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Touting For Votes

Some examples ...

More Young Voters Needed Young people should be able to vote - and stand for Parliament - at 16, under proposals for the biggest shake-up of the electoral system since the introduction of universal suffrage.

The argument, of course, is that politicians need to interest more people in the political process. The truth, however, is that this is a sneaky way of feathering their own nests.

Young people tend to vote for policies which, on the surface, sound sweet and which promise cheap rewards, but they are too young to understand the costs. Nowhere is this more evident than in their naive view that those who oppose big European government do so because they are 'racist'.

Giving younger people the vote is the equivalent of letting children run their own schools or their own families.

There is an old adage that rings true: Younger people tend to vote with their hearts - i.e. on the basis of their emotions - whereas older people tend to vote with their minds - i.e. on the basis of their past experience and their intelligence.

As such, younger people tend to vote leftwards whereas older people tend to vote rightwards.

But because younger people tend to vote for bigger government, politicians are very keen to get them on the voting register.

In my view, however, until western governments are brought to heel, people should be encouraged not to vote at all. The less that people vote, the less legitimacy and, hence, the less power, do governments have - something which, right now, men's activists should be aiming for; e.g. see Self-Serving Politicians.

governments, of all persuasions, will always seek to take away from men.

It does not matter which party you vote for, governments, of all persuasions, will always seek to take away from men.

For example, last week Gordon Brown, and now, David Cameron, ...

Millions For Women David Cameron will step up his efforts to win over female voters today by delivering an unequivocal commitment to back equal pay for women in the workplace.

In my view, David Cameron is as two-faced and as shallow as Tony Blair.

Set up 18 months ago Lady Prosser's Commission will reveal that more women than men work in the lowest paid jobs, the so-called "five Cs" - catering, cleaning, cashiering, clerical work and caring.

And who, exactly, is forcing women into doing these jobs, eh?

'wealthier' women are taken out of the 'gender pay' equation

Well, one of the reasons for this alleged pay disparity is that the partners of women from the poorer parts of society tend to be unable to afford to maintain a household on their income - so their women go out to work. For richer people, the wives can stay at home. As such, the 'wealthier' women are taken out of the 'gender pay' equation. After all, they are not at work!

This skews the statistics for women's pay in such a way as to give the impression that women - as a whole - are being hard done by.

Another reason for the alleged pay gap is that poorer women are entitled to various benefits and, as such, they are not as desperate for jobs as are men; which means that they will have a tendency to choose easier jobs. And, of course, the benefits do not count as 'pay'.

Another reason that women choose easier jobs - particularly when they are younger - is because - as many young women are prone to do - they do not see their futures as depending on their jobs. They dream about collaring a man who will earn enough to keep them in a manner which they desire. And so, once again, they tend to choose easier jobs.

Now, I have not actually seen the research on which this current nonsense is based, but I am willing to bet that none of the above factors were taken into account.

Furthermore, ...

According to a survey of 5,000-plus teenage girls, their main ambition is to complete university then return to the homestead - whether their partners like it or not.

... and, of course, if women choose to study wooly, economically worthless subjects at college - such as Women's Poetry During The Heinous Patriarchy - then it is hardly surprising that they fail to qualify for more lucrative jobs.

Goodness me: Even when it comes to figuring out maps, women give up in half the time that men do ...

UK men who have got their directions askew wait an average of 20 minutes before giving up and asking for directions whereas women only wait for 10 minutes.

... and this, of course, is yet another demonstration of why men rather than women are the leaders in their fields and why they get the top jobs.

(Also see Are Women Not Even Responsible For Their Work Choices? and Men Should Earn More than Women)

Thousands Of Teenagers Forced Into Prostitution Tonight our cameras take you into a dark world you've never seen," intoned John Quinones darkly on last week's edition of ABC Primetime. "American girls being snatched right off Main Street USA. And they could be your very own daughters." Shocking! - but not true - Debbie Nathan

Yes indeed. The demonisation of men, the stirring up of hatred towards men and, hence, between men, is a great way to accumulate money and power.

Whether it's the phony David Cameron trying to sweet-talk women into voting for him by articulating falsehoods about men discriminating against women in the workplace, or Gordon Brown's wife drumming the domestic violence beat, or blatant government lies about sex-trafficking, there is one thing that they all have in common - the stirring up of hostility and aggression towards men - FOR PROFIT!

The groups of people who do the above are precious little more than selfish parasites - parasites on men. They take away from men (in the form of taxes, liberty, dignity etc) and they use their resources to inflict further harm on men.

And these deceitful self-serving malicious groups - organisms - are still growing in number and size.

Meanwhile, ...

New Brunswick's Moosehead Breweries has pulled an ad that implied women should speak no more than 50 words a day.

... Yes indeed. Merely making light-hearted jokes about women talking too much, and off the air you go. But making very serious false and damaging allegations about men, and no-one gives a damn.

Why's that Angry Harry?

Well; Junior. If you are a woman then you are a very lofty and superior being that no-one must even make jokes about. You are the Muslim equivalent of Allah.

