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Prosecuting Phony Professionals 

The fraudulently manufactured child abuse hysteria generated in the 1980s and 1990s by bogus therapists and psychoanalysts still affects men today very badly indeed. And it is also largely on the basis of this malicious onslaught against men that the current laws presuming men to be guilty of child abuse, whenever they are accused of it, has come about.

Buttressed and inflamed for over two decades mostly by men-hating women in the media, the notion that men have an almost innate tendency to abuse even their own children continues to remain unchallenged.

The following pieces give some insight into the nefarious activities of those hateful people who did so much damage to so many. 

USA While practically everyone knows about McMartin and some of the other day-care-panic cases of the 80s, few have heard of Bernard Baran, the first day-care worker convicted. Baran — a working-class gay man from Pittsfield, Massachusetts and an aide at Pittsfield's Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) — was arrested on October 6, 1984 and charged with sexually assaulting two 3-year-olds. He was then 19 years old. He is now 37.

USA In another case, Bill and Kathy Swan were accused of child abuse by a daycare worker who suspected they had molested their young daughter. “Following the Swan's conviction, the defense suddenly learned much more about their primary accuser, Lisa Conradi. Mrs. Conradi.... (told reporter Dean Huber) that she had previously reported at least 20 other cases of child abuse. That she had personally been abused on an almost daily basis by 300 to 400 men, women and boys for 17 years starting at age five. That she has knocked on almost every door in her neighborhood "for miles in every direction" accusing the occupants of abusing their children.... All of this, however, was withheld from the (Swans) before the trial.”

USA In Utah, for example, Mike King, an investigator for the Attorney General’s office reported in 1995 that “he talked to hundreds of victims who alleged they were raped, tortured, forced to perform horrible acts and brainwashed. Some said they saw babies murdered or were forced to participate in ritual murders,” but couldn’t find any forensic evidence to substantiate the charges. Similar hunts were carried on nation-wide but also came up empty.

USA My primary interest is in false accusations in divorces. However, there are so many issues that are common to false allegations in both day care and divorce cases. The suspension of logic by the prosecutors and the juries is one issue. Poorly trained investigators, bogus "expert" witnesses, and the assumption of guilt until proven innocent are other factors that have contributed to the convictions of so many innocent parents.

I hope that one day many of those therapists, social workers, judges and law officers who were responsible for inflicting such huge injustices will pay some kind of price.

As the men's movement grows, and as men's websites of a more local nature start to appear, I hope that activists will start to advertise for information about such people so that they can be monitored very closely and investigated.

Of course, they might never be prosecuted in a court of law for what they have done but, who knows, they might!

Besides which, such people usually have other things to hide. And there is no reason why they should not have to undergo close scrutiny for the rest of their lives. After all, it is clearly in the best interests of our children - particularly of those who were badgered into falsely believing that they had been sexually abused - to ensure that these people are never permitted to work in areas involving children, never placed in positions of power, and, preferably, are prosecuted for what they have done.

The damage that they have done to all of us - particularly to men - is inestimable.

There is not a man alive today whose life has not been, or is not being, poisoned by the malevolent antics of such people.

And now, here is one of my little anecdotes!

When I was 4 years old (1956) I was given a brand new tricycle for my birthday. I can still remember the excitement of it today. In fact, this is one of the very few things that I can remember from my earlier days on this planet.


I lived in Ladbroke Grove - not a very salubrious part of London at the time. And up and down the road I tri-cycled furiously, day after day, during the afternoons.

That tricycle was my pride and joy.

One day, however, whilst choosing to cycle over all the bumps and ridges on the pavement, I managed to jam my knee hard up against the handle bar and I toppled over, grazing my left knee and my hands quite badly on some small stones. And there was bright red blood coming from my knee.

I was frightened as well as hurt.

"Whaaa! Whaaa!" I wailed, crying my little eyes out as I tried to sit up and untangle myself from the tricycle. "Whaaa!"

My eyes were so full of tears that I could not see if anyone was about. "Whaaa!"

Suddenly. From nowhere. A pair of huge black hands appeared. They grabbed me and lifted me into the air. "Where do you live?" said this enormous mouth.

I stopped crying, and pointed down the road.

This gigantic black hulk then carried me and my tricycle the two hundred yards or so, and strode straight into the open doorway of my house.

