Especially For Young Women



Vehicular Abuse!

Imagine that for the past three decades the media and the government had bombarded us daily with tales of woe and sorrow arising out of car accidents.


Three hundred children are killed every year on UK roads.

Thousands more are maimed for life.

Their whole futures are ruined.

Brothers and sisters are buried in graves throughout the country.

Sons and daughters are stolen in front of our very eyes.

Sons and daughters are stolen in front of our very eyes.

Families are destroyed. 

The cemeteries are littered with the corpses of young broken bodies.

Their lives cut short horribly.

And whenever you step into a car you are condoning the killing of these children. You are supporting those who produce vehicles that kill and maim children.

Shame on you.

These vehicles kill more than 40 times the number of children than even sadistic paedophiles.

When you step into your car you show yourself to be nothing more than an abuser and murderer of children.

When you step into your car you show yourself to be nothing more than an abuser and murderer of children.

Shame on you.



Imagine three whole decades of such propaganda being foisted almost daily into the public consciousness.

Thirty years of it!

And also imagine that large sections of the public threw stones at you and beat you, or shouted abuse at you whenever they discovered that you had been in a car.

Tell me. Would you be prepared to get into a car?

Probably not.

But the above tactics are exactly the ones that have been employed by the abuse industry in order to generate hatred towards men (and, increasingly, towards women) when it comes to matters concerning domestic violence, child abuse, smacking children, so-called date rape, sexual 'abuse' - and goodness know what else.

And so it is that it no longer matters how innocent are your intentions when you drive your own car. Nor does it matter how safely you intend to drive it. Nor does it matter how beneficial it is to the vast majority of people for cars to be driven.

Henceforth, if you get into your car, you are a supporter of abuse and murder.

Indeed, even if you merely try to point out that the vast majority of people who drive cars are completely innocent of any malicious intent and are extremely unlikely to cause any harm to anyone, and that they are simply going about their private business, you will still be labeled as some kind of apologist for abusers and murderers.

This is how the abuse industry operates.

And so it would matter not at all to the "car-abuse" industry that the world would be a far sorrier place if people stopped driving their cars.

Nor would it matter that far more harm would come to both children and adults if people dared not drive their cars. (If nothing else, our economies would collapse; crime, murder and mayhem would rocket, and most of us would starve to death.)

All that would matter to those working in the car-abuse industry is the empowerment and the enrichment of themselves - regardless of the costs to everyone else.

But scaring people away from using their cars would damage horrendously our societies and our state of well-being.

Well. Scaring people away from having close relationships with each other does pretty much the same thing.



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