woman in short skirt doing housework


The reason that men do less housework than women is because, quite simply, they are less easily offended by any given level of mess.

Furthermore, to vacuum, dust or polish requires the same motivation levels in men as are required for moving house!

Men just do not respond to the same low levels of untidiness as do women. And so whenever the female-threshold is reached, and the good woman must whisk herself away to tackle the debris around the house, the man remains undisturbed, at peace, and contented with his surroundings. 

His threshold to domestic action has still a mile to go!

My teaspoons have to be positively caked with various oxides and tannins from my tea-drinking habit - with not a sliver of silver to be seen - before they hit the washing-up bowl for their annual scrape.

But have you noticed how women clean the teaspoons even after just one or two stirrings!?

It's ridiculous.

They pour the tea. They take a clean teaspoon out of the drawer. They stir in the milk. And then they toss that very same teaspoon - that sweet virgin of a teaspoon - straight into the washing bowl!

It's obscene.

But, of course, this is all part of the gender divide.

women are far more concerned with how things appear to be, rather than with what they are.

Statistically speaking, women are far more concerned with how things appear to be, rather than with what they are. And this is not just the case when it comes to their labours concerning clothes, makeup, fashion and bodily decorations, it even extends to teaspoons!

And to housework.

But if men were more like women - that is, more concerned about how things look rather than how things are - then women, western women, that is, would not now be living their precious lives as the most pampered, the most protected, the most catered for, and the most over-indulged organisms ever to have existed on the planet.

And so, "Let them do most of the housework," I say. They seem to be doing pretty well out of it.


woman doing housework and vacuuming hoovering

"Hurry up, Woman! Get your lazy ar*se in gear. I'm hungry."


Ah yes. Those were the days.

The good old days.

When men were men, and when women were, as ever, complaining.


Besides which, it is part and parcel of women's wily natures to be concerned more than men about the look of things.

Appearance is everything.

If it doesn't look good, then it doesn't work in her eyes.

If it doesn't look good, then it doesn't work in her eyes.

And even if it  works beautifully, she still won't want it.

But if it looks good, she'll have a dozen.

This is why women insist on doing the housework.

Of course, she might look as if she would like you to do some housework. But don't be fooled. This is simply her cunning nature at work.

She's just really testing you; to see how much she can provoke you before you give her a good and thorough spanking.

So, whatever you do, don't fall for her crafty ploy.

Let her do it all.

Of course, if men were actually forcing women to do more housework than themselves - rather than it being the case that women actually feel more impelled to do it - then this might be some cause for genuine concern, but, since there is no evidence to suggest that men are using force, then, when pseudo-academics and sociologists or feminists complain that women do more housework than men, the answer to them should be, "And quite right too!"

And if women want to keep their habitats more tidy than would men, then why should they not be allowed to do so?

Nevertheless, you should always be very willing to help out your woman thingy by giving it some expert and sound advice whenever it comes to any of its domestic enterprises. And so, for example, you could explain to it that, ergonomically speaking, it would be far more efficient if it made you a cup of tea and a sandwich or two before doing the housework rather than afterwards. 

Such refreshments would enable you to assess more precisely the standard of its workmanship when the tasks are done, and so you would also be able to pinpoint far more accurately those areas of its work and attitude that needed improving.


woman in short skirt doing housework ironing

More Housework

Dear Jenny

If God had wanted men to do housework then he would have genetically programmed women to drool over men while they did it.

The sight of men doing the dishes would have made their G-spots zizz.

It turns out, however, that normal women find men who do housework to be about as attractive as do normal men find women who fix cars and build walls. 

A woman who wants her man to do housework is unconsciously seeking a divorce. She has no feeling for him - as a man, that is.

After all, imagine, for example, a man wanting his woman to repair the car or fix the roof.

What would this man really be saying to her?

But there is nothing more arousing for a man than to peer over the top of his newspaper in order to observe closely his woman scuttling around, hither and thither, vacuuming the carpet, dusting the furniture and cleaning the windows - her pretty negligee rising and falling tantalisingly to the sensual rhythms of her labours.

confidential juices that only men know about

And the smell of the roast beef wafting over from the kitchen as it lies spitting in the oven while his woman is peeling the potatoes further stimulates his secret cavities with the most erotic and sexual of juices - confidential juices that only men know about;  and which would never be mentioned around any womenfolk.

So. Tell me. How can it possibly be that men were meant to do housework?

Of course, if a man wishes to do housework, then this is his choice. And if he also wishes to wear a pretty pinafore while he does it, well, the very same is true.

But a man who has such things imposed upon him by his woman is not a man at all.

He is a mouse.

Furthermore, is it not the case that many female mammals and birds have something within their brains akin to a nesting instinct? Perhaps this is one reason why women feel impelled to do more housework than men. Perhaps there is some deep-seated configuration in their brains that causes them to want to be more involved with matters to do with the 'nest'.

For example, little girls like dolls houses far more so than do little boys. And womenfolk are certainly more concerned about how things look than are men. 

Such factors will make women reach for their dusters well before their menfolk even notice any dust.

Look. Women want to go out to work and to get special treatment in just about every area of their lives. This, they have already achieved.

If they want to fix cars and build walls, no-one is stopping them.

if men do not want to do much in the way of housework, then, quite frankly, so what!?

And so, if men do not want to do much in the way of housework, then, quite frankly, so what!? Why should they not be allowed to choose this option?

This notion that men should do as much housework as women is derived from nothing more than the usual feminist-inspired propaganda that tries to stir up hatred toward men. And, surely, there is no longer any reason why men should bother to conform to the wishful expectations of women, given that women are failing so completely to reciprocate.



sexy girl woman in short skirt in the kitchen

Even More Housework

A new survey claims that men are the tidier sex, with 66 per cent of men spending eight hours or more on household chores compared to just 62 per cent of women.

Men do more housework than women!

On the other hand, ...

+ Women now spend only 13.3 hours a week on housework, research shows.

In Britain research shows that women are still doing more around the house than most men.

+ Women spend a YEAR AND A HALF of their lives cleaning the house (but men only put in half as long).

In other words, never trust the results of surveys.

And always bear in mind that the official research into such murky subjects as sex-assault, rape, domestic violence, etc etc are, IN FACT, also mostly based on surveys.

And you cannot trust those surveys either.

Because there is nothing special about most of those surveys.

In other words, do not be fooled by the sticking of a stamp of "official", or "academic" or "social science" or "Home Office" in front of the word "research" when, IN FACT, the subjects of their enquiry simply filled in questionnaires.

Indeed, one particularly large survey found that, ...

Women Lie, Cheat and Steal


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