My grandmother was in the kitchen as we entered. 

Did she nearly die with shock when she saw this black monster actually inside the house holding her poor little white me in his arms?


Did she fear that she was about to be robbed or raped?


Did she know this huge black man who made her look life a dwarf?

Nope. No-one in the family had seen him before.

Was there anyone else in the house?

Nope. My mother and father both worked for a living.

She beamed a smile at the hulk and thanked him while patting him on the arm, and then she flustered about little me as the monster disappeared out into the hallway and out of the house.

How times have changed, eh?

I have received quite a few emails in response to my last piece concerning the thoroughly shameful way in which bogus therapists and the justice system colluded to manufacture false claims of child abuse.

Most of the emails were in full agreement about the need to pursue the people responsible for these disgusting episodes but a few of them took the view that the 'professionals' involved were only doing what they thought was in the best interests of the children concerned, and that, therefore, they should be exonerated from any blame.

But people who say this do not understand the nature of the malignant characters who promoted this dreadful nonsense and of the wholesale corruption of those in the justice system who supported and maintained it.

For example, it takes a very malicious and vindictive kind of personality to inflict forcefully upon children (some as young as three) the false illusion that they have been sexually abused - often by their own fathers. 

Typically, such children would not 'recall' any abuse until 'therapists' and 'law enforcement officers' had badgered and bullied them, sometimes for months.

What kind of revolting person does this to children?

And how is it possible that so many professionals - e.g. those supposedly intelligent folk in the justice system - were not only unwilling to stop this sort of thing but actually colluded with it?

The answer can only be that they are dishonest and corrupt.

In one case, for example, the medical 'experts' brought into the courtroom testified that the total lack of any anatomical evidence was "consistent with" the view that three and four year olds had been subjected to knives and forks being inserted into both of their private orifices.

Knives and forks are rammed up the vaginas and anuses of three year olds and yet there is not the slightest trace!?

What kind of dishonourable medical 'experts' were they using in these courtrooms?

In many cases the lawyers for the state threatened to throw the book at those who were even associated with the main suspects unless they provided evidence against them.

Were these lawyers really expecting to get at the truth by torturing people in this way?

Therapists threatened three and four year old children with various devils and demons if they did not confess to at least one sexual act. And then another. And then another.

Doctors, lawyers, therapists. 

And then there were the judges and the police officers who were also involved in these cases.

And the kinds of questions that need to be asked are these. 

Who are these people? What kind of foul system are they running? What kind of sick structures are they supporting? Why are their colleagues still covering up for them? Why are so many of the people involved in these cases legally bound to remain silent about them?

A few years ago, I remember laughing when one of my friends said that she had gone though many sleepless nights tossing and turning over the question about whether or not she should start teaching the top group of her class how to do division sums. Was this the right time to give such teaching? Might it not be better to teach another topic first, and leave the divisions till later? She was unsure. She was uncertain. And she did not want to waste any of the children's teaching time.

And she lost sleep over it.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you actually care about the children in your care. You fret over relatively small things like this, and you fret over relatively small things like that.

But not those therapists.

Nor Sirree.

Nor the rest of them.

They had no doubts at all. They had no concern that they might have been wrong. And if they did have any doubts, then they damn themselves even more!

If they had no doubts at all that those children had been abused, despite their long denials and the lack of any other evidence, then these must have been very arrogant, self-centred, deluded individuals; who saw themselves as gods.

And if any of these people did actually have any doubts, and yet they still went ahead with the psychological savaging of the children and the destruction of the lives of the innocent adults, then, at the very least, they knowingly risked inflicting tremendous damage upon innocent adults and children.

Whichever way you look at it, there is no escaping the fact that the perpetrators of these crimes were not only extremely arrogant but that they were also very abusive people, prepared to ruin the lives of innocent others irreparably in order to pursue their own aims.

These are not the kind of people to lose sleep over whether or not they should be teaching division sums next week! These are people who are quite prepared to destroy men and children in order to achieve their goals.

And these are certainly not the kind of people that we should ever allow anywhere near our children.

Furthermore, and particularly with regard to the therapists themselves, I have little doubt that most of them were actually turning themselves on by the 'investigations' that they were carrying out. Forcing others to talk about sexual activities that never occurred, hour after hour, day after day, is not something that people do if they are revolted by what they hear.

