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34 Years For Fondling Brian Finkel, a once-prominent Phoenix abortion doctor, was sentenced Friday to nearly 35 years in prison. He was convicted last month on 22 counts of sexually abusing patients. Under Arizona law he must serve at least 29 years behind bars. His sentence could have ranged from probation to 74 years. Joe Blow

34 years for fondling!

Outrageous and barbaric.

Apparently he fondled women who were too reckless in bed to prevent their unwanted pregnancies and who were also prepared to have abortions. And then these same women have the nerve to claim that they are such sensitive souls that his unwanted touches 'wrecked their lives'.

Unwanted pregnancies and abortions. No problem.

Inappropriate fondling. Devastation!

Huh. What rubbish!

"I think he should die there," she said.

He fondled her for goodness sake! He did not cut off her limbs.

Women have far too lofty an opinion of themselves these days. They seem to think that they are goddesses. But these women were no saints.

One minute women are supposed to be as capable and as hardy as men, the next minute - when it suits them - they are suddenly so precious that touching them inappropriately is tantamount to committing grievous bodily harm.

The truth, of course, is that these particular women are just liars and manipulators - and so greedy that they are quite prepared to inflict as much harm as they possibly can on to another person simply in order to get as much money as possible.

Of course this doctor needs to be punished if guilty.

But, 34 years!?

There is a fortune to be had by 'victims' making out that they have suffered deeply. And it is almost invariably men who have to pay the huge price.

34 years?

There is little justice in America these days.

And thousands of women every year are taking advantage of these circumstances in order to profit themselves, regardless of the huge injustices being inflicted on to men.


Did you know that the "Men's Rights" Google News link generated a whopping 11 items of news a few minutes ago - whereas the "Women's Rights" Google News link generated a paltry 1065 of them?

Women's Rights are clearly now only considered to be 100 times more important than those of men.



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