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Feminists Destroy the Planet

I'll keep it simple.

1. We are told that global warming is the most important issue of our times. The entire well-being of the planet is dependent upon how much effort we put into reducing our carbon emissions. This global warming is, allegedly, so important that billions of dollars and a huge amount of human energy must now be expended every year in order to counter it.

2. One of the very best ways to reduce our carbon emissions is to live together rather than to live apart. By living together - e.g. getting married - people can save on heating, transport, wastage and living space. Traffic congestion and pollution would be reduced enormously and time spent travelling would be cut. And so on.

Indeed, if my memory is correct, 1.5 million new houses need to be built in the UK just because of the tendency for people to live alone these days.

 why is it that whenever the global warming issue is discussed in the mainstream you never hear the politicians talking about policies that would encourage people to live together?

3. So why is it that whenever the global warming issue is discussed in the mainstream you never hear the politicians talking about policies that would encourage people to live together? We hear talk about just about everything else to do with cutting our carbon emissions, but not about policies designed to encourage people to get married or to live together.

If global warming is the most important issue of our times, then why, in connection with this issue, are the mainstream media and the government not promoting polices that would encourage marriage?

It doesn't make sense - until, that is, you realise that there is a very powerful group of dysfunctional people - feminists - whose main aim is to encourage family breakdown. No way are they going to allow politicians to encourage marriage; specifically heterosexual marriage.

I know that it sounds crazy, but it is true.

For example, the feminists will say, "Oh no, you must not encourage marriage - because "marriage oppresses women" - and what about those poor vulnerable women who are forever being abused? We must not do anything that reduces their chances of escaping."

And the politicians and the media know this feminist tactic very well. And if they upset the media feminists by suggesting that marriage should be encouraged, they will be hit very hard by them via the media.

The politicians are terrified of these selfish women; because they have learned over the years just how nasty they can be.

If you look at the recent speech by Gordon Brown on global warming you will see him talking about introducing a whole raft of measures to try to reduce it - all the way from plastic bags, to windfarms, loft insulation, efficient biofuels; in fact, loads and loads of complicated things and numerous laws to encourage people and businesses to be greener.

But Gordon Brown says absolutely nothing when it comes to encouraging people to get married or to live together.

But Gordon Brown says absolutely nothing when it comes to encouraging people to get married or to live together.


How can it possibly be that one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions is not even mentioned?

After all, our whole planet is at stake!


Please use your brains! And keep asking yourself why a policy that could help very significantly with such an allegedly important problem does not even get a mention by Gordon Brown.

Well, the main aims of feminists are to stir up hatred towards men and to break apart as much as possible people's close relationships.

And they will allow nothing to get in the way of these main aims.

Indeed, the huge negative effects of family breakdown and fatherlessness on our societies and our children is also well-documented and very visible. But feminists will still fight viciously against anything that increases the chances of close heterosexual relationships forming and/or succeeding.

And, of course, left-wing politicians such as the communist Gordon Brown just love to promote as much crime and societal disharmony as possible, so no way are they going to recommend policies that might reduce such things.

Their Number One priority remains at the very top of the agenda; to encourage relationships to break down.

In other words, as far as they are concerned, our children and our planet can go to Hell. Their Number One priority remains at the very top of the agenda; to encourage relationships to break down.


And now I have a question for you.

Do you really think that Gordon Brown and his communist friends in power cannot see the connections between carbon emissions, wastage, pollution, traffic congestion etc etc and the tendency for people to live apart?

Do you really think that they do not realise that family breakdown and fatherlessness cause a multitude of very serious problems to millions of people? - with so many of these damaging problems being lifelong for them.

Do you really think that they remain unaware of the billions of dollars and of the huge resources that the country has had to expend over the years in order to try to counter all these problems?

Of course they can see these things.

So why do they say and do nothing about them?

And the answer is this.

They benefit from all these problems.

And this is why they are also forever promoting policies that both cause and exacerbate these problems.



Let me stress that I have no idea whether or not we are causing global warming. The point is that the politicians keep telling us that this is so. But if they truly believe that we are causing global warming then the question arises as to why they do not promote certain policies that would address this allegedly serious problem.

Family Breakdown As Bad As Global Warming Says Top Judge Britain is suffering from an epidemic of family breakdowns affecting all levels of society from the Royal family downwards, one of the country's most senior judges will say today.

Mr Justice Coleridge will accuse Gordon Brown of prioritising the abolition of plastic bags over support for families, and say the Government is "fiddling while Rome burns".

He must have read Angry Harry's latest masterpiece! LOL!

Well, you never know, he might have done!

"Without being in any way over-dramatic or alarmist, my prediction would be that the effects of family breakdown on the life of the nation, and ordinary people, in this country will, within the next 20 years, be as marked and as destructive as the effects of global warming.

Judges are witnessing a "never-ending carnival" of human misery, and almost all of society's social ills can be traced back to the collapse in family stability, he says.

Unfortunately, however, the judge then goes on to say that ...

 the family justice system - comprising social workers, local authorities, mental health specialists and legal experts - is all that stands between the present dire situation and "social anarchy".

He also wants the Government to invest millions in properly researched projects which boost family stability.

And the problem with all this, as we know, is that the 'family experts' and the government 'researchers' are themselves the major problem. And so we will not find the solutions with these people at the helm.

It would be like putting the fox in charge of protecting the chickens.


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