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Too shell-shocked to speak!

Paternity Fraud

Do you know what really, really, really bugs me about the notion that fathers who have already been hoodwinked and cheated by paternity fraud should still have to pay the costs of children who are not theirs?

Well, I'll tell you!

It is the sheer nerve of people who take this view. It is their utter disregard for how much damage this causes to men and to children who have already been cheated. It is their total callousness with regard to the feelings of men. It is their blind adherence to the ideology that says that all women have priority over men - even if they have behaved abominably - and that only the feelings of women are of any importance. 

The hurt to men is completely ignored!

Well, let me say the following unto my regular readers and cronies.

WHENEVER they encounter people with such a view they must do their best to take them down! The influence of these people has to be utterly disrupted and, preferably, destroyed. They are the pits. The lowest of the low. They make my blood boil. And they should make most people's blood boil too!


Forget the niceties and the politeness. 

Do not worry about pleasantries and social decorum.

Go for them! 

Identify them as the sh*ts that they are. Do everything that you can get away with and legally do to disempower and discredit them.

They are SCUM!

Now there's a word that I very rarely use.

With people such as these influencing our society, men have no hope at all. They might as well commit mass gender suicide!

Men count for absolutely nothing in the eyes of these nasty, vile, self-centred sh*ts.

In the eyes of these despicable feminist boot-licking creeps, men are just workhorses to be used and abused at the whim of government, judges and women. 


Go for them.

And do not worry about their welfare at all. 

They certainly don't give a damn about yours.

Email their colleagues. Call them SCUM.

Hit their advertisers and their associates if it will hurt them. Target them at the next election. Put up notices on trees. Shout at them from the auditorium. Print thousands of poisonous leaflets about them. 

Never pay the slightest bit of respect to them.

Condemn them OPENLY and LOUDLY wherever you go.

Talk about them at work. Get the arguments right. Show your own friends and colleagues what SCUMBAGS they are.

Spread the word far and wide.

"These sh*ts have got to go!"

Disrupt them. Disturb them. Discredit them. Destroy them. 

And then, when they eventually back down and change their tunes - 

which they will!  

- back off, smile sweetly, and take on further battles elsewhere.

But. Remember. Who. They. Are.

They are your enemy. They are everyone's enemy.

And these sh*ts are an urgent priority.

And, make no mistake about it, sh*ts they really are.

And they have to be flushed.

They need to be identified, their names publicised to the movement, and given a lot of heat - preferably publicly, and no matter what they happen to be talking about!

The audacity. The arrogance. The effrontery. The callous superiority. The f**king nerve!

Men who have been cheated by women have to pay the costs regardless of what this might mean for them!? No matter how badly it might effect them?

Well, I think not!

Women are to be encouraged by judges and government to seek eligible and preferably wealthy suckers whom they can dupe!?

Well, I think not!

Children are to be lied to, and to be denied the right to know even who their own fathers are? - e.g. by the criminalisation of paternity testing through DNA analysis.

Well, I think not!


What is this all for?

Just in order to aid the devious machinations of unscrupulous lying women!?

This is an absolute abomination!

And it will be ended!

Thumps table.

Nazi salute.

I cannot find any more words at the moment. 

I am too shell-shocked - except to keep saying ...

Go for them!

What self-centred sanctimonious sadistic sh*ts they are.

How DARE they!?



That's better.

It was very cathartic writing such a piece.

You should try it sometime.

It is very effective.

And better than violence.

And it is almost as good as strangulation. 

I am almost sure of it.

Have YOU been there?

You know. You just want to strangle someone.


So that you can enjoy it.

For the sheer pleasure of it.

You want to kill them for what they have done to you!

Death. Death.

Death is the only solution.

Well, take it from me, this writing malarkey is almost as good - and very empowering too!

There are no dead bodies to get rid of, and the situation is unlikely to get out of hand.

Yes. You should try it sometime.

Also, by writing, you continually get to help to discredit those selfish scheming sh*ts who think not only that you are worthless, but who also think that fooling you and the children, and then actually punishing you and the children, can legitimately have the label 'justice' attached to it!

Can you believe it!?

This is exactly the kind of thing that the Nazis did.

The Nazis defined justice in a way that ensured that the Jews were just about always going to be severely disadvantaged by the law - no matter how innocent they were of any wrongdoing.

Well, these people are Nazis!

And they should be treated like Nazis.

They need to be hounded and shamed.

Do not bother with things like polite emails and pleas for greater understanding from them.

It would be a waste of time.

These people are an enemy and a threat to everyone.

Send them hate mail instead.

Get your friends and relatives to send them hate mail.

Tell them that their mothers were half-price whores and that their fathers were pustulating pimps.

Tell them that they will never see Allah or pass through the gates of Heaven, and that even Hell is too good a place for them.

Expose them to the world for the sickening slimy worms that they are.

And then, when you have done this, relax, and treat yourself to a glass of wine.

You will feel sooooo much better!

When a woman commits paternity fraud, she cheats the child, the real father and the duped father - all three of them - in a truly appalling manner.

But some western jurisdictions (e.g. in America and in Australia) are quite prepared to encourage women to commit paternity fraud by refusing to punish them in any way, and, if you can believe it, by insisting that the duped father actually continues to pay child support.



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