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Women actually shown behaving badly by the BBC! 

Gosh. That'll make a change. 

Surely not?

"THE BBC is swapping bustles for Bridget Jones as period drama gives way to a host of female-centred series ... A BBC spokesman said: “... Women tend to be the largest consumers of dramas and these are contemporary series, which sometimes aren’t afraid to show women behaving badly.” The Times

But what bad things, exactly, will women be shown to be doing, one wonders? 

Sweeping some of the dust under the carpet?

Not stopping the car properly before putting it into reverse?

Picking their toe-nails?

No no. Too weak. The BBC wants to attract female viewers to its 'drama', and, in the BBC's case, this basically means programmes filled with plenty of 'abuse'.

Abuse. Abuse. Abuse! 

And women might be seen behaving badly all right - but it will be pointed out somewhere within the context of it all that this bad behaviour derives from the FAULT of some MAN; either one from the present, or from somewhere in the past.

Women are never responsible for their own bad behaviours according to the political correctoids working at the Beeb..

No Siree!

Further, of course, the men will still be portrayed as being much worse than the women.

I am reminded of the time that the BBC's Newsnight team actually cut out certain economic statistics which would have shown men in a favourable light. It was Newsnight’s pre-budget analysis (1999). The programme brought in a family of FIVE to see which of the family members, throughout their lives, would be paying most into the state in the form of taxes, and which members would actually receive an overall benefit from the state.

Well, the details of Newsnight’s analysis are not that important. However, they firstly compared the various LIFETIME taxes and benefits of the three MALE members (young son, father and grandfather) and found, basically, that they mostly all lost out financially. 

In other words, they contributed far more to the state than they got out of it.

But guess what they found with regard to the two FEMALE members of the family? How did the females fare when it came to lifetime benefits and taxes? 

Well, we never found out! 

Newsnight simply ended the investigation with what seemed to be some considerable embarrassment, and then moved very hastily on to other matters - leaving the invited statistical expert somewhat stunned.

It was a complete FIASCO.

There was no analysis, no comment, and no discussion concerning the way that the two females fared. The two women were completely ignored. They just sat there like plum puddings.

It could not have been more clear.

The BBC producer in charge of the piece was clearly told that under no circumstances were they going to let the viewers know that women benefited most handsomely from the state at the expense of men.

The piece had to be cut.

You see, the Newsnight team simply could not bring itself to admit to the viewers that, in general, women paid very little in taxes across a lifetime compared to the huge benefits that they received from the state.

The truth is that through the tax and benefit system, men provide enormous support for women. 

For example, the simple fact that women live for years longer than men means that they require vast resources in terms of pension and hospital care. This is mostly paid for by men, who actually have to earn this money during a much shorter lifetime

The cost of single mothers and their children is also mostly paid for by men. Indeed, the cost to the state of supporting women and children is mostly paid for by men.

Now, I am not saying that men should not mostly pay for these things. This is not my complaint. My complaint is that the BBC’s Newsnight team is so controlled by feminist ideology and the political correctness that supports it, that it is not even allowed to mention the fact that, when it comes to lifetime taxes and benefits, men lose out enormously while women benefit considerably. 

As is typical for the BBC, when it comes to looking at gender, men are very supportive of women, and at considerable cost to themselves, but the BBC simply cannot show men in a favourable light. 

It's politically-corrected employees just cannot do it!

The BBC is a complete FRAUD. It masquerades as an impartial news-gathering and news-delivery service but it puts as much deceitful spin on the items as, typically, do the tabloids.

As such, the UK taxpayer - and particularly the men - should not be having to fund it!

BBC Prisoners with mental health problems should be treated in specialist units rather than be locked up in jails, the Chief Inspector of Prisons has said.

Six times more men than women commit suicide in prisons.

There are 20 times more men than women in prison.

And, overwhelmingly, it is men who are poorly catered for.

But read the article and see how many times the word 'men' is mentioned. 

Notice also how the focus is almost wholly on women.

Here is the third paragraph to whet your appetite ...

Women, new arrivals, drug users and the mentally ill are most at risk of self-harm and suicide, she added.

Do you see?

When it comes to real victims and real need, 'Women' get top billing - even when their numbers are relatively few - and 'Men' are simply disappeared completely out of the text. 'Men' become 'new arrivals', 'drug users', the 'mentally ill', 'prisoners', 'inmates', 'patients' etc etc.

The BBC has been doing this sort of thing for over two decades.

Also see Intellectual phonies at the BBC - The Late Review



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