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Harriet Harman

The UK's Ex Solicitor General 

Ms Harman is a typical man-hating feminist who is completely unfit to hold any senior office, and yet she was the UK's Solicitor General.. She is a sexist bigot who has seriously corrupted the legal system in order to stack it wholesale against any man accused of 'abusing' a woman.

Thanks to this thoroughly malicious woman, men who are accused by women of just about anything are most likely to be immediately arrested, and the procedures that follow are purposely designed to ensure that they are found guilty - especially in the eyes of the public.

She has also lied to the public on numerous occasions on matters to do with sex-assault and domestic violence.

For example, despite the fact that just about all the objective research shows that men just as often as women are the victims of domestic violence, this deceitful woman, nevertheless, continues to bury this fact in order to pursue her disgusting agenda against men.

Here, for example, is one of her domestic violence speeches to senior police officers. There is not even a single mention of domestic violence against men (some 30 of whom are killed every year by their female partners) ...

+ We have made clear our commitment to women’s equality. Domestic violence is a crime which is a throw-back to when men expected to be the boss and were entitled to control their wives and entitled to assault them. Harriet Harman

Ms Harman also continuously attempts to indoctrinate the public with the inflammatory view that men are 40 times more likely to rape a woman than is a woman likely to make up a false allegation of rape; e.g. see Rape Baloney.

She also lies about the rape figures by purposely confounding allegations of rape with rape.

And she uses thoroughly bogus research findings (manufactured by hand-picked 'researchers') in order to buttress her phony claims e.g. see The Home Office Caught Stirring Up Hatred - Again 

Put the above all together and you have a woman who is every bit a hateful Nazi as you would have found in Germany in the 30s; the only significant difference being that the target of her hatred is men rather than Jews.

She wants Jews arrested merely on the say-so of any German.

In her speeches, she denies completely - by omission - the fact that Jews are ever subjected to violence by Germans.

She lies and exaggerates about the crimes that Jews are alleged to commit.

She claims that Jews are forty times more likely to commit a crime than to be falsely accused of one by a German.

She wants to prosecute Jews even when their alleged German victims do not wish this to happen.

She wants the state to prosecute Jews whenever accused by Germans even when there is no objective evidence that any crime has been committed.

She insists that Jews who are merely alleged by Germans to have committed relationship crimes can have their identities paraded in public, whereas their German accusers are to be kept anonymous and hidden from view.

She quotes phony 'research' in order to buttress her lies.

She has perverted the legal system to ensure that Jews more or less have to prove their innocence when accused by Germans, and to make it easy for Germans to kick Jews out of their homes.

She has made it easy for Germans to stop Jews from living with or seeing their own children.

And she hopes to ensure that the law treats any Jews convicted of a relationship crime as if there had been no relationship at all - as if the Jew was a complete stranger to the accuser - whereas she does the very opposite when Germans are convicted of such crimes. In these latter instances, this vindictive woman demands that their relationship with the Jew must be taken into account; e.g. see Ignoring Relationships In Rape

When the men's movement is strong enough - which is not so very far away - activists can expect to see her publicly vilified and, perhaps, prosecuted for "hate speech" for what she has said, and for "hate crimes" for what she has done.

Those who damage families and people's relationships, who purposely stir up hatred towards others, and who are corrupt, need to be punished; no matter how high in office they might be.

Readers of this website will already be aware of the mountain of evidence showing that one of the main aims of feminists is to damage people's close relationships and to make it harder for men and women to remain intimately involved with each other. And yet the close relationships that people have are probably the most important things in their lives. And Ms Harman is a typical feminist who employs all the usual feminist tactics - lies, deceit, demonisation etc etc - to break up those relationships.

Have a look at what happened to this man thanks to the likes of Ms Harman ...

A music teacher who died while serving an eight-year jail sentence for raping a pupil has been cleared posthumously by the Court of Appeal.

Darryl Gee was convicted in 2001 on the word of his accuser about incidents that she claimed happened more than a decade earlier, when the woman was 11.

There was no evidence against Darryl Gee other than that of this lying woman's testimony.

There are thousands of men being treated similarly every year in the UK.

One of the main aims of the feminists and, indeed, of current left-wing government, is to break apart people's close relationships.

Harriet Harman has actually admitted to this; e.g. see In an extraordinary interview published yesterday, she declared marriage was 'irrelevant' to public policy and described high rates of separation as a 'positive development'. (Leo Mckinstry)

And, of course, there was nothing 'extraordinary' about her interview. 

Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that for the past 30 years feminists have been doing their very best to stir up hatred towards men and to break apart any close relationships with women and children that they might have; e.g. see The Trojan Horses Of Feminism).

Wake up!

(July 2008) Just one more example of feminist-inspired policies designed to keep men away from children ...

A teacher who says he was falsely accused of sexually abusing pupils yesterday lost a legal battle to clear his name.

John Pinnington, 59, was told that all potential future employers must be told about the accusations, even though they were never proved.

The idea behind this kind of policy is to make men so fearful of being near children that they avoid them like the plague.

Also see Harriet Harman - Dishonest, Deceitful



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