Cartoons not allowed!

But if you're a man, then you are just a piece of worthless sh*t.

Women > Man

Gordon Brown's Wife Seeks To Profit From Abuse Sarah Brown, the wife of the Chancellor, thrust herself into the public eye last night by fronting a new campaign to help battered wives.

 Claiming to be a strong advocate for 'battered wives' is a common ploy that many shallow people in the public eye use to try to give the impression that they are oh-so-caring. 

 these people are just fraudsters touting for public approval

The truth, of course, is that these people are just fraudsters touting for public approval without having to put any serious effort into gaining it.

And, of course, lofty folk who go around claiming that they are great supporters of a "woman's issue" will get invited to give all sorts of lectures and speeches hither and thither by various women's groups, which will bring them handsome fees and further publicity. And they will also get invited to many parties wherein other lofty people who have made good money out of the abuse industry congregate and share ideas.

Gordon Brown and his wife probably thought, "Hmm. What role can the wife of a high-ranking state official take up in order to increase the amount of support that they both end up receiving from the public? Aha! Wife beating! That's a good one! And, of course, you don't have to know anything about the subject. Just wail about women being victims and pretend to care and it is guaranteed that thousands of women will lap up your words and the media feminists will give you plenty of attention - indeed, as per the above article."

Politicians and their spouses are forever falling over themselves to give the impression that they are the champions of women.

And they do so at a cost to all men.

And now, changing the subject only very slightly, I want to remind you of something.

Just after the July London bombings Tony Blair flew back from the G8 meeting in Scotland to London in order, he claimed, to offer his sympathy to the victims, and to make his various speeches of defiance against the terrorists. The majority of people were bamboozled into seeing this as some kind of evidence that Tony Blair was 'in touch with his people'. 

The truth, of course, was that this was an international media opportunity that only a fool of the highest order would have passed up. Most politicians seeking public attention would have given up their eye teeth for such a golden opportunity to boost their ratings.

Tony Blair never gave a hoot for the victims of the London bombings. Not a hoot. Take it from me, if Tony Blair had thought that his cross-country flight would not serve his own political ambitions then he would not have undertaken it, no matter how many people had died in the London bombings.

For example, this is the real Tony Blair ...

British Military Casualties Ignored Britain's casualties keep on arriving; an average of four men and women a day since war began. Families who feel ignored point out that the Prime Minister has yet to visit a single injured soldier in a British hospital. Observer January 2006 

There is no political mileage to be gained by visiting wounded military personnel, and so Tony Blair does not visit them!

No 'sympathy' for them!

Well, the same is true for the Gordon Browns of this world - and their wives.

They are self-serving frauds.

Gordon Brown's wife does not give a hoot about battered wives; what she cares about is the social and career advancement of herself and her husband. And the less effort required, the better!

That's the way that it works out there.

Wake up!

And, finally, I have pinched the following from a policeman's blog called Cough The Lot. It describes the truth about the allegedly enormous scale of serious domestic violence. It is mostly froth and bubble  ...

There is a poster in the loos at work referring to Domestic Incidents that starts with ‘Just a slap, Just a kick, Just a Domestic and so on until Just a murder’

I would like to add another line ‘Just another non-taxpayer using the police for personal gain in yet another petty row with their partner’

the majority of domestic related calls are made by the people that regularly use the police as another tool in their never ending disputes

I guess most forces have a policy of ‘Positive Intervention’ when it comes to intervening in domestic incidents. Now this is a good thing as it actually protects true victims that have suffered perhaps years of abuse and are frightened to do anything about it. However, the majority of domestic related calls are made by the people that regularly use the police as another tool in their never ending disputes. [AH: i.e. they are mostly women using the police as a tool]

Last night was no different. Couple had argument, he takes their 10 month old son to his mums down the road. She calls the police stating she had been assaulted and her son kidnapped, bit of pushing - no visible injuries. She did actually provide a statement and we went straight round to nick him for ABH.

I have to take the baby from a 70 year old grandmother in tears because her son has been arrested and drop the kid back to the mother who is waiting around the corner.

she’s made a mistake and wants him back. Too late, we have to interview now.

As soon as were back at the nick, get a call in custody and she would like to withdraw her statement, she’s made a mistake and wants him back. Too late, we have to interview now. He admits kicking out in frustration but she had slapped him prior and threatened that she would take their son and because it is domestic related it has to go to CPS direct which takes hours. He is eventually bailed with bail conditions not to return back to his home or to contact his wife for 7 days giving her time to make up her mind in terms of withdrawing evidence.

Now how has this helped either of them? She wants him back and has allready texted him as soon as we return his mobile phone. He cannot make contact or he will be arrested for breach of bail and will not be able to see his son without difficulty. This whole incident took nearly 5 hours to deal with.

There are always two sides to a story and although I don’t take sides, this course of action has not improved the situation for any party. Sometimes I wish that discretion of a police officer could be extended to domestic incidents but that decision has been taken away from us forever.

Also see, ...

Charity or Self-Interest?



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