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Men, Women and Chimps

Why is it so easy for women to manipulate men?

Why do women like the bad guys rather than the nice guys?

The answers from evolution are revealed below.

According to Dr Helen Fisher ...

For millions of years, women worked. They came home with 60 to 80 per cent of the evening meal - a double-income family was the rule.

Goodness! So women came home with 60 to 80 per cent of the evening meal - for millions of years, eh?

How strange!

Even Homo Erectus didn't quite materialise until some 2 million years ago. 

Helen Fisher must be a clairvoyant!

We barely know how males and females interacted with each other 100,000 years ago, let alone millions of years ago.

And look at this! ...

"Women are sturdier animals because they have the most difficult job on Earth raising tiny, helpless babies and performing a multiplicity of tasks concurrently."

Raising tiny helpless babies is the most difficult job on Earth?

Yeah. Sure.

Even baboons do it!

In the jungle!

Every goddamn mammal on the planet does it.

Dr Helen Fisher will surely soon be telling us that menstruating is a sign of high intelligence and that painting your fingernails regularly is a mark of genius.

But this kind of politically-correct flimflam masquerading as science poisons and debases all academia these days. And it is designed to demean men while fraudulently bolstering the qualities of women.

Females of all species were, apparently, always wonderful, and males were simply parasitic on them.

This has been the recurring theme, in one way or another, since the 1970s.

Well. There is one thing that I am sure about concerning both hominids and humans, and this is the fact that females have been manipulating, deceiving and tricking their male counterparts ever since they were chimpanzees.

women are the schemers, the phonies and the frauds

In comparison to males, females are the schemers, the phonies and the frauds.

But they need to be this way.

Because females - whether they be chimpanzees or humans - survive happily ONLY by manipulating males to do their bidding.

Let's think about chimpanzees for the moment.

They live in troops dominated by a few alpha males.

Well. Why do these alpha males bother to hang around?

don't ask me Harry chimp hat sunglasses

You got me there, Harry.

Why don't they just eat the baby chimps and the female chimps (an easy source of food) and then go off into the jungle to have a jolly good time eating bananas, chasing small mammals and playing football?

Well. The reason is that there is an inbuilt mechanism inside the brains of males that prevents them from harming their females and children. This mechanism MUST exist. 

And, at the very minimum, this 'psychological' mechanism has a huge defensive currency from the female's point of view.

And, of course, such a mechanism is clearly evident in humans.

For example (and there are thousands of examples like this throughout History) when William the Conqueror invaded Britain and killed King Harold and his troops in 1066, and when he later brutally suppressed those troublesome unhappy folk in the rebellious north, the men and young boys were mostly killed. 

The women, however, were not.

And this scenario has been repeated over and over again since time immemorial. 

There are definitely strong mechanisms that protect females from the violence of males.

In a nutshell: There are definitely strong mechanisms that protect females from the violence of males. And human females certainly use their knowledge of this to considerable manipulative advantage.

In the chimp world these mechanisms save female chimps from being harmed by male chimps, and the very presence of the male chimps within their troops also protects them and their offspring from sources of danger that arise from other animals.

And, of course, the social and sexual attractiveness of females has something to do with all this.

For example, when an aggressive-looking alpha male chimp approaches a female, a typical response is for her to stick out her backside and offer herself for sex. This diverts the aggressive male, and it appeases him in some way - which is probably why he often behaves with apparent aggression in the first place.

Good tactic!

But this act of appeasement is also a 'turn on' for the females.

They love it!

Indeed, when female chimps are in their estrus period they will gleefully copulate 40 or 50 times a day.

50 times a day!


chimps having sex

Stop complaining Eric. Only 24 more to go.
And then we can break for lunch.


In other words, not only do female chimps love it, but they cannot manage even to take a half-an-hour break from it!

This is no hobby. This is an obsession. An unbelievably insatiable addiction.

... human females also love to appease dominant males.

