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March 2010


Harriet Harman

Stop Lying Harman

Harriet Harman was ordered to stop misleading the public about rape by an official inquiry report yesterday.

In brief; Harriet Harman has been told by Baroness Stern to stop misleading the public with her phony rape statistics.

The conviction rate for 'rape' is about 60% - not about 6%; which is what the lying Harriet Harman and her lying crony, Vera Baird, have kept saying over the years.

(In the UK, the quoted 'conviction rate' for all crimes - except for rape - is deemed to be the percentage of convictions achieved out of all the cases that went to court. For rape, however, the quoted conviction rate is deemed to be the percentage of all allegations that have been made - which is where the 6% comes from.)

Baroness Stern's concern is that by telling the public that the conviction rate is only 6%, genuine victims of rape will be put off from going to the police - because they will believe that there is little chance of conviction.

And, of course, Baroness Stern is right.

And Harriet Harman is clearly well aware that her promulgation of the 6% conviction rate will discourage genuine rape victims from coming forward.

So, why has Harriet Harman been doing this? Surely, she is concerned to encourage genuine victims to come forward? Surely, she is also concerned to demonstrate that her government's courts are, in fact, doing quite well when it comes to convicting rapists who are actually brought before them?

why has Harriet Harman been deceiving the public for all these years?

So, why has Harriet Harman been deceiving the public for all these years?

What does she gain by claiming that the conviction rate for rape is only 6%?

After all, by doing this, she is discouraging rape victims from coming forward, and she is also implying that her very own judges and legal staff are useless.

It doesn't make sense, does it?

Oh yes it does - because, as I keep telling you, Harriet Harman has no genuine concern for rape victims or for her own staff. Her only concern is to garner the votes of women by stirring up hatred towards men.

And by forever proclaiming that 95% of rapists get away with their crimes, she manages to stir up this hatred in millions of women.

Politicians and government officials like Harriet Harman believe (quite rightly) that they have more to gain by stirring up hatred towards men than they have by admitting that their conviction rate for rape is, in fact, quite good.

In Harriet Harman's case, the dishonesty surrounding this issue is also designed to outrage women sufficiently for them to support even further corruptions of the justice system when it comes to rape allegations and, of course, to give their votes and their support to her.

Finally, Baroness Stern's view that up to 10% of rape allegations might be false is nothing but baloney.

The false allegation figure is much closer to 90% than it is to 10%.

There is no valid evidence WHATSOEVER to suggest that the false allegation rate is close to 10%, but there is PLENTY of evidence to suggest that it is well over 50%.

In the UK, women seem nowadays to allege rape at the drop of a hat - especially when drunk or stoned.

END NOTE: I have no idea how many women are raped in the UK, and I have no idea how many rape victims do not come forward. Nor has anybody else got any idea that is not based on pure speculation.

But when it comes to those women who turn up at the police station, the evidence strongly suggests that the vast majority are making false claims.

Labour Piles On Pressure To Destroy Traditional Families A hardline feminist has been chosen as the Government's new chief spokesman on families.

Harriet Harman Rebuked For Lying About Gender Pay Gap Harriet Harman was given an official warning last night for exaggerating the pay gap between men and women.

Harriet Harman is not 'exaggerating'. She is lying.

Harriet Harman knows damn well what the public is led to believe when she persists in proclaiming that 'men are being paid more than women'.

The public is led to believe that women are being paid less for doing the same jobs that men are doing.

And this is completely untrue.

Indeed, it has been against the law for many years to do such a thing, and any companies that flouted the law would be prosecuted.

But Harriet Harman knows that by deceiving the public over the reasons why women earn less than men - viz; because they choose to do easier jobs - she can continue to stir up hatred towards men and, hence, get more support from women who believe that she is protecting them from all these allegedly wicked men.

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