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Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens

Who is this man?

Mark Stephens is a lawyer who, apparently, works for Finer Stephens Innocent.

In today's Daily Telegraph article concerning the 'child pornography' at Saatchi and Saatchi's art gallery, he is described as an 'art lawyer'.

But I have seen him on ITV described as a 'media lawyer', on BBC as an 'expert on family law' (pontificating on domestic violence), and also, somewhere, as an 'international lawyer'.

It seems as if this man is an expert on everything!

Or is he just a lawyer who always says the politically-correct thing, and so gets quoted often?

Anyway, I decided to look him up on the internet.

Take a look at these.

TREADING ON EGGSHELLS The law, the media and public attitudes to children. Mark Stephens, media lawyer of Stephens Innocent, solicitors to PressWise and formerly to the National Union of Journalists, has experience of handling child abuse, human rights and defamation cases.

Mark Stephens, a lawyer specializing in Internet issues, described the current situation in Britain as analogous to holding a telephone company liable because of a defamatory conversation.

Six Summerhill students sat in front of an audience of journalists, educationalists and MPs. Beside them was the Director of the Childrenīs Rights Office Gerison Lansdown, a representative of Article 12 Francine Cole, aged 15, and the childrenīs schoolīs solicitor Mark Stephens. At 3:45pm on 16th March, they spoke in the Jubilee Room of the House of Commons. All MPs had been invited by the children.

Mark Stephens, a lawyer specializing in art law, told the newspaper that people would have "huge problems" proving entitlement. If works were sold at auction in Italy, Germany or Japan, for example, Stephens said bona fide buyers would retain the titles as long as they weren't aware of a previous claim.

"Princess Diana's divorce was the most expensive recorded divorce in Britain," divorce lawyer Mark Stephens of London-based Stephens Innocent said Friday

MATT PEACOCK: But it's a black day for libel laws and the Internet, says Mark Stephens, a dot.com lawyer with the London based Finers Stephens Innocent.

The speaker was Mark Stephens, the well known human rights lawyer ...

This guy is amazing!


Angry Harry quoted in legal circles ...

And now he's a 'constitutional expert'! - as surmised from the piece below found on the Law Gazette website!

A test of the constitution Collect

... Television network NBC held a lengthy panel discussion on the Queen's intervention in the Burrell trial. Panellists included Joshua Rozenberg of the Daily Telegraph and media law specialist lawyer Mark Stephens of London firm Finers Stephens Innocent. Mr Stephens, no stranger to UK viewers, was billed as a 'British constitutional law expert' - which will only amuse a certain Angry Harry.

Harry has held forth on his Web site (www.angryharry.com) about the number of fields of expertise ascribed by others to the Stephens legal portfolio (see [2001] Gazette, 9 August, 14). He may be even more bemused if 'residential conveyancing specialist' Mr Stephens is ever asked about the disposal of several large palaces once the crisis has caused the monarchy to fall.


Mark Stephens, vice-chairman of the Internet Watch Foundation, said: "He [Pete Townsend] may have been curious, and many people are, but it's a high-risk game and he's not stupid. What he has done is incredible naivety at best."

julian assange

Note added December 2010.

Having now watched Mark Stephens many times in the media dealing with the Wikileaks case, wherein he is representing Julian Assange, I feel obliged to say that, in fact, Mark Stephens is rather good!

Also see, ...

Angry Harry Officially 'Analysed'

... by academic psychologists.


What is it with these lofty professionals, eh?

They seem to claim to know everything about everything.



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