And human females also love to appease dominant males. And they are also clearly often very excited by what we now call 'abuse'. 

Look at the soap operas that they love to watch, day after day; the books that they like to read, and the topics that are continually being covered on their emotionally-charged chat shows. 

They can't get enough of it!

Human females are obsessed with the idea of being 'vulnerable'. They cannot stop wallowing in the idea of themselves being 'abused'.

In other words, this must be one of the biggest turn-ons in their emotional books.

But do they copulate 50 times a day? Yes: but mostly in their heads - as they salivate over each emotional syllable that emanates from Oprah's moist lips, as they turn hungrily to the next page concerning the latest abuse scandal, as they sit there in their living rooms - eyes wide, mouths open, brains dead - as the brute in the soap opera slaps that poor woman's face; again and again and again.

But they love it!

Now let's just go back to the chimps before I get carried away, and see how this works in terms of evolution to see how human females got to be the scheming masochists that they are today.

For the sake of argument, imagine for the moment that chimps are completely unable to think in any logical way. Try to see them as automatons who respond purely on the basis of their 'feelings' - their 'emotions'.

For example, when chimps copulate, they surely do it for some immediate reward of some sort (pleasure!). They certainly do not realise that copulation leads to babies.

OK. So here we are in the jungle. And the situation is this.

There are these very heavy muscular aggressive alpha male chimps floating around the place and the smaller females and their offspring somehow have to survive around them.

How on Earth do they achieve this successfully?

If, for example, they run away to live on their own then they have had it. They will not survive on their own. And, of course, if they do not hang around with male chimps then they will simply fail to reproduce.

Such females do not have a long lineage. They disappear from the evolutionary tree very quickly.

In fact, the evolutionary success of females and their lineages will be very much dependent on how effectively they manage to entice the ALPHA males into copulating with them and protecting them.

Indeed, it is not much use being a female who copulates only with weak males. Females who copulate only with weak males are going to reproduce weak males, and, to make matters worse, weak males, in the presence of alpha males, do not have much hope in the way of producing many future offspring.

Females who are 'turned on' by weak males are not, therefore, going to produce a long lineage of descendants.

They are doomed!

 females who are 'turned on' by aggressive males ... are going to make it big time!

On the other hand, females who are 'turned on' by aggressive males and who can manipulate such males without being harmed by them are the outright winners. Their descendants (and their genes) are going to make it big time!

Not only are they going to reproduce strong males themselves, who will likely then go on to be future alpha males, they are also going to reproduce the same kind of females. They will produce females who have the same fabulous, scheming, manipulative abilities as themselves - who have the same desires to copulate with alpha males - and who will manage to gain the same kind of protection from alpha males for their growing offspring.

The genes of these females will spread and spread and spread.

And remember that none of these things requires any 'conscious' or 'logical' intent. They can arise purely from emotional responses and 'feelings' that have been 'selected for' by the process of evolution. 

And those chimps who, by chance, have the best combinations and whose youngsters inherit them are going to dominate the future.

No forward planning is necessary.

Natural Selection!

Sexual Selection!

In summary, here are the qualities that will lead to female chimps bearing a long lineage.

1. The female chimps need to be attracted to the alpha males, not to the weak ones.

2. They need to be able to attract the alpha males into copulating with them.

3. They need to be able to manipulate the alpha males into doing them no harm.

4. Better still, they need to manipulate the alpha males into protecting them.

Female chimps and their descendants without these qualities are doomed to extinction by being swamped by those that have them.

In short, as far as female chimps are concerned, being attracted to dominant males and being able to manipulate them successfully for their own purposes is the key to evolutionary success.

Indeed, they do not really have any other key.

There is no other key!

there is much about human female behaviour that seems to fall into place when one studies the behaviour of their chimpanzee counterparts.

And, of course, given that the emotional and feeling parts of the brains of human females are not that much different from those of chimps, there is much about human female behaviour that seems to fall into place when one studies the behaviour of their chimpanzee counterparts.

