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The Rape Scam

Some of you have remarked on the fact that there seems to be a recent increase in the UK of the number of women being prosecuted for making false allegations of rape. Furthermore, the sentences being handed out to these wicked women seem to have increased in length.

Progress! - is how we all feel.

But let us not get too carried away, because the chances are that the government is merely responding to MRA activism in order to demonstrate just how wonderful and effective are their draconian and corrupt laws when it comes to 'relationship crimes' - such as rape.

Let me explain.

UK government ministers and officials are well aware of sites like this one.

Indeed, I spend much of my time spewing venom in their direction and informing them about the presence of this most magnificent website.

And so, for example, not so long ago, I emailed the assistants of Vera Baird (the UK's current Solicitor General, ardent feminist and man-hater) and asked them what is was like working for a liar.


She had obviously wound me up - for some reason which I cannot now remember.

I included a link to my fabulous video concerning the rape statistics and suggested that Mzzzzzz Vera Baird might like to look at it in order to see how easy it was to expose her lies.

Anyway. My point is that I and others are harassing the powers-that-be and showing them that they are heading for increasing trouble over all their rape baloney.

And my guess is that they are finally responding by ...

1. ... prosecuting more women who make false rape allegations


2. ... ensuring that more publicity is given over to such prosecutions.

Now, the reason that they will be doing this is not because they give a damn about innocent men being persecuted and prosecuted over the flimsiest and phoniest of accusations. They will be doing this in order to claim a victory in the 'war against rape'.

Bear with me.

Both 1 and 2 above will reduce the number of false allegations made by women.

But all allegations are counted as 'rapes' in the statistics.

by reducing the number of false allegations, the government will claim, falsely, that they have actually reduced the number of 'rapes'.

And so by reducing the number of false allegations, the government will claim, falsely, that they have actually reduced the number of 'rapes'.

Furthermore, as the number of false allegations decreases, so the conviction rate (the number of convictions per allegation) goes up - which is one of the government's stated aims.

In other words, by doing 1. and/or 2. above, Vera Baird and her cronies will be able to claim that their horrible policies are working!

Number of (so-called) 'rapes' down!

Conviction rate up!

Sneaky, eh?

What a wonderfully simple way to get the 'rape' figures down and the conviction rate up.

Just prosecute more women!

 they will then use this victory to prejudice even further the legal system against men.

So, Yes, there does seem to be some progress for the MM when it comes to false rape allegations but, on the other hand, the man-hating politicians will claim some kind of victory out of the changing numbers - but they will then use this victory to prejudice even further the legal system against men.

But it is not the numbers that most MRAs are concerned about.

It is the wholly corrupt and prejudicial manner in which men are treated following a rape accusation - e.g. sometimes having to spend months in prison before any trial - and also the thoroughly unjust procedures used in the courtrooms - with men often being found guilty solely on the basis of the testimony of one aggrieved woman.

Until these things change, we will not really have made very much in the way of 'progress'.

So, Yes, it does seem that we have made some progress recently, but not very much.

Thus far!

And it is especially important to note that the organism of government does not give two hoots about the welfare of people, it is only concerned to empower itself.

And, in this particular case, being able to claim that the 'rape' figures have gone down while the conviction rate has gone up will only be of interest to government ministers because these will help to bolster their own standing in the eyes of the public.

This is all just a numbers game for them

This is all just a numbers game for them - numbers that they will simply jiggle about in accordance with what they think will help them in their careers.

Indeed, I can assure you that very many of the government officials currently running the show are no less malicious, self-serving and greedy than are the myriads of those who, only within the past 100 years or so, killed, enslaved, imprisoned and maimed millions of their very own people.

So, let us not all get too excited about the apparent increase in the number of women false accusers being prosecuted.



While finishing the above piece, I saw this in today's Times, ...

Harman Demands Tougher Rape Laws Harriet Harman has vetoed a review of the rape laws at the eleventh hour, complaining that the proposals fail to address the concerns of women.

... so, there you go. As suggested above, it seems that Harriet Harman and her officials have simply been paving the way to justify more corruption in rape cases by having a few false accusers thrown to the wolves.

The technique that one can expect to see, therefore, appears to be as follows.

Reduce the temptation for women to make false allegations of rape by, for example, prosecuting a few of them (which will fraudulently reduce the 'rape' figures) and, at the same time, 'toughen up the rape laws'.

Harriet Harman and her horrible feminist friends will then claim that the (bogus) reduction in the rape figures was a direct result of the toughening of the rape laws - when, in fact, this (bogus) reduction in rapes would have simply been the result of prosecuting a few more women who had made false accusations.

Clever, eh?

In a nutshell:

Some 90% of rape allegations are false.

All these false allegations, however, are counted as 'rapes'.

Thus, by reducing the number of false allegations, governments can claim to have reduced the number of 'rapes'.

And so if governments prosecute a few more false accusers in order to reduce the number of false allegations while, at the same time, 'toughening up the rape laws', they can claim that 'toughening up the rape laws' has reduced the number of 'rapes'; whereas, in fact, it was the prosecution of a few more false accusers that led to a reduction in the (bogus) rape figures, not the 'toughening up the rape laws'.

The upshot, however, is that ALL men will have to face tougher (i.e. more corrupt) rape laws - laws that will end up convicting many more innocent men.

Misleading the Public

Rape is the only crime judged by the attrition rate. All others murder, assault, robbery, and so on are assessed by their conviction rates. Why? Robert Whiston

A must-read for all Brits.

Of course, the reason that rape is the only crime in the UK where the conviction rate is based on the number of rape allegations (rather than on the number of cases that go to trial) is because it allows the feminists and the government to continue fuelling male-hatred by claiming that 95% of rapists go free.

And, please, you must understand what is going on here.

Generating hatred towards men is a multi-billion dollar money spinner - especially for those who work in government.

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