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You Must Keep The Stubs

When it comes to getting money, people will do almost anything, won't they?


The trains in the UK have been in such a shambolic state recently that the railway companies are having to fork out millions of pounds in compensation for those travellers who have suffered from late or cancelled trains.

But to claim compensation passengers must have held on to their tickets.

Quite clearly, if you can't prove that you actually bought a ticket for the train that was eventually cancelled or delayed, then it is difficult to prove that you are entitled to compensation. After all, anybody and everybody could make a claim unless some decent evidence was required.

The problem would be that, without evidence, too many people would lie and make false claims in an attempt to get a few pounds.

When it comes to getting money, people will do almost anything.

They'll mug old ladies, burgle people's houses, defraud the Inland Revenue, steal from shops, blackmail, bribe and kill. And they'll even knowingly risk long prison sentences.

Yep, all this, just for some money.

And, of course, they'll also do other things that are completely legal. 

For example, they'll work! 

And they'll work overtime, they'll work nights, study for years, tolerate low pay - and they'll put up with all sorts of aggravations to maintain their jobs, including daily traffic jams and train cancellations.

And some will even prostitute their bodies or risk their lives and limbs for a buck or two.


The motivation to obtain money
is clearly very powerful indeed!

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So, of course, railway companies need some decent proof that claimants for compensation are actually entitled to it. 

And this seems very reasonable.

Currently, however, no proof AT ALL is required for cases of sexual abuse in care homes. 

The police are now trawling for 'evidence' from ex-residents and offering them tens of thousands of pounds for alleging that they were abused while living in their care homes.

No ticket stubs are needed.

We need ticket stubs to claim a few pounds from the railway companies but no evidence at all to claim thousands of pounds by alleging abuse. 

What kind of lunacy is this?

It is no wonder that so many people are claiming that they have been abused. It is so very handsomely rewarded.

And no ticket stub is needed.

All that is required is a bit of 'volume'.

You and your mates merely get together and start accusing.

And remember, there are people out there who would do almost anything for money.

robber thief with swag bag booty running cartoon

They'll mug old ladies, burgle people's houses, defraud the Inland Revenue, steal from shops, blackmail, bribe and kill. And they'll knowingly risk long prison sentences.

And, they will also go out to work! 

Anything for a buck or two.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, and according to Chris Saltrese (a solicitor dealing with such cases) many ex-residents of care homes, who at first denied that they were ever abused, changed their minds and rushed forward when they discovered how much money their friends had made by making allegations of abuse.

(See BBC News - A former police officer involved in one such operation told us that this reliance on quantity can be dangerous ... "I do know that a certain amount of compensation is being mentioned - sometimes up to 100,000.)

It's a lot easier than working or stealing - and there is no chance of prison even if your allegations don't stick. 

It's a crime that carries no threat of a prison sentence.

It's a crime that carries no threat of a prison sentence.

And both men and women care workers are currently going to prison solely on the basis of these handsomely paid-for allegations.

UK laws demand the evidence of a railway ticket to give compensation of a few pounds, but require no such objective evidence to hand over thousands of pounds to claimants who allege abuse. 

And the more serious the allegations, the greater the compensation.

Further, once in prison, the falsely-accused can actually halve their sentences if they admit to their guilt - in order to show themselves 'fit for release'.

This means that innocent men speaking the truth (continuing to deny their guilt) will spend twice as long in prison as those who are truly guilty and admit it! 

very many innocent men ... will finally admit to crimes that they did not commit.

This means that very many innocent men, wishing to avoid a further typical four years in prison, will finally admit to crimes that they did not commit.

And who among you might not do this to save four long years in a prison?  - especially since everybody around you already thinks that you are guilty.

If the government really wanted to prevent further abuse in care homes then there is a far better solution than persecuting those who work in them.

Quite simply, resources and procedures should be applied which ensure that such things never happen.

Instead, however, a hugely powerful government is simply persecuting those vulnerable people who work with children, changing the rules of evidence, and perverting the criminal law simply in order to incarcerate as many people as possible. 

Such draconian actions, no different from the witch-hunts of the past, will undoubtedly lead to even further shortages of care-workers, teachers and youth workers, they will continue to poison the entire nation with more hysteria, they will show that the law and its officials are even more contemptible than they are already perceived to be, they will actively encourage even larger numbers of people to lie and to make false accusations, they will waste valuable resources, they will cause utter misery and fear to thousands of innocent individuals, their propaganda will alienate men even further from women and children, they will increase the amount of anger in society, they will lead to a complete loss of faith in the justice system, and, yet, having done all this, NOT ONE act of genuine abuse that has taken place in a care home will be undone!

Finally, on the BBC recently in one of the early morning news programmes, a thirty-something male admitted that he had been phoned up by one of his chums (whom he had known from the old days when they were living together in a care home) and he was asked if he would falsely 'corroborate' some abuse - or even manufacture some for himself - in order for them both to make some money from the handsome compensation that was on offer.

However, even though this issue of "Abuse at Care Homes" was quite a big story throughout the whole day, this important interview with this thirty-something male disappeared from all of the BBC's further reports.

And this, presumably, was another example of the influence of the feminist/abuse lobby at work - which dictates that stories about false accusations are not to be aired in view of the public. (e.g. see Eastenders- The UK woman's FAVOURITE soap opera.)


Don't Pull The Cord

There are signs on railway trains telling passengers that if they should pull the emergency cord and stop the train without justification they may be fined up to 200.

For making false allegations of abuse, however, there is no penalty at all - even when the result is the imprisonment of innocent men. 

In fact, there is a reward.

Stop the train without good reason and you're fined 200. Make a false allegation, and have an innocent man imprisoned, however, and you are actually rewarded!

Further, though it is almost too incredible to believe, where allegations of abuse have been shown to be false, the compensation that has already been paid out does not need to be handed back. 

(Apparently, there is no bureaucratic mechanism in place for getting it back.)

Men are utterly worthless. Not only can they be imprisoned without valid evidence, the government actually rewards and encourages people to make false allegations against them.

And even when these allegations are actually later found to be false, the lying accusers can still keep the money!


March 2012

Around 90 people who were sexually and physically abused by their carers in Jersey children's homes will receive compensation of up to 60,000 after the government in St Helier offered an "unreserved apology" to the victims.


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