Alpha male chimps, on the other hand, do not need to be as complexly manipulative as females in order to produce a long lineage. Their size and their ability to aggress with impunity carry a lot of weight in any conversation.


Yep - she'll do - chimp teeth baring looking at sharp teeth

Good gums. Good teeth. Yep: She'll do.


They do not need to 'attract' their females. They have the ability to catch them, to threaten them, and to have their wicked ways with them.

And this ability - derived, basically, from their sheer size and strength - is also very useful when it comes to keeping the weaker males out of the picture.

But apart from having size and strength, there are two other qualities that will contribute very strongly to the survival of a particular alpha male's lineage.

1. He needs to be very sexually attracted to females and to cause them no harm despite his size. In other words, he must be very much positively affected and appeased by the signals that emanate from females.

2. The stronger is his sex drive and the more females that he impregnates, the better!

There are, of course, some qualities that will benefit the evolutionary success of both males and females. For example, the more protective that they are toward their youngsters, the more likely are their lineages to survive. 

(However, male chimps do not seem particularly concerned about their youngsters.)

But there are distinct differences between male and female chimps when it comes to those qualities that are significant in determining the longevity of their lineages.

The successful alpha male chimps basically succeed on the basis of their brute strength - or the threat of it - and their high sexual drives, and the successful female chimps succeed by having sex with such beasts and by negotiating their way around them.

The fundamental difference when it comes to encounters between them is that the successful female chimps need to be able both to attract and to control the behaviour of the alpha male chimps (or they are in deep trouble evolutionary-wise) without using force, whereas the reverse is not the case - after all, the alpha males can simply have their wicked ways by force.

And it is important to notice that female chimps who adopt a strategy of avoiding alpha males have little hope of success. On the contrary, it is only those who will lurk around in the vicinity of the alpha males that will be impregnated by them. And given that female chimps cannot possibly understand the connection between sex and the quality of their offspring, the ONLY reason that they do lurk around near alpha males must be because they 'like' doing so.

Indeed - as we already know - they love it!

In fact, they love it about 50 times a day.

In other words, they really, really do like their alpha males.

But these female chimps are also playing with fire. They must be able to give off signals that protect themselves from attack. And the best way (in fact, the only way) to do this is to appear to be as non-threatening as possible. And the weaker and the more vulnerable that they look to the alpha male, the less of a threat does the alpha male perceive them to be.

human females are rather like young children in many respects

And, putting it bluntly, this is why human females are rather like young children in many respects - squeaky voices, not much body hair, round bits, soft skin and, of course, inexplicable tantrums. The idea is to look and act vulnerable - just like children.


grandfather daughter or father daughter

Hi Honey-Bundle; some flowers for our first wedding anniversary.


From the alpha male's point of view, of course, his lineage will do particularly well if he impregnates such females. And he will give birth to sons who are sexually disposed towards the very same kind of chimpanzee 'womenfolk' that he, himself, was attracted to - i.e. his sons will also be attracted to vulnerable-looking female chimps who lurk around them, entice them, and who blissfully proffer their services in a non-threatening way.

The groupies!

Alpha males who have a different point of view as to what constitutes 'attractiveness in females' will have a much harder time in comparison. For example, if they were to prefer the more dominant, the more threatening, the less readily available types of female chimps (feminist chimps) their lineages, statistically speaking, are just not going to make it.

There will be no hope for them!

angry chimp baring teeth

Feminist Chimp

But also notice that the males who ended up producing long lineages were actually designed to be manipulated by vulnerable-looking females. They were designed to fall for all the hooplah.

Those that did not fall for all the female hooplah, did not make it.

That's right Guys.

You were actually designed by Nature to be stupid and a complete and utter imbecile when it comes to females.

You were actually born that way.

And Boy, does it show!

And so it is that chimps have evolved to be the way they are.

The males are highly sexual and aggressive and they particularly like to have sex with females who lurk around them looking weak and non-threatening.

