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The Benefits of Feminism

On this website - hither and thither - and with strong evidence - feminism is shown to be a significant causal factor when it comes to serious violence, assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, robbery, child abuse, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, poverty, poor educational standards, prostitution, paedophilia, harassment, bad manners, traffic congestion, pollution, terrorism, vandalism, burglary, murder, teenage delinquency, road rage, alcoholism, other addictions, hooliganism, depression, gender conflict, hysteria, stress, serious health problems such as heart disease and cancer, greater disablement among children - both psychological and physical - with millions killed while in the womb, AIDS, the judicial punishment of innocent individuals, the poor educational achievements of boys, the growing prison population, family breakdown, the increasing alienation of men, the corruption of the justice system and the democratic process, the corrosion of academic integrity, the degradation of the social sciences and the law, poor public services, the impoverishment of pensioners and the looming pension crisis, excessive immigration, long hospital waiting lists, hostile rap music, high taxation rates, the terrible shock now being experienced by thousands of women who are discovering that they are too old to have children, and, almost unbelievably, global warming - if it is happening.

traffic jam congestion

(Yep: Even global warming. And if you think that I am exaggerating, then I suggest that you look at this ... Feminism causes traffic congestion and global warming.)

As for all the other things mentioned above, the connections between them and feminism are, in fact, very easy to see.

Even 'terrorism'.

You still don't believe me, eh?

You think that I go too far?

Then read this ... Eight Horrible Facts ... and perhaps also thank your lucky stars that I do not have a deadly weapon in my possession.

But a pension crisis - and immigration?

Yep. With women now working rather than reproducing, the number of youngsters whose labours are needed to support older people is decreasing - and so a feminist-dominated country also needs a persistent inflow of immigrants in order to try to counter this.

Anyway. I can assure you that feminism is a significant causal factor when it comes to all the serious ills listed above.

Furthermore, feminism and political correctness have been the two most influential ideologies in the west for almost four long decades. What else, therefore, would you suggest has had the most influence with regard to the serious societal problems mentioned in the list above? - the problems that almost everyone claims to be so concerned about.

What would you supposedly-intelligent folk suggest has had the most influence on these things? 


A recent mutation in everybody's chromosomes?

Wake up!

There are no other hugely influential ideological forces in western societies that could be responsible for the serious problems mentioned above.

There are STRONG connections between feminism and all of the above VERY SERIOUS ills. 

All of them.

And, quite frankly, it does not take much in the way of intelligence to see these connections.

Furthermore, not only is feminism hugely destructive to any societies that follow it - as per above - but, in the end, such societies will be washed away and completely over-run by those wherein women prefer to stay at home and have children.

White western women currently make up some 5% of the Earth's population.

In 100 years time, they will barely exist at all.

In short, feminism is an ideology that promotes self-extinction. It is a cultural and racial suicide pill. It has no hope of succeeding. It has no hope of surviving. And it is going to cause huge problems to western societies as they slowly continue to decay and decline under its malign and destructive influences.

Any nation, race, tribe, culture or group that is heavily influenced by feminism is going to disappear. Simple maths. There is no escaping this.

If you support feminism, then you are doomed to extinction. And this, in fact, is happening right across the western world.

The indigenous populations that are dominated by feminism are disappearing.

Furthermore, women are forever being indoctrinated with the view that feminism has brought them great benefits.

It has done no such thing.

Feminism has retarded the progress of both men and women in very many important areas of their lives.

It is science, technology and medicine that have brought western women the freedoms that they currently enjoy; e.g. as outlined in the article Fools and Feminists.

google logo symbol

(Indeed, the two men who created Google will do far more to liberate women than will all the feminists put together ever have done.)

And even in the areas of science, technology and medicine - so absolutely crucial to our well-being - feminism has had hugely detrimental impacts - the massive educational under-achievements of our boys being just one example of these.

(Indeed, so poor has been the educational system for boys in America in recent years that Silicon Valley has had to procure thousands of recruits from aboard; the result being that  50% of the techies and scientists working therein are nowadays non-American.)

Do western women really think that they can ever benefit from such things?

Finally, feminism is one of the main reasons why western governments have grown so much over the past few decades; especially in terms of their power. Feminist-dominated governments now invade everybody's lives; from the boardroom to the bedroom, and from the public to the very intimate.

Indeed, you cannot possibly be a credible libertarian or a supporter of smaller government if you support feminism.

End Note

For any young women who have been led to believe the nonsense that women have been oppressed for 'thousands of years', I recommend the piece, ...

Especially For Young Women


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