parts of their identities.

So significant is this to them that many will actually go to great lengths to discover as much as they can about their true parents - often trying to find out where they live so that they can meet with them, or, if they are inaccessible - perhaps dead - trying to determine what kind of people they were by gathering as much information about them as possible.

It is almost beyond belief, therefore, that the justice systems of so many governments are actually employing policies that encourage paternity fraud. 

And for their officials then to compound this iniquity by perpetuating the outrageous and transparent lie that they do this in order to serve the children's own best interests demonstrates such a high degree of treachery and trickery with respect to the public that they are supposed to be serving - and to the children whom they are supposed to be protecting - that they should surely be disqualified from working in any government department that might concern the welfare of families or children.

There is surely not a respectable psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst or psychotherapist on the planet who would not attest to the long-term negative consequences of denying children the truth about their parentage for many years except under the most extreme and unusual of circumstances.

As such, it is 'in the best interest of our children' that governments should be actively seeking to discourage most strongly those women who might be inclined to be deceptive concerning the fathers of their children. Instead, however, many are doing the exact opposite.

Governments should not be providing incentives for mothers to be deceptive for 'as long as possible' in the hope that, with time, their hoodwinked partners will then find themselves unable legally to extricate themselves from the financial traps in which they have been ensnared. 

On the contrary, governments that are genuinely concerned about the best interests of children should do their best to ensure that as many children as possible know the truth about their parentage, and that as many adults as possible know who are their true children. 

 governments should be making it very clear to women that the justice system will not protect them from the consequences of their own deceitfulness

As such, governments should be making it very clear to women that the justice system will not protect them from the consequences of their own deceitfulness. And the very last thing that the legal system should do is to encourage such deceitfulness.

Further, of course, by encouraging mothers to deny children the truths about their fathers, the state might also well deny such children the medical help that they might require at some time in the future - such as a kidney, perhaps.  

In addition, in the vast majority of these cases the real fathers are completely unaware that they have sired any children with these deceptive women, and keeping them in the dark about this will eventually also add them to the list of those who have been victimised, cheated and damaged by these women and by the government that supports them.

And so the terrible emotional distress that is caused by a government's promotion and encouragement of such deceitfulness spreads way beyond the men who have been hoodwinked into believing in their paternity. It clearly also extends to all the children concerned, as well as to the real fathers.

Here are some comments by Randall Kessler a lawyer from Atlanta.

"Often forgotten in these situations are the "secondary" victims. While it is vitally important to try to minimize the traumatic effect such a revelation can have on a child, we too often forget there may also be a traumatic and tremendous financial effect on the alleged father.

As a family law attorney, I see this all too often. Men who pay child support for many, many years unfortunately realize that not only is the child they've been supporting not their own. They have delayed having more children with their new spouse for five, 10 or more years because they were financially unable to do so."

That many western governments actually promote and perpetrate injustices such as these on their citizens is a damning testament to how corrupted and self-serving they have grown to be in recent years. 

Furthermore, of course, this issue must have some relevance to the subject of domestic violence - something which western governments claim is such an enormous problem that they pour huge resources into allegedly trying to combat it.

And yet here they are demanding that men should be obliged to fund children who are not their own, and that these men should also contribute to the lifestyle of the very women who cheated them! 

A situation more conducive to regular domestic disharmony and violence is hardly imaginable, and yet this is precisely what these governments are promoting.

And so, once again, such unjust measures can clearly be seen to lead to circumstances that are quite contrary to the 'best interest of the child'.

There is surely only one legal position that must be made available when men discover that the children whom they have been supporting are not theirs, and this is that all legal obligations on their part should cease immediately. Not only would this discourage paternity fraud, it would also be the just and fair thing to do.

In many circumstances, of course, such men might well wish to continue with their financial support of the children. And, in all likelihood, this will be the case where the relationships between them and the children have gone on for some years. But this is a choice for them to make, and not for governments to impose.

Other men might well decide to leave, and perhaps start relationships anew in order to have their own legitimate families. And for governments to thwart and obstruct these victims of deception by forcing them to continue funding the families of the very women who defrauded them is so unspeakably vindictive and unjust that any politicians and judges who actually maintain that this is the right thing to do clearly disgrace themselves and discredit the entire justice system.

Finally, if it is was women who were cheated in such a disgusting manner - spending years of their lives labouring for and paying for children whom they have been hoodwinked into believing were their own - the men responsible would undoubtedly end up serving very long prison sentences.

But when men and children are discovered to have been cheated by women in such a disgusting manner, many politicians actually wish to perpetuate these horrible injustices.

They want to encourage such behaviour.

Question: How much lower can these scoundrels sink in order to win women's votes?

January 2014

It seems to be commonly accepted by medics nowadays that some 10% of all children are mistaken about the identities of their true, biological fathers.

Of those fathers who have genetic testing done because they are suspicious, some 30% discover that they are not the real fathers.


Please sign this petition for an American soldier who is having to fund the medial expenses of a child who is not his, and who was conceived during his wife's adulterous relationship with another man while he was serving his country in Iraq.

Or is a husband now expected to pay for any and all of the children that his wife decides to have with other men?


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