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Hi R

Well. I'm glad that the article Men have bred dogs and cattle. Why not women? upset you so much, because it will give you some insight into what western men have had to put up with for three decades. 

There you were, filled with fury, over one simple article on my very humble and lowly website.

Can you imagine, however, how much more anger you would feel if, say, I had written an article, or a book, claiming that women were really little more than walking lumps of warm wet meat designed simply for the purpose of incubating men's babies?

And also imagine that I was a scientist! - who actually taught his male students to see women in this way.

Wouldn't you be furious?

But it could get worse.

Imagine, also, that highly-respected media outlets took up these views that women were nothing more than baby incubators and also started to proclaim them widely, and thrust them in your face.

How would you feel then?

You're nothing more than a warm wet lump of meat designed solely for the purpose of carrying men's babies.

And what if it was also being claimed that you were actually worse than useless when it came to anything else!?

Would you not feel deranged with anger? Murderous?

I'm sure that you would, given that my little article seems to have upset you so much.

Well, you sound as if you're from the UK, but, just in case you are not, the BBC has a TV programme called Newsnight. It is the BBC's 'flagship' news programme. It is watched by millions of viewers, and it has significant credibility - a bit like '60 Minutes' in America.

men, biologically and behaviourally, are parasites.

A couple of weeks ago, on the programme, the presenter, Kirsty Wark, introduced to the audience a well-known UK professor of genetics, Steve Jones, so that he could publicise his new book and present his view that men, biologically and behaviourally, are parasites.

Yep. Men are parasites, is what he said.

And he wasn't joking.

Now, please bear in mind that this fawning creep of a man is supposed to be a scientist with many credentials and academic qualifications to his name. 

And remember also that the Newsnight programme is a serious one. It is not a comedy or a soap. It is deemed to be such a well-balanced and impartial news programme that it is the 'flagship' news programme of the BBC.

And the message being put out by this influential programme and this self-promoting 'scientist' is that men are parasites.

Here is how the increasingly obnoxious Ms Wark starts the piece.

"In his scientific opinion, men are increasingly becoming fragile and irrelevant, while women are resilient and adaptable. Some of men's problems are, as it were, built in, ..."

Men are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Got that?

That is his scientific opinion.

How would women like to be told by scientists that they are irrelevant?

"But according to Steve Jones' new book, The Descent of Men they are also the testosteroned-fueled authors of their own misfortune."

Men are the authors of their own misfortune because they have testosterone. Got that too?

How would you feel to see millions of viewers being told by a 'scientist' that you, as a woman, are becoming increasingly irrelevant,

Tell me. How would you feel to see millions of viewers being told by a 'scientist' that you, as a woman, are becoming increasingly irrelevant, that you are a parasite on men, and that your problems are largely oestrogenic, and your own fault?

How would you feel to know that this supposed scientist who teaches biology is actually indoctrinating his male undergraduates with these views?

Ms Wark continues ...

"And if you have a Y chromosome there is no use getting het up about his views [because] it will only make it worse."

Can you imagine women being told not to get het up about, say, breast cancer, because it will only make things worse?

I present here the image of Ms Wark as she utters the last sentence, because she is smiling - almost laughing. There is an air of levity and humour about her as she introduces Steve Jones' short piece about the medical problems that men face.

From this short piece, the viewers are going to learn that men die younger, are more likely to have heart problems and get cancer, and so on, because of their genes.

And the increasingly obnoxious Ms Wark is smiling as she introduces it.

I can assure you that if Newsnight was presenting a piece about the serious medical problems faced by women there would certainly have been no humour over them, and certainly no associated claim that women were parasites on men, as well as being the 'authors of their own misfortune'.

Indeed, the programme would have been more like an angry campaigning piece designed to encourage the provision of more medical help for women.

The smiling Ms Wark introduces the short documentary piece presented by Steve Jones. Here are some bits of it.

"... [Testosterone] is pretty dangerous stuff. No-one has understood why testosterone is really so dangerous but now we are beginning to get a glimpse of just how powerful it is.

"It doesn't just make us angry and spotty it also very much depresses the immune system ... and, as a result, men are much less able than women to counter infections of various kinds, like malaria or syphilis or anything else, and even less able to counter cancer."

And Ms Wark, clearly, found all the above to be funny.

Steve Jones then goes on to point out that testosterone is bad for the heart whereas oestrogen seems to be rather good for it. He also states that over the past decade the sperm counts of men have decreased as have the rates of testis cancer.

He goes on ...