The females get their kicks out of having sex with alpha males

The females get their kicks out of having sex with alpha males whom they need to attract (the males do not need to attract, they can threaten to use force) and around whom they have to negotiate their way with skill.

Indeed, this seems to be one of their main pleasures in life.

50 times a day.

50 times!

Male chimps compete with each other for access to the females by way, mostly, of aggression and intimidation.

The females compete with each other for the alpha males by trying to be the most attractive and the most available to them, and by appearing to be the least threatening toward them; i.e. the most vulnerable to them.

Well. The above is an extremely simplified version of the chimpanzee mating game. Their social structures are much more complex than indicated.

For example, the alpha males do not spend much of their time chasing away the weaker males. In fact, the males mostly get on quite well with each other; with the occasional grunt passing for chatter.

(So, not much in the way of human male evolution there!)

 And the females are not constantly vying with each other over access to these alpha males. Though, strangely, the females do not actually communicate with each other much. 

And there are complex social hierarchies that exist both within and between the genders that fluctuate and change with time.

Nevertheless, on balance, the successful lineages will derive from the intimate goings-on between the strongest males and the females who are the most able and willing to consort with them.

 the female's route to evolutionary success does not depend so much upon her physical strength but upon her ability to manipulate

And the main point being made here is that the female's route to evolutionary success does not depend so much upon her physical strength but upon her ability to manipulate the strongest males to her own advantage through the various signals that she presents to them.

And, further, the more weak and vulnerable that she appears to be, the more attractive will she be to the males.

(Remember that if there were any male chimps who, in fact, preferred the more feisty females who always said, "No," and who fought like tigers to escape from their amorous advances, well, they would have died out long before. Such male chimps would not have left many descendants. Only those males who sought (enjoyed) the company of compliant females made it.)

(According to Brown, who is affiliated with the ISR Evolution and Human Adaptation Program, the current findings are consistent with earlier research showing that expressions of vulnerability enhance female attractiveness.)

And if we move the evolutionary clock forward by some 6 million years to where we are today, as humans, we can surely see similarities between the behavioural inclinations of members of our own species and those of chimpanzees.

 human males are very much attracted to what appear to be weak and vulnerable females

For example, human females remain very attracted to dominant males, and human males are very much attracted to what appear to be weak and vulnerable females. And all this appears to be something that is embedded deep within our natures.

But there is something else that happened throughout our own evolution - the development of a complex language.

And language is a system through which members who speak and understand it can influence each other. And this is one of the main purposes of language. It is, fundamentally, a tool of manipulation. Its purpose is to allow users of it to affect the attitudes and behaviours of others.

There is no point in talking to a piece of flint and telling it to shape itself into an arrow head. It does not matter how much you verbally abuse that piece of wood. It will not shape itself into a spear, no matter how much you shout at it.

Language is a tool that allows users of it to manipulate other users. It is not a tool that can operate directly on objects in the environment. 

And in much the same way that female chimps needed to develop their non-verbal manipulative skills in order to negotiate successfully with the alpha males with whom they wished to mate and to live amongst, so it is that human females have also developed greater language skills than males in order to achieve more or less the same ends.

(Female chimps are also much more expressive verbally than are male chimps. And while chimp 'language' is fairly minimal, it is very effective in expressing basic emotions - fear, rage, joy etc - through various yelps, hoots and screeches. Yep. Even male chimps have to put up with all the histrionic verbiage of their moody females while remaining mostly silent on the issues.)

chimp covering ears hear no evil

Nope: I'm not listening.

humans now consist of two genders, one of which - the female one - is extremely adept at manipulating the other

And so it is that humans now consist of two genders, one of which - the female one - is extremely adept at manipulating the other through means other than sheer force.

And it seems that human females now have the upper hand in a number of ways.

