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Menopause Reduces a Woman's Intelligence


The menopause reduces a woman's intelligence researchers have found. (link now defunct)

It also reduces a woman's ability to juggle work, friends and family. And, apparently, it turns her into a chatterbox. But The Independent article wherein these growing and glowing deficiencies were outlined and discussed has been removed!


Nevertheless, it is clear that women actually do get far worse mentally speaking when their hormonal sell-by date comes to pass. In fact, they deteriorate like maggot-infested melons on a hot and sticky day!

No wonder older men prefer younger women.

No wonder YOUNGER men prefer younger women! 

No wonder EVERYBODY prefers younger women! 

NO-ONE wants older women.

But this could be a big mistake, actually; because older women do have their uses.

Provided that you're not too scared of them - which takes a bit of familiarity and practice - older women do have some qualities worth trumpeting about. 

Yes, they talk a lot - and they whinge a great deal.

And yes, they're not as bright as they once were.

And, ..... yes, .... their butts sag infinitely more than they ever did before. 

And OK, OK, they growl and complain a lot, and they sulk for days and days.

And, Oh, ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! They can't carry as many shopping bags as they used to. 

And, needless to say, they're not much use in the garden or in the bedroom any more.

And, of course, they still cannot converse or think in straight lines like a man can.

And, yes. It's true. Without PMS to bind their thoughts into aggressive channels of tightly-focused hostility they seem to lose completely any ability to concentrate for very long - on any given topic. 

But, there we are.

Nevertheless; all in all, there are benefits.

 nobody invites them to parties any more

A lifetime of practice and their current desperation makes them great at flattering the egos of even the ugliest of dudes. And nobody invites them to parties any more so they're not constantly wanting to go out.

There are no longer any persistent sneaky amoebic When-Shall-We-Have-A-Baby questions left to answer in their deteriorating little minds. And they don't seem to care at all if you suffer or die.

Oh yes, older women have a lot going for them!



"What's this TV thingy with an alphabet pressy bit?"


Oh Angry Harry! You are such a MEAN OLD SOD! 

Why do you say such terrible things? 

What winds you up so much?


You want to know what winds me up so much, eh? Well, I'll tell you. It's things like this. (link now defunct)


Andy Rooney

It's such a seemingly sweet and simple piece, but, look closely, and you will see that the famous US commentator, Mr Andy Rooney, flings another piece of blatant misandry into the world; thus adding to the never-ending deluge of mainstream misandry that denigrates all men.

That men are genetically inferior is no secret.

"That men are genetically inferior is no secret. Count your blessings that we die off at a far younger age, leaving you the best part of your lives to appreciate the exquisite woman you've become, without the distraction of some demanding old man clinging and whining his way into your serenity."

And here's Mr Rooney again, seemingly holding his ground over his own negative comments concerning uninformed women TV presenters chosen to report on sports events, but then he ends up licking the rear ends of and prostrating himself before every woman on the planet by suggesting that men are inferior human beings.

They seem to be better human beings than men.

"If I had to say which I admire most, the qualities of men or the qualities of women, I'd choose women. They seem to be better human beings than men."

On their own, such statements would be trivial indeed, but the hateful onslaught against men is - and has been - truly relentless. In fact, so ubiquitous is this feminist-inspired and feminist-promoted hatred of men that it all goes virtually unnoticed.

And that's the difference between Angry Harry's tongue-in-cheek rantings about older women and Mr Rooney's seemingly innocuous but serious, hateful, damaging statements about men.

Mr Rooney wouldn't dare say that whites were "better human beings" than blacks.

Mr Rooney wouldn't dare say that blacks are "genetically inferior" to whites.

Why not?

Think carefully about it.

Why would Mr Rooney not even dare to say such things.

Well, I will tell you why.

It's because American blacks would tear him and his organisation apart. 

That's why!

But why are American men so complacent about Mr Rooney's remarks? Why do they not complain in droves?

Well, it's because they've got no pride. No spirit. No sense of self worth.

And it's because they've got no guts.

scared man cartoon fearful worried anxious

Western men, and American men in particular, are the most gutless men on the planet.

Western men, and American men in particular, are the most gutless men on the planet. By the million, they'll lose their homes, their children, their liberty, and even their standing as human beings, with hardly a word of protest.

The Americans are now also under attack from terrorists from the East and through immigration from the south. And they will shortly lose their culture and their country.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

They deserve to lose the lot.

This is what happens when gutless men do nothing while others happily trample all over them.

USA America is a woman's world, a world in which, as a Chinese woman, Helena Kuo, remarked, women have succeeded in everything except in the art of being truly feminine. Eric Dingwall - 1956 - 25 min.

This is not an easy read, but it is well worth reading because it exposes quite clearly the nonsense and disinformation promoted by modern-day feminists and the mind-numbingly stupid politically correct.


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