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Thousands Of Paedophiles And Rapists Let Off With Caution More than 4,000 paedophiles, rapists and burglars have been let off with just a caution or warning, a police force has admitted.

I have used the Daily Mail's own headline - Thousands Of Paedophiles And Rapists Let Off With Caution

But if you look at the article you will see that paedophiles and rapists seemed to be very few in number.

About 30, as far as I can make out.

Furthermore, ...

The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, include 10 sexual offences against children, including three of rape where the victim was under the age of 13.

Well, 'rape' when the 'victims' are under 13 simply means that they had sex - which was almost certainly consensual - or the 'rapists' would certainly have been arrested.

And if any of these alleged sex offenders had, in fact, been much older than their alleged victims, then they, too, would have been arrested - consensual or not.

In other words, our 'thousands of paedophiles and rapists' turns out to be about a handful of cases involving consensual sex amongst youngsters.

Also take notice of the fact that none of these alleged 'relationship crimes' were substantiated in any courtroom.

Conclusion: The Daily Mail is trying to stir up abuse hysteria - i.e. hatred towards men - in order to keep its circulation figures up.

Help The Daily Mail

To Catch This Man

Before It Is Too Late


Behind the unidentified man, another man can be seen cheering and clapping - while Ms Esquivel's 12-year-old daughter Alexus sits innocently next to her.

Her breasts were touched, apparently.

Not good, I know.

But do we really need this? ...

 Police have launched a manhunt using the souvenir photo, with calls for anyone who recognises the two men to contact investigators.



Smack Ban Overturned In New Zealand New Zealanders have overwhelmingly voted to reinstate a parent's right to smack their children.

Progress! - against the abuse industry.

One small step for the MM.

But no giant leap for mankind.

Never mind, we will soon have them on the run.

But let all my readers from New Zealand rejoice in the fact that, when they get home tonight, they will be able to beat their daughters' backsides with full vigour and, of course, without mercy; from dusk until dawn.

Get out those lists of misdemeanours that you have kept in your bedroom drawers for these past few years; just waiting for this day to come. For tonight, you shall hear shrill sounds of atonement sweeping across the nation.

And tomorrow, a pleasant silence.


(Also see The Smacking Myths.)

+ Woman To Be Caned A Muslim model has asked human rights group Amnesty International to stop asking the Malaysian authorities not to cane her, saying she is ready to face the penalty for drinking beer.

Basically, she's going to get a tap on the butt.

According to the feminists, however, she will be thrashed to within a nano-inch of her life.

Now, I bet that many of you are thinking that these Muslims sure are stupid, making such a fuss about a woman drinking a beer.

And this tells me something.

It tells me that you haven't yet woken up, have you?

Because at the current rate of escalation in our governments' attempts to control us all, it will not be long before drinking beer in a western country will be regarded as the equivalent of smoking.

You won't be able to do it except in your own bedroom - with the lights out and the windows closed.





Gold-Digging Women Nice work if you can get it, I suppose. When Alyce Faye Eichelberger first met John Cleese, she was eking out whatever living could be made as a U.S. shrink servicing the troubled British psyche.

Today, barely 16 years of marriage later, she has a divorce settlement worth nearly £12.5million - a sum so extraordinary that it actually threatens to leave her wealthier than he is.

Wow! She has 'earned' £2,000 per day for every day of her 16-year marriage.



Men, Women and Ability At IQ 130 (+2SD), males comprise 82%; IQ 145 (+3SD), 88% and at IQ 160 (+4SD), associated with genius, males comprise 97%. Jeffrey Asher

Great piece!

I'm off to tell the missus what a stupid woman she is.

Yet again.

But, this time, I've got the evidence!

Sex Offender Hysteria In all, 674,000 Americans are on sex-offender registries—more than the population of Vermont, North Dakota or Wyoming.

And now, a short but serious piece ...

How And Why The Tabloids Encourage Child Sex Abuse


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