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Morons At The Met The Met's latest advertising campaign targets domestic violence offenders with the strong message that if you are abusing your partner, and we have reasonable grounds, we will arrest you, and we don't need your partner's statement to do this.

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Subject: Senior UK Police Officers - Organ Monkeys And Liars

Dear Ms Partridge

For the moment you might be able to fool most of the public into believing that your domestic violence campaigns are about reducing domestic violence, but you do not fool me, nor thousands of other men - soon to be millions.

Your campaigns are purposely misleading, and they are designed to stir up male hatred and, hence, increase domestic violence.

 many senior police officers in the Met are little more than organ monkeys

The truth of the matter is that many senior police officers in the Met are little more than organ monkeys - these were 'domesticated' little primates that were so cowed and tamed by their masters that they would dance in the street to accordion music while the people laughed at them.

In the case of many of your senior officers, they are simply dancing to the tune of absolutely anyone in political office whom they think might help them in their careers. I can almost hear them slurping at the backsides of their feminist mistresses and their politically-corrected masters.

Many of your senior police officers are also bald-faced liars.

Many of your senior police officers are also bald-faced liars.

They have been caught lying to the public time and time again over matters to do with, for example, sex-assault and domestic violence, and it is clear that they are purposefully trying to deceive the public over these matters in order to stir up a hatred of men and to keep domestic crime levels high.

The fact that they have also promoted national advertisements encouraging people to act violently against men who are merely **suspected** of domestic violence and, in the process, managed to fuel racial hatred by suggesting that a black man is entitled to beat up a white man **suspected** of domestic violence is either a testament to unbelievable incompetence or it reflects an attempt to stir up racial violence within our country.

Whatever is the case, they are clearly unfit to be senior police officers.

Furthermore, as the evidence of their treachery becomes more evident to the public, there will inevitably be an increasing demand for a review of the somewhat over-generous pay packets, pensions and conditions that senior police officers currently receive. In other words, they are going to end up harming all those in their own profession.

 these deceitful senior officers are harming them not only as police officers, but also as men and fathers

Indeed, as far as the rank-and-file male police officers are concerned, these deceitful senior officers are harming them not only as police officers, but also as men and fathers - a triple whammy for them. 

UK citizens do not want liars and deceivers in the higher echelons of the police force. They do not want mindless morons purposely stirring up trouble in their communities simply in order to pursue their own selfish ambitions.

Let me also remind you of the thoroughly dishonourable and deceitful manner in which senior police officers colluded together to trump up charges against Fathers4Justice activist David Chick by unnecessarily closing down roads when he climbed up a crane - at a cost of 30 million to the public.

I quote the Telegraph, ...

"The jury of five men and seven women at Southwark Crown Court also heard excerpts from police logs making it clear that senior officers not only treated the road closures as a "bargaining tool" to get him to come down, but also worried that the court case against him could be "weakened" if they were lifted." 

 these police officers actually tried to manufacture a more serious crime out of thin air.

In other words, these police officers actually tried to manufacture a more serious crime out of thin air.

They have one desperate man who wants to have access to his daughter and these officers try to fit him up by attempting to have him blamed for events that were entirely of their own making.

I also notice that only this week a jury threw out within 10 minutes an attempt by malicious senior officers to have David Chick found guilty of carrying an offensive weapon - viz; a small pocketknife that he had in his rucksack.

In other words, not only are many senior police officers downright dishonourable, many are also truly pathetic.

And as the general public and, hence, jury members become more and more aware of just how corrupt are many of your senior officers so it is that your profession is going to end up undermining itself.

It is people like you who are largely responsible for the high incidence of domestic violence in this country.

You are doing exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews 70 years ago. You are purposely demonising men and blaming them for all the ills in their relationships. And you are purposely stirring up hatred towards them.

You ***know*** that you are deceiving the public by continually suggesting that men (Jews) are the sole perpetrators of domestic violence. And by doing this, you are a traitor to your own country, to your own people, to your own male police officers, and to democracy itself.

Basically, you are cheating and defrauding us.

And - as per your own disgusting adverts - it is people like *you* who will surely have nowhere to hide in the future, because it is people like *you* who will soon have to account for your actions.

You should be ashamed yourselves.

And now I have some questions for you.

Do you think that senior police officers would enjoy being continually demonised? Would they enjoy seeing themselves continually under attack from a growing number of sources? Would they feel happy about the eventual prospects of facing courtrooms wherein they might have to account for their actions? Would ordinary lower-ranking police officers enjoy the negative and hostile way in which the public might increasingly view them? 

Well. My guess is that police officers of all ranks would not like any of this at all. And I think that such things would make some of them very angry indeed.

It would make them more 'aggressive'.

But these are the ***very things*** that you are doing to **all** the men in our country. And they will react in ***exactly*** the same way.

They will become more aggressive.

And the same type of thing would happen if, for example, you deluged the nation with adverts suggesting that whites (or, indeed, blacks) were the sole cause of inter-racial disharmony,

Both groups would become far more aggressive towards each other.

I know this.

You know this.

As such, it is clearly the case that you and your cronies are willfully and knowingly stirring up domestic and relationship disharmony in order to feather your own nests and to build you own little empires. And you clearly do not give a damn about the increase in relationship problems and domestic violence that will occur throughout the country as a result.

I know what your game is Ms Partridge.



Needless to say, the above email has not yet generated any replies from any of the officers to whom it was posted.

Here is another piece demonstrating how the Home Office and their feminist-fearing organ monkeys purposely stir up domestic violence ... Home Office Tactics Stir Up More Domestic Violence 

Also see ... Judges. ... and decide whether or not you think that these self-aggrandised lofty beings are actually fit to be judges.

Home Office Police Puppets Seek To Convict Innocent Men Of Rape When the Home Office says jump, the police puppet dangling on the end of its strings duly jumps. Never mind the evidence just feel those convictions. Melanie Phillips - using the word 'puppet' instead of 'organ monkey'.


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