1. They clearly have much stronger non-verbal manipulative mechanisms than do males.

2. They have developed greater language skills with which to manipulate others.

3. They have had millions of years in which to refine such skills.

4. Even the mildest use of 'force' or the threat of it (a male's manipulative tool in the gender war) have increasingly been outlawed.

So. What hope have men got, eh?

It is noteworthy that this ability of females to manipulate males is not necessarily a mark of 'intelligence' by any means. For example, when a wife cajoles or seduces her husband into fixing the computer, she requires far less in the way of intelligence than does he in order to achieve her aims. She merely requires the ability to manipulate him.

And in the chimp world, alpha male chimps will very often give females some of their freshly-caught meat in exchange for a bit of sex. 

But when one looks closely at the question of who is getting the best deal out of any exchanges, it is surely legitimate to focus on what skills, what effort, and what intelligence were required to gain the wherewithal to make them.

Well. The male chimp had to rush off somewhere into places unknown in order to seek out, catch, and then kill the prey, whereas the female chimp simply had to bend over.

That's not a fair exchange!

That male chimp has been suckered!

suckered thinking chimp

Hmm. I think I've been suckered.

Indeed, in western societies today the divorcing wives of wealthy men frequently manage to acquire huge wealth simply by having done little more than having allowed themselves to be provided with the most privileged and most pampered of lifestyles for a few years.

And this kind of grossly unbalanced type of exchange has clearly predominated in the world of gender relations among both chimps and humans.

And the astonishing amount of effort, time and money that human females put into altering the way that they look in order to manipulate the males around them surely tells us where their real skills, motivations and their conscious predilections lie.

 men in the western world are not aware of just how manipulative are their women

Unfortunately, however, men in the western world are not aware of just how manipulative are their women. And there are two main reasons for this.

1. The feminist-indoctrinated media have gone out of their way to hide the various ploys of women while highlighting those of men. (For example, they claim that women 'do not lie about rape' - which they do, by the thousand - and that men are rarely victims of domestic violence - which they are, by the million.) There is, therefore, little consciousness raising among western men about the ways in which they are constantly being manipulated by women.

2. One of the requisites for being a good manipulator is the ability to hide the fact that you are manipulating. And, needless to say, this ability to hide one's manipulative intent is very strongly developed in females. And it has to be this way. Without the ability to hide the fact that one is manipulating, there is no point in learning how to manipulate!


putting on make-up girls women mirror


Indeed, women begin to manipulate every morning as soon as they sit in front of the mirror.

the well-honed manipulative ability of women was clearly recognised by most of the great religions

In fact, the well-honed manipulative ability of women was clearly recognised by most of the great religions throughout most of history, and the various coverings that many women today are forced to wear in some societies dominated by religion are specifically designed in order to reduce this ability to manipulate. 

And so when one considers the human species as consisting of two different groups of individuals competing with each other for survival (and for comfort) it is quite clear that the females (especially in the west) have been winning hands down for quite some time.

And it is men who now need 'liberating' not women.

Indeed, it is the men who get sent off to die in battle. It is the men who end up doing all the arduous, difficult and dangerous jobs. It is the men who end up in prisons. It is the men who get blamed for everything. And so on and so on. 

Indeed, as civilisation has marched onwards, particularly in the west, the females have become increasingly empowered - empowered at the expense of the males; literally.

 the feminists hijacked the mainstream media in order to stir up hatred toward men.

And in the past many decades, women have successfully managed to further empower themselves hugely through the added means of mass communications technologies.

The best example of this, needless to say, was the manner in which the feminists hijacked the mainstream media in order to stir up hatred toward men. Their ability to manipulate and deceive through visual images and language was increased enormously by the hierarchical way in which the media were structured at the time. This huge extra advantage gained by having so much effective control through the media is, of course, still operating, but, thankfully, it is now being undermined by the internet and by the growth of the men's movement. And the skilful manner in which women manipulate men for their own purposes (as well as the deceits that are necessarily involved in doing this) are now being increasingly exposed.

