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Loose Women

A young woman aged 20 was recently released from prison following a drastic reduction in her sentence for murdering her partner by claiming that she had been abused.

There's no point in describing here, yet again, the disgraceful way in which daytime TV programmes continue to promote violence against men - but, basically, the female audience applauded this woman for murdering her partner.

Yes. It never stops!

But you might be interested in some of the things that this woman said. I quote her verbatim.

This is the account of the events that apparently took place. Though, of course, we must remember that we only have her side of the story, because her partner is dead.

"A fight broke out. A very violent fight. He kept on strangling me. I retaliated back. I tried to defend myself by holding a knife, and saying, 'stay away from me' and to my surprise, he had a knife too. So it was a no-go situation. So I ended up throwing my knife away to try to calm down the situation. He threw his knife at me, and as I followed it, and put my hand upon it to defend myself, he hit me. And I fell backwards. I tried to catch him as I was falling and I stabbed him as I was falling. I didn't even realise."

Now, 'He kept on strangling me'. Well, I just don't find this believable. If this man was strangling her, how did she get hold of the knife? Where from? How?

And how was he holding the knife while strangling her?

"He threw his knife at me and as I followed it and put my hand upon it ." What? He throws the knife at her and she 'follows it'? What did she do? Catch it in mid air?

"I tried to catch him as I was falling and I stabbed him as I was falling." Well, I can't even imagine how one can be falling 'backwards' and stabbing effectively at the same time.

The whole scenario sounds highly improbable.

(And bear in mind that she also had a very long time - years - in which to re-construct the whole story.)

Oh well. I wasn't there. But here's another interesting part of the interview.

"Do you see yourself as a victim?" asked the interviewer.

"Do you see yourself as a victim?" asked the interviewer.

She answers, "It's hard. For a long time I blamed myself. It was my fault. I took a knife. And I should be punished. However, I was sent on an intensive course about domestic violence which made me understand what happened, and what went on. And it gave me the answers that I was looking for. And I see myself as a victim now."

So, there we have it.

He's dead. But she's the 'victim'.

He's dead. But she's the 'victim'. She has now been trained to see things this way. This is where the money for 'domestic violence' goes. It is used to train women in the art of seeing themselves as victims - even when they commit murder.

In the interview this woman also claimed that she could not leave this relationship because she was too scared. 

Isn't this incredible? She could have picked up the phone at any time and had the police come round. Or she could have gone to one of the hundreds of refuges for women and sheltered there while he was arrested. She had a very supportive family apparently. And so she could even have fled to them.

Did she do any of these things?

What do you think?

Surely ordinary women must realise what effects such appalling TV programmes have on the way that men feel about them?

If you are a woman and you have a male partner, then your partner knows that even if you kill him, you will probably end up on something like this rather disgusting programme, and receive applause for doing so! 

Do you, as a woman, really think that this helps your relationship with him?

Just imagine for one moment that all these programmes were actually applauding men who killed their women partners.

Think about it.

Imagine that husbands who had killed their wives were actually put on air by TV companies in order to be applauded by male audiences

Imagine that husbands who had killed their wives were actually put on air by TV companies in order to be applauded by male audiences for having killed them.

How would women feel about this? And how would they feel if their own male partners actually approved of such programmes and watched them regularly?

Well, this is what men have now had to endure for some considerable time. They are so worthless that they can be killed, and their murderers applauded cheerfully by female audiences.

I wonder how women are going to feel when men finally start applauding those men who have killed their wives. 

I wonder how women are going to feel when men who have murdered their female partners are turned into celebrities, and cheered on by rapturous audiences.

You do not think that this will ever happen, eh?

Oh yes it will.

On the internet.

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