"Women are doing better than men in all kinds of ways. All over the developing world more girls than boys go to university. ... And the way things are going there will be twice as many women as men with degrees within the next decade.

"Man's role is simply to fertilise females. In many ways males are parasites on females because they persuade females to copy their own genes. ... In the animal world once that's done, males tend to disappear quite quickly. ... And the gap in life expectancy between men and women has been there for quite a while, and is getting bigger and bigger."

So, there you have it. According to this peculiar little man, the role of men is simply to fertilise females and that, in many ways, they are parasites on females. 

However, of course, there is about as much validity in claiming that men are parasites on females because they persuade females to copy their own genes as there is in claiming that females are parasites on males because they steal their genes.

If men are parasites then so must their children be - both girls and boys.

What is this ridiculous man going to come up with next in order to sell his books? Is he going to claim that babies and children are parasites, because they do not bear exclusively their mother's genes? After all, this is exactly what follows from his premise that men are parasites. If men are parasites then so must their children be - both girls and boys. What a nasty little idea. But, frankly, it would suit him.

Oh. And by the way. He does write his books for money, as he revealed in his recent Observer interview with Sean O'Hagan.

Steve Jones also goes on to suggest that over the next few million years the Y chromosome is doomed, and that humans will all naturally evolve into the female state.

Oh really?

Just before the summer holidays, I was talking to a Biology teacher who teaches 15 year olds. I asked him what kind of things the children were studying these days.

Genetics figured in there somewhere.

And for the last two lessons of term, the children were going to be allowed to discuss whatever topics they liked in the area of Biology.

One of the most popular topics suggested by the children was the manipulation of genes to create boys or girls - or whatever.

15 year olds!

Even average 15 year olds can grasp the fact that within the next two centuries or so humans will be able to modify just about all of the genes that they want to modify, and that choosing the gender of one's children is very shortly going to be a question far more to do with Man's complex psychology than with Nature's relatively simplistic biology.

However, Steve Jones, it would seem, cannot grasp this. He reckons that in a few million years the Y chromosome will be defunct! 

And he's a 'scientist'!? 

A geneticist!




But then Steve Jones' credentials regarding any predictions about the future seem largely to stem from his own somewhat limited speciality; the genes of slugs and snails.


According to Steve Jones there are now many biologists with his point of view. 

Yes, indeed there are. They are those biologists with a 'feminist perspective'.  You already know the type, I'm sure. Their idea is to turn as much biological knowledge as possible into supporting the obnoxious view that those human beings with male chromosomes are parasites and unclean in some way.

These are the same politically-correct 'biologists' who for three decades sought to deny the truth concerning the effects of genes on intelligence. These are the same biologists who would claim that there are no significant differences in humans that are not the result of nurture, despite the mountain of evidence demonstrating otherwise.

These are not biologists or scientists. They are boot-lickers and creeps. These are the people who spout politically-correct dogma whatever the circumstances and whatever the facts.

And the BBC loves them.

And if you look at the phony 'academics' engaged in research from a 'feminist perspective' you will also discover that they are not very bright, to say the least.

And if you look at the phony 'academics' engaged in research from a 'feminist perspective' you will also discover that they are not very bright, to say the least. And this is hardly surprising given that the only qualifications for academic success these days, especially for those with a 'feminist perspective', is the ability to mouth various politically-correct mantras designed to appease feminists and various minority activist groups.

As a teacher told me recently when he was applying for a new job at a higher grade. "You have to give them the keywords in the interview. You have to learn the code. It's all politics and political correctness and f*ck-all to do with teaching."

The authoress Fay Weldon was in the studio to discuss Steve Jones' new book. She started off by saying to Steve Jones "... It rather seems to me that you have been as unkind to men in this book as Darwin was unkind to women."

"Thank you!" his Gollum-like features beam back, revealing his openly misandric agenda with pride.

And later on he says, "Males began as parasites on females. I think you have to remember that. And I think we stay in that role."

But if anyone is a parasite, it is this man himself.

He is suckled and funded by an institution which is paid for mostly by men through their taxes, and yet he causes them enormous harm by seeking to claim that he has some scientific justification for labelling them publicly as parasites.

Hitler would have been proud of him.

If this 'scientist' was to dare to suggest that women were both irrelevant and parasitic, he would almost certainly be dismissed from his job. He could even be successfully prosecuted for hate-speech in parts of the EU.

Now R. You have to understand what is going on here. This man is just another one of those toads spreading hatred toward males. And he is allowed to do this publicly with the full support of the BBC. Indeed, many of those in the BBC are in active support of his agenda.

