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firefighters who died on 9/11

Firefighters Who Died On 9/11

Did you know that 75 of the fire fighters who died on 9/11 were child abusers?

Spot the Child Abuser

Nope. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot figure out which of these 9/11 fire fighters were child abusers.

Mind you, that first one looks a bit shady. 

And the guy called Calixto in the row below him has got those strange staring eyes, hasn't he?

Yep, that's definitely a sign. 

He's definitely one of those ... er ... well, you all know what I am talking about.

He likes the 'little ones'.


You mean you didn't know!!?

At least 75 of those dead 9/11 firefighters were child abusers

Oh yes. At least 75 of those dead 9/11 fire fighters were child abusers - well, that is, according to that shallow sanctimonious sh*t-stirring purveyor of male hatred called Oprah Winfrey.


She had the f**king nerve to appear on our TV screens here in the UK not long ago - during children's viewing time - to tell our 'little ones' the following.

25% of men are abusers. They are not the dirty old men in trenchcoats who lurk outside schoolyards. They are young men who cook cheeseburgers on the outdoor grill. They’re patient men who fix broken bicycles and family men who love cutting up Thanksgiving turkey and watching baseball games in the summer. They are our husbands and our brothers, our fathers and our sons. ..."

And many Americans often wonder why so many people are said to hate them?

Well, it's not so much the Americans themselves that most of them hate. 

It's the hurtful, spiteful, politically-correct, malicious, feminist-inspired propaganda and the promotion of male hatred that constantly emanate from America to poison the rest of us that they hate.

And this has now brainwashed many of our own womenfolk into believing in and promoting the very same rubbish.

Our pretty princesses. Our soft petals. Our most precious honeybundles.

Our kids!

They're all being turned into obsessive men-fearers and rabid men-haters thanks to American culture and American 'feminists'.

How would American men like it if they had never even heard of the likes of Oprah Winfrey before, and some superficial sexist sickening sugary supercilious slimeballs from another country invaded the USA for two whole decades through the TV screen and tried - with much success - to convince the whole population that the American men in it should be avoided like the plague?

Would such an event fill American men with warmth toward the nation of people who did that to them? 

Would American men welcome into their arms the people of the nation whose most famous, most lauded and most influential of celebrities injected obnoxious man-hating toxins into the minds of their very own loved ones?

And these same 'feminists' are, right now, even trying to do the very same sort of thing in many other places, e.g. in the Middle East. 

They want to inject the women, the children, and the men, of the entire world, with the same type of vile poison. 

They want the world to hate men.

Well, I have some news for these malevolent 'feminists'. They are shortly going to disappear!

But not with any help from American men.

That's for sure.

A more useless bunch of wimps you can barely imagine.

American men look all macho and masculine when they are sitting behind a billion dollars worth of military weaponry.

American men are the biggest cowards that you will ever come across

But, take it from me, without the military hardware, American men are the biggest cowards that you will ever come across.

Sure, they have some great scientists and artistic geniuses in America but, for the most part, 98% of American men are total ars*holes.

They can't read properly. They can't think deeply. And I doubt that they can satisfy any woman unless she happens to be desperate.

American men have got big mouths, small brains and even smaller dicks.

And every single one of them is at the beck and call of any woman, at any time, at any place.

If Mommy calls, they come a-runnin.

And if Wifey calls, they quake in their boots.


Because every American man is at the mercy of every woman whom he ever encounters.

If his wife or his girlfriend wants him out of the house.

Out he goes.

If he shouts too loud at her, he can be arrested, so he squeals like a little girl instead.

If he looks too long at some woman, he can be done for harassment, so he keeps his head down and walks around like a lowly slave.




American men probably wear women's lingerie when they get back home after work.


Goodness. They're pathetic.

They're not men. They're mice.

Ingratiating little toe-rags.

Thank goodness I don't live there.


And if you are an American 'man' reading this, and you are tempted to fire off some email to me in response to this piece, don't bother.

You're not in my league, Sunshine.

You'll have nothing of interest to say to me.

You don't have the brains.

And you certainly don't have the balls.

P*ss off and go and do what your Mommy tells you to do.

Some vacuuming and dusting in your pretty negilgee, perhaps.


Or go and cry to your wife, and tell her that this bad man called Angry Harry has said terrible things about Oprah Winfrey.

Perhaps you could even appear on Oprah's show!

And tell her how sorry you are that you are a man.

And then apologise profusely for being one - while all the women in the audience jeer at you.

You'd enjoy that!



Didn't Oprah Winfrey lead that ceremony for the victims of 9/11 about two weeks after it all happened?

Yep. She did. 

And it made me sick.

In recent history, that woman - and a few others like her - have probably done more to stir up hatred toward Americans around the planet than just about anything or anyone else.

And the type of chat shows that she both created and inspired have probably stirred up as much hatred within America as they have done toward Americans.

In summary; she has spent much of her career stirring up hatred towards men and so she had no moral right to be leading that 9/11 ceremony, and pretending that she was suddenly concerned about them.

Oprah Winfrey was the last person on Earth that America should have chosen to lead the ceremony for such a tragic event.

Stand up for yourselves, you miserable creeps.



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