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Hello, Whiny Wimpy Wet Whinger.

Yes. That's you!

Yes you. The one sitting on your flatulent behind staring at the screen.

What have you done all week to try to improve the horrid lot of men, eh?

Apart from sitting on your flaccid butt and moaning about how you hate feminism and how you cannot stand for much longer being demonised and discriminated against because you are a man, what have you done about it?

Nothing eh?

Oh yes, I know your type.

A Master Moaning Minnie!

A Mr Whingey Bucket.

A Dr Botty Grumps.

A Professor Pouty Face.

A lazy good-for-nothing SCUMBAG!

You make a lot of wailing noises - mostly inside your own head - but you're just too lily-livered to do anything more than just bleat like a lamb without its mother.

If that!

 you're a pathetic little creep who will let anyone with a vagina walk all over you.

You're someone who expects someone else to fight all your battles. You're a little Mummy's boy who has yet to grow up and take some responsibility for what is going on in the world around you in your name. And you're a pathetic little creep who will let anyone with a vagina walk all over you.


Oh Yes Miss. No Miss. Please Miss. Don't hurt me Miss.

I am a sub-human being. I don't deserve any rights. You can insult me all you like. You can sh#t all over my father. You can p*ss all over my brothers and my sons. You can fu#k up the lives of all my best mates too. 

But don't worry Ms. I'll shut up and be quiet. I'll do and say anything that you want me to. Just please don't hurt me.

You're a pathetic wimp. That's who you are.

Have you donated to one of the men's websites recently?

Have you fired off any emails to the media?

Have you lobbied your local politicians?

Have you written an article?

Have you done anything at all to PUBLICISE the existence of the men's movement on the web - even if it's only putting up little envelope stickers in the toilet of your local pub? - or firing emails off throughout your workplace - anonymously if necessary.

Have you supported any of the public demonstrations and the protests?

Have you paid to become a member of one of the men's groups?

Have you bought or downloaded any books about men's issues to give some encouragement to their struggling authors to write some more?


Then you've got nothing to moan about, because you only have yourself to blame.

And not only that!

Through the taxes that you pay, you're actually stupid enough to work every single day to fund the very people who are out to hurt you and all others of your gender.

You're not a man.

You're a creep.

You know. If every one of you idle lumps of lard reading this very piece publicised men's websites - here, there and everywhere - then thousands more men would join the cause.

It's very simple really.

And who would benefit from this?



This is why I sit at my screen happily knowing that the feminists and their gullible followers will never attack me publicly. To do so would cause them far, far, far more harm than good.

And they know it!

This is the power of the internet.

The men's websites that are sitting on the internet are like cluster bombs

The men's websites that are sitting on the internet are like cognitive cluster bombs waiting to be detonated by those who choose to use them simply by publicising the existence of them

And it is time for western men of all colours and creeds to do this and to say, "That's it. No longer will we be mistreated by the very people whom we support with our tax dollars and with our labour.

"From now on, if they demonise or discriminate against us, we're after them. And we will use our cluster bombs." 

And I urge every one of you to do something to promote the men's movement every week.

Make no mistake, Dear Reader, men's activists are going to win this war. And the sooner that this happens, the less poisoned against you will your own children be - whether you see them or not - the more secure will you be in your job and in your home, the less offensive toward you will your world become, and much improved on a daily basis will your entire life be.

Feminists and their poodle-boys in government have done little but spew out hatred toward you and turn others against you for 30+ years.

For how much longer, exactly, are you going to keep taking it?

They are walking all over you.

BUT You are sitting in front of cluster bombs!

So, for goodness sake, ...




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