And have been for years!

This is what feminism and political correctness are all about. They're not about fairness and equality. They're about pulverising men - particularly white, heterosexual ones - and making damn sure that not a peep is said, nor a law created, that offends women.

Men can go to Hell.

 in very many universities the careers of the staff depend almost exclusively on subscribing to the religion of political correctness

But this sort of nastiness masquerading as science, or as 'news' on the BBC, is absolutely typical from the politically correct and the feminists. This is nothing unusual. Both at the BBC and in very many universities the careers of the staff depend almost exclusively on subscribing to the religion of political correctness. And it really is like a religion - a false one, which encourages fabrication, intimidation and deceit. You just have to learn to express the correct sentiments to join in. 

Nothing else counts.

The truth is irrelevant. The consequences are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is 'believing', or pretending to believe. And the more blind is your subservience to this religion, the better are your chances of promotion, and the stronger is the guarantee that you will not be excommunicated e.g. lose your job.

Well. What are the politically-correct selling?


They don't actually sell you a product that is worth having. They just climb career ladders which have absolutely no value to society. In fact, these people are the real parasites that dwell among us. Indeed, in most respects, political correctness is really not much different from most other large religions.

Except in one very major respect.

Men and boys are perceived to be its enemy; particularly white, heterosexual ones.

They are the infidels.

Some religions gained much of their power by offering to protect people from the Devil if they performed certain duties. And they aimed to drive away the Devil's power and influence.

The religion of political correctness has simply substituted white, heterosexual men for the Devil.

The Parasite.

And so you see, R, when you get angry over one of my articles, I'm glad.

I hope it hurts.

You can experience just the tiniest taste of what millions of western men have had to endure for years.

Western men have had to live in societies that are absolutely saturated with this demonising sh*t.

Western men have had to live in societies that are absolutely saturated with this demonising sh*t. News, adverts, soaps, academic papers, politicians, women's groups, the whole abuse industry - they all pour out the message that men are worthless all day long.

Steve Jones is now going to be teaching his female undergraduates that men are parasites. 

But do the people who work at the BBC really support the Newsnight team's continuing efforts to ridicule men? Don't they care that their sons, their fathers, their husbands and their male friends are being portrayed as parasites and as people who are 'increasingly irrelevant'?

And what galls many in the men's movement is that men are forced to fund the BBC through the licence fee! They actually have to fund this hateful propaganda against themselves. It reminds me of Jews being forced to dig their own graves.

They were parasites too, apparently.

So, R, look again at the hostility created in you by my article about breeding women, and just think seriously about what horrible effects the likes of the increasingly obnoxious Ms Wark and her little 'scientist' friends are having on a very large number of men.

And, if you do this, you will surely realise that the article Men have bred dogs and cattle. Why not women? might well be worth reading again, and judging it on the basis of what you have just read above - because I can assure you that the likes of Ms Wark and her nasty little friends are setting women up for a truly mighty fall.

Finally, I am an activist, which is why I am sending the URL of this piece to a host of Steve Jones' work colleagues ...

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]>

... to Steve Jones himself

[email protected]

...and to a load of BBC staff whose names I do not wish to divulge.

Thank you for your email.


(Also see Men bear a striking resemblance to slugs)

...  like all parasites, and we all know that males are parasites on females because they force females to copy their genes, males like all parasites in the end degenerate into another kind of decaying structure, a sac of guts and genitals like tapeworms. Steve Jones - Correspondents Report ABC Australia, 22/9/02. 

01/09/03 UK Apart from breeding, what real use is the male to the human race?  Bryan Sykes

... one radical solution to save the species is also the most genetically straightforward - to abandon men altogether. Though this sounds impossible, very little stands in its way from the genetic point of view. When sperm meets egg, it brings with it a set of nuclear chromosomes from the father, which, after fertilisation, mixes with a set of nuclear chromosomes from the mother. But there is nothing fundamental preventing the nuclear chromosomes coming not from a sperm but from another egg. 

... Once the technical snags have been overcome - and I put the difficulties no higher than that - these embryos would grow into perfectly normal babies. The only difference from any other birth is that the sex is always predictable. The baby is always going to be a girl. The entire process has been accomplished without sperm, without Y-chromosomes and without men.

... Men are now on notice.


[email protected]

Tel +44 1865 222404

Subject: Adam's Curse

Dear Bryan

What a nasty little sh*t you appear to be.

When the men's movement is strong enough, I suspect that you are going to find yourself in deep trouble.


Best wishes


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