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Last night I forced my missus to switch over channels to watch the last 6 or 7 minutes of a programme called Sex TV - which we had never seen before. And instead of having hordes of naked young women thrust into my vision to wet my appetite for the programme that we were waiting for - "Built for the Kill" - LOL! - which is all about animals and their well-honed predatory weaponry (e.g. long sharp teeth) we were presented, instead, with an interesting documentary about the growth of 'manga' (comics, basically) in the Japanese culture.


A female Japanese manga artist spoke about the sexual fantasies that Japanese women were prone to engage in. And guess what was on the very top of their fantasy list? Yep: You've guessed it. The Japanese woman's favourite fantasy is being raped.

Of course, this does not mean that these women actually want to be raped. After all, a fantasy is a fantasy. Indeed, I've often fantasised about being the president of the USA, but I would not actually want the job in real life.

But men are often punished for their sexual fantasies these days. And, perhaps, one day, if they are found in possession of one of these manga comics portraying rape they will be prosecuted. Who knows? But this is the way that we are heading.

(This has now happened.)

The other interesting point made by this manga artist was that the 'rape' fantasy expressed in manga comics was more popular among the women than among the men.

women just love the idea of being abused

So, there you have it; as I have often said, many women just love the idea of being abused.

They love it.

Another manga artist pointed out that 'over in the west' women are not allowed to admit to such fantasies despite the fact that they have them by the hormone-load, but, nevertheless, the manga culture surrounding these comics is, in fact, spreading to the USA.

I learned all this in just 6 or 7 minutes of watching Sex TV!


I must watch it again next week!

And the manga comics also reminded me of something that I do not recall talking about recently; the terrible consequences for many men of women's ubiquitous rape fantasies.

1. Given that millions of women fantasise about being raped then they are likely to fantasise about it during sex. And, as such, they are likely to misinterpret what is going on in a direction that is consistent with this fantasy. Certain movements, certain phrases, certain attitudes can all easily be distorted if one's brain is involved in a fantasy - in this case, one of being raped.

2. Given that millions of women fantasise about being raped then millions of men will, of course, behave sexually in a manner which is consistent with this common fantasy. After all, they want to turn their women on.


And if women get turned on by 'aggressive' sex then this is what MEN will learn to do.

As a result of this learning, they will use 'aggression' as a means of making women feel good.

Indeed, this aggression works very well indeed - for many men - FOR MOST OF THE TIME.

But then comes along Little Miss Victim

But then comes along Little Miss Victim. She, too, has warm fantasies about rape, or of aggressive sex. And, sure enough, she chooses a sporty hunky forceful type who looks like he might be aggressive enough for a piece of great action - especially if she's a little bit 'drunk'.

They go to the bedroom, or to the car. And, sure enough, he is the aggressive type. He has sex with her but she does not enjoy it. Or, perhaps, the following day she feels disgusted. 

"He smelt like a pig. It hurt. I didn't like it at all. He was very aggressive, but this was not my warm fantasy at all. It was disgusting. I have been raped!"


And so what has happened here is that this man has behaved in a manner which he has learned turns women on - and which Little Miss Victim seemed also keen to experience - and by adopting this manner he has succeeded in pleasing women over and over again, year in, year out, but now he is charged with rape! (For example, think Mike Tyson; e.g. see Hysterical Vindictive Women's Groups want Mike Tyson Banned from Entering the Country.)

Another scenario that frequently lands men in trouble for doing what many women want them to do runs as follows.

Alice had a great date on Wednesday night. She met Brad at the nightclub. Brad was dominant, funny and warm. One thing led to another. They had sex together back at her flat. He was quite aggressive and pushy. They had intercourse. It was great. He was so masterful and manly! He didn't stay the night, but he said that he would telephone some time. Alice is excited.

Alice tells Polly.

"I know Brad, " says Polly, full of jealousy. "He was at the pub yesterday lunchtime. He took Mary back to his place, and I'm sure that they had sex."

Alice's warm feelings towards Brad are completely destroyed.

Suddenly, Alice's warm feelings towards Brad are completely destroyed. In fact, she is absolutely furious. She has been cheated. Conned. She might even re-interpret his pushy and aggressive actions last night as date rape. She mulls over what has happened, and her hurt and resentment just grow and grow.


Next Friday, she sees Mary actually kissing Brad. This really hurts. It stings her to the bottom of her soul. And she really didn't want intercourse that night, did she? He behaved just like he was raping her. In other words, that was rape. And this is also what the feminist-indoctrinated media keep telling her. 

So, how does Alice now feel about Brad? Well, she now feels that he is a two-faced, lying b*stard who raped her. A complete reversal of what she felt before. 

But the facts of that night haven't changed at all.

Brad did all the right things that his experience told him were likely to turn Alice on. And Alice responded well to them. But in the cold light of day, and with Alice absolutely furious that he has been with another woman, all his behaviour can now be portrayed as a rape.

And she wants vengeance!

She positively yearns for it.

Indeed, Theodore Dalrymple, the well-known UK columnist who has worked as a prison doctor for over thirty years - and who is not prone in the slightest to defending the male inmates whom he treats - on the contrary, he usually castigates them for their poor behaviours - had this to say, ... 

"In my experience from the prison in which I work, men who are charged with having sexual relations with underage adolescent girls are often reported to the police (and subsequently charged and imprisoned) not because they have had sex with these girls, but because they have stopped having sex with these girls: and hell hath no fury like an adolescent girl scorned."

Furthermore, does anybody seriously believe that most westernised females above the age of 10 these days remain blissfully unaware of the power that they have by saying, 'I have been abused'?

And how many western females above the age of 14 are not nowadays fully aware of the fact that the more 'evidence' of 'abuse' that they can muster, and, hence, encourage, the more power do they have over someone?

Anyway. Bearing all this in mind, this will likely make your blood boil ...

Men Must Ensure Consent Men should make certain that a woman has consented to sex to avoid being accused of rape, a new campaign launched by the Home Office is to warn.

a disturbingly large proportion of the public blame women themselves for being raped,

"The results of an opinion poll we commissioned last year showed that a disturbingly large proportion of the public blame women themselves for being raped," director Kate Allen said.

Yep: And this proportion is set to get disturbingly larger, thanks to the lies and the unwarranted hysteria forever being generated over the matter.

Also see one of my most important pieces, Signing the Sex Consent Document to see what is going on here. In brief, those working in the abuse industry want more in the way of convictions, but far less in the way of justice.

In fact, they want to see more normal behaviour - i.e. as fantasised, desired and encouraged by so many women - actually classified as 'rape'; but, of course, only when it suits the whims of the women - which, as we all know, fluctuate unpredictably and haphazardly along with the menstrual tide, e.g. ... ...

Women Prefer Masculine Voices

Women Prefer Masculine Voices Women prefer men with masculine voices, especially during their most fertile phase.

But, of course, as we all know; it isn't just their appreciation of voices that fluctuates monthly with the menstrual wind.

It's everything.

What was a joke last week is an insult this week. What was tasty last week now tastes bitter.

What was an argument last week, is now a war!

shouting down telephone

And, of course, what was pretty good sex last week, is now unmitigated, brutal, forceful rape.

Oh Angry Harry. You must be a very wicked man to say such things about women.

Well, Junior, I'm afraid that some women are exactly as described. And I'm not talking about a handful of women. No, Sir. Maybe something like half a million in the UK and 2.5 million in the USA; e.g. see Permanent Menstrual Tension.


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