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Three Boys In Prison

False Accuser Put Three Boys In Prison A 16-year-old girl, whose allegation that she was raped at Fredericia train station resulted in the conviction of three teenage boys, unknowingly confessed on a hidden camera that she lied about the incident,

Does anyone out there still think that the justice system in the west is anything other than completely corrupt?

Three boys sent to prison solely on the grounds that they were accused by a female.

And what do these types of incident reveal about those officials working within the justice system?

Surely, the only conclusion that you can reach is that they are thoroughly despicable human beings; e.g. see my piece, Kevin Driscoll Is Innocent.

People who persistently and knowingly cause serious harm to innocent others through the systems that they operate are should themselves go to prison as far as I am concerned.

And, take it from me, the officials involved in these cases know damn well that men are going to prison, long term, purely on the basis of accusations.

 they actually spend much of their time touting for business by encouraging females to make false accusations

Worse still, they actually spend much of their time touting for business by encouraging females to make false accusations by offering them numerous incentives to do so.

And they know full well that accusations alone will do.

Tell me. Would YOU send to prison for many years three young men simply on the basis of an accusation by one female?


Then you stand many miles higher than all those judges, lawyers and police officers who do such things to people.

I have nothing but contempt for them.

Indeed, in my view, they are actually lower than false rape accusers.

Much lower.

At least these female liars mostly only destroy the lives of a single man.

But these officials treat men by the thousand as if they were guilty, and they also knowingly prosecute thousands of men - hoping to gain convictions - simply on the basis of some uncorroborated female testimony.

And this, they do, knowing full well that many innocent men will be convicted, and that even those who are not convicted will be seriously harmed by what they are doing.

Thousands of men. Not just one or two.

Well, I am not prepared to let them off the hook for the evil that they willingly do.

And neither should you.

It should sicken you all to see what nightmares innocent men are being put through

It should sicken you all to see what nightmares innocent men are being put through by these wicked self-serving officials; simply because some female - most often lying, according to the best evidence available - has made some kind of complaint; usually out of spite, and/or to get sympathy, and/or to account for her own poor behaviour - but always, of course, to gain some kind of advantage for herself.

As columnist Carole Sarler put it, there is a sinister collusion going on between false accusers and government officials - both of who profit themselves by getting men prosecuted for rape.

And let me repeat; these officials do not care how many men they put through the mill.

The more, the better, as far as they are concerned.

We know that this is the case; e.g. see AH's Good Chance Of Conviction?

We also know that they are quite prepared to ruin a man's life simply following an accusation.

We know that they are forever encouraging women to make such accusations.

We KNOW, therefore, that when it comes to seriously harming innocent men, ...

.... The more, the better, as far as they are concerned.

Think very carefully about that - because it is both true and despicable.

Oh yes, they're scumbags all right.

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