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ĎThe Systemí on Channel 4 recently gave viewers an insight into how blatantly obvious it is that men are now very much a hated group.

In the programme, the Child Support Agency (CSA) was pursuing ĎJackí in order to force him to fork out thousands of pounds for the child of a woman who had slept with him while on holiday. 

She wanted the child. He didnít. 

Their Ďrelationshipí didnít even last the length of the holiday. She continued with the pregnancy knowing that there was to be no relationship with Jack, knowing that he was quite wealthy, and knowing that she could extract money from him via the CSA. 

The CSA were now pursuing him ruthlessly. "We never let go," the CSA officer laughed.

Well, take three women who live next door to each other. While on holiday, they all get pregnant by three different ĎJacksí. Their relationships last two weeks. The women then all discover that something is growing inside them.

 the piece of tissue within her is so unimportant that it can literally be flushed down the toilet.

The first says, "Damn. Iíll have to get rid of this." And the law says that she can do this.

Indeed, the piece of tissue within her is so unimportant that it can literally be flushed down the toilet. And the law agrees with this.

After all, at this stage, it is just a piece of tissue, according to the woman, and, hence, according to the law. 

Jack has no say in the matter.

Itís a baby! 

The second woman says. "I want this baby. I will keep it, and I donít care what Jack thinks. He will have to pay up, for the next twenty years or so, even though I never want to see him again."

And the law now agrees with this too, This is not just a piece of tissue any more. Itís a baby! 

And again, Jack has no say in the matter.

In other words, when a woman says that it is a piece of tissue, then it is a piece of tissue. When another woman says that it is a baby, then it is a baby. Whoever the woman and whatever her decision the law will agree with her. 

The man has no say.

The man has no say.

Jack is merely responsible for a piece of tissue - according to our abortion laws (to suit women who want abortions). But he is also responsible for an actual baby, according to the CSA (to suit women who want babies). 

Jackís beliefs, feelings and emotions are completely irrelevant. He has no rights, and no legal say. The law simply agrees with the woman.

Now, consider who, and who alone, can choose to turn a piece of tissue into a baby. 

The woman. 

It is the woman alone who can turn a piece of foetal tissue into a baby. 

The man certainly cannot. 

The law says that she has complete rights over this piece of tissue, as she has complete rights over her own body. So how can anyone else, but she, be responsible for what she decides to do? 

It is her choice alone. It is in her control alone. It is a piece of tissue which is hers, and hers alone. 

And she can even flush it down the toilet if she wants to.

So how on earth can Jack be considered responsible for a babyís existence at all?

Because it was his sperm?

Then why not her wine? Why not her dress? Why not her sexual enticement? 

None of these alone leads to a baby. They are not the cause of the baby - though they might conspire together to lead to a piece of tissue. It is the woman who creates the baby. She creates a baby by her decisions, through her wants and her desires.

There was a time when Jackís sperm did make babies.

There was a time when Jackís sperm did make babies. But those days have gone. It is the decisions of women alone that create babies now - certainly in western countries.

Women are not tied to their biology. Babies are created by the purposeful and conscious choices of women. They are not created by sperm. 

And in areas where men have no legal rights, no legal control and no legal say, they should have no legal responsibilities.

Oh. I forgot about the third woman. She said, "I havenít made up my mind yet. I am a woman. I, alone, shall decide what to do with my body. I am totally responsible for it. When I, alone, have decided whether this is to be a baby or an excess piece of tissue that Iíll flush away, then Iíll telephone Jack and let him know whether or not I need any money for the next twenty years. I'll  think about it." 

She will argue that she is the only one who has the right to decide what to do. And the law will agree with her.

She will argue that she is totally in charge. And the law will agree with her.

But if she decides to make a baby, then she can claim that she is not actually fully responsible for the outcome.

"Well, itís not my fault. Itís Jackís responsibility. It was his sperm that impregnated me. He made me pregnant. Iím not responsible for all of this." 

And the law will STILL agree with her.

The man has no say.

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