Many of these therapists were clearly obsessed with sex. And they should be investigated as if they were paedophiles for forcibly and maliciously involving children with their own sexual fantasies - because their own sexual fantasies is what, in fact, they were.

Furthermore, in my view, there is no question that those who were significantly involved in the prosecution of these cases - whether they be therapists, judges, lawyers etc - need to be investigated very closely in the future and that, as soon as possible, they should, at the very least, be forbidden to work on anything involving children - for demonstrating such an appalling level of incompetence when it comes to the care of children, if nothing else.

After all, these people should be tormented by what has happened. They should be determined to expose to the public what went on, why, and who was responsible, so that such things would not likely happen again. 

If these people had any real concern about these appalling events, or about children, they would have come clean. 

But the very opposite seems to be true. They seem to have done their very best to obfuscate and to block proper investigations of these matters. And they seem determined only to protect themselves and their cronies - at the expense of everyone else.

And when people such as this claim that they are concerned mostly about the children, they are liars.

The children who endured these appalling episodes are now growing up. And, with any luck, they will start to join in the demand for certain heads to roll. Indeed, a woman in Scotland, is now taking her own case to court ...

UK A WOMAN who was taken into care as a child over unfounded sex abuse claims is suing a local authority for compensation for her ‘lost childhood’ in a landmark legal case.

And as other people who underwent the same torments begin to connect with each other - perhaps through the internet - more and more evidence will eventually come to light about these appalling events and about the people who were responsible for them. 

Furthermore, given that we also send men to prison these days just for looking at illicit sexual pictures, I can see no reason why long prison sentences are not given to those 'professionals' who damaged so badly so many people; particularly, for example, those 'therapists' who injected false memories into children and persuaded them to testify against their own parents.

And given that we also nowadays prosecute people who abused children even thirty years ago, there is no reason why the same should not apply in the case of these 'professionals'.

Of course, it is not only in the area of false allegations concerning child abuse and therapists that matters need to be pursued. There is also the question of making sure that women who make false claims of sex-assault either concerning themselves or their children - often in divorce cases - are made to pay some significant price.

At the moment, the courts tend to do very little about these women. And this just encourages all other women to make false allegations in order to pursue their own selfish aims.

Here is an example of something that really angered me. It happened about 7 years ago.

I was happily chatting away to a couple of pretty normal middle-class women about general things in 'life' and bemoaning something or other, and the conversation happened to move on to the discussion of how 'George' and 'Jenny' were bearing up to their marital disharmonies and impending divorce. (I didn't know George and Jenny, but these two women did.)

"She's accused him of molesting the boy," said Mary, as if she was talking about the weather.

"Oh, not more," replied Martha, indicating that various other accusations had been made in the past.

Mary laughed. "I'm afraid so. What a disaster the pair of them are."

"And did he?" I asked. "Did he molest the boy?"

"Oh No," Mary replied. "George wouldn't molest an apple. (Laughter.) She's just making sure that he (George) knows that she (Jenny) is out to win, and is going to pay him back."

Well, I never found out what eventually happened to George, or his family. But I knew that these two very normal women found an extremely FOUL and extremely FALSE accusation to be something of a laughing matter, and, further, that neither of them had any intention of helping George to defend himself even though they knew that he was currently being falsely accused of a very terrible crime by one of their friends and, further, that the relationship with his son was being horrendously damaged.

And this appallingly cavalier attitude toward the severe damaging of innocent men is clearly very widespread and ingrained, thanks to the ongoing antics of the abuse industry, the divorce industry, the media, the women's groups, the feminists, the justice system and the politically correct.

Well, seven years ago, I said nothing. I just smiled inanely and let the conversation roam over other matters because I did not know these women well.

But if the same thing happened today, I cannot even begin to describe the torrent of abuse that I would hurl at such women. Furthermore, I would make damn sure that the solicitor of the falsely accused got to hear about such a conversation.

Well, I feel exactly the same way when it comes to all those people who have been horrendously damaged by false allegations of sexual abuse. And I intend to pursue the perpetrators, those who collude with them, and those who encourage such things, with unrestrained ferocity!

Gerry Amirault is still in prison. (Freedom for Gerry Amirault again denied.)




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