And, as this happens, one imagines that increasing numbers of men will not take too kindly to what they see.

However, none of the above is to suggest that men do not attempt to manipulate women. They surely do.

But ...

1. Men are more often seeking something from women that is very easy to provide (e.g. sex and/or affection) as opposed to something that requires a huge continuing effort (e.g. earning a lot of money).

2. They are nowhere nearly as adept at manipulation as are women - either verbally or non-verbally.

3. Men rarely think about using much in the way of manipulation as a tool when it comes to inter-gender interactions - and certainly not to anywhere near the same extent as do women; e.g. they rarely put on make-up, they rarely flash their legs or look tearful when a police officer has just stopped them for speeding, and they rarely spend a fortune on their underwear!

And if we think very carefully about the world, both now and in the past, the evidence surely tells us that there is barely an object or an idea that has been conceived, created, constructed or manufactured by humans that has not been conceived, created, constructed or manufactured by men.

Look around the room that you are in.

There is scarcely an item that has been conceived, created, constructed or manufactured by women.

Not even the bricks.

western women still manage successfully to portray themselves as being superior to their men

And yet western women still manage successfully to portray themselves as being superior to their men and continually worthy of special privileges and considerations!


man kissing back of woman's hand bowing lifting cap hand kiss


Well. Quite clearly. This would simply not be possible were it not for their astonishing skills when it comes to manipulation.

Furthermore, even though it is men who make up the vast majority of victims when it comes to violence, crime, homelessness, physical and mental illness, premature death, suicide, war, accidents at work, loss of home, loss of children and, indeed, when it comes to most other things, it is still the case that women victims get most of the attention, most of the sympathy and most of the funding.

And so, once again. This would simply not be possible were it not for their astonishing skills when it comes to manipulation.

The skills that women have, and the ones that they are most predisposed to use, do not cure diseases. They do not make important discoveries. They do not tap the resources of the earth. They do not even build houses.

Their skills are mostly aimed toward manipulating males.

And most western women clearly both recognise and understand this and use this to their advantage from a very early age. ...

+ UK Women are taking more time and trouble over their underwear and spending a small fortune in the process. Here we meet five women who spend more on their lingerie than they do on the rest of their wardrobes.

+ UK More than nine out of 10 of the girls believe it should be up to their husbands to provide for them. 

"According to a survey of 5,000-plus teenage girls, their main ambition is to complete university then return to the homestead - whether their partners like it or not."

Leviticus 12 1:6 If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; ... But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks.


Jane Goodall Institute

Male Chimps Steal To Gain Female Attention The study of wild chimps found that males steal desirable fruits from local farms and orchards to try and entice members of the opposite sex.

Women Prefer Dominant Men Women subconsciously prefer the aroma of dominant men when they are at the most fertile stage of the menstrual cycle.


Most Women Admit they are Suspicious by Nature

Sarah Womack

Daily Telegraph

Nearly one woman in two has searched her husband's pockets or read his mobile telephone messages without his knowledge, according to a survey published today.

In the same way as Emma Thompson in Love Actually rifles through a jacket belonging to her husband, played by Alan Rickman, and discovers his looming infidelity, women admit they are suspicious by nature.

73 per cent would not tell their husband that the baby was someone else's.

But if they had an affair and became pregnant 73 per cent would not tell their husband that the baby was someone else's.

A poll of 5,000 women, entitled the National Scruples and Lies Survey, claims that most women have "warped morals". Ironically, the more women lie, the more suspicious they become of their partner, it says.

they would lie about using contraception

Nearly a third of women say if they wanted a baby and their partner did not, they would lie about using contraception. A fifth have checked her husband or partner's emails and one in 10 has even followed him to find out what he is doing.

Only a quarter of women think that their husband or partner has done the same.

The survey was commissioned by That's Life magazine. The average age of the women polled was 38.

Seventy per cent of women admit that they get drunk at the office Christmas party, with a quarter flirting with their boss.


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