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Why Do Women Fantasise About Rape?


Why do women fantasise about rape?

Or, more accurately, why do so many women fantasise about rape?

More bluntly:  Why is it that the thought of being raped turns on millions of women?

Well, no doubt, the answer to this question is quite complicated, and it is probably different for different women. But, in my opinion, there are some fundamental factors that predispose millions of women to be sexually excited by the thought of being raped.

This does not necessarily mean that they would like to be raped in reality but, perhaps, that they would like to like being raped in reality - if you get my drift.

After all, I would like to win the lottery, despite the fact that I am well aware that lottery winners very often end up being miserable.

But, of course, in my fantasy world, winning the lottery always brings me nothing but joy.

And this is what I would like to happen if I won the lottery. I would like it to be a good experience.

Similarly, women who are excited by the idea of being raped would like a rape to be a good experience.

all the bad bits can disappear

In our fantasy world, however, all the bad bits can disappear.

And so we can often head in a direction that seems like a good idea until we actually get there.

And, in my view, this is one of the main reasons that there are, nowadays, so many women making false allegations of rape - e.g. see Understanding the Rape Statistics; a short YouTube video of mine.

These women head in a direction that is consistent with their rape fantasies, but then discover that the outcome is not quite as pleasurable as they thought it would be.

You see this sort of thing happening when younger women choose to engage intimately with stridently aggressive males (often sporty types) whom they do not really know, and their experiences turn out to be disappointing or decidedly unpleasant.

Most women who experience such things are intelligent enough to recognise that their forays into the world of impersonal aggressive sex which they then regret was a mistake of their own making.

many women these days are unwilling to take responsibility

But many women these days are unwilling to take responsibility for their own behaviours - especially if their minds have been poisoned with feminist propaganda.

In these cases, they will likely feel as if they have been 'abused' through no fault of their own, and some of them will want to seek revenge - which they will sometimes do by making false allegations of rape.

Nevertheless, for a large percentage of women, being raped - by a particular person in a particular context - is exciting not only in their fantasy world, but also in reality.

In other words, pleasure can often be derived from having one's initial resistance firmly overcome by someone who is desirable.


cutting hair fur of dog cartoon mirror

Devious feminists and their pitiful poodle boys, however, often try to deny that millions of women fantasise about rape - and, indeed, about many other things wherein women see themselves as being helpless and at the mercy of men - and this, in my view, is for the following main reasons.

1. Women feminists, basically, hate men. And they will always attempt to demonise them. They are no different from all those Nazis who hated Jews; e.g. see Feminism and Nazism.

Indeed, it is not really possible these days for women to be feminists unless they hate men.

(Of course, many women think that they are feminists because they believe in 'equality' between the genders, but a belief in equality between the genders is not what feminism is about; e.g. see  Equality Between Men and Women Is Not Achievable.)

heterosexual women have very little idea about the sexuality of other women

2. Normal heterosexual women - feminist or not - have very little idea about the sexuality of other women. How could they know about it? - given that they will have almost no sexual experiences with other women.

Clearly, they will know about their own deep-seated desires, but they will not know about those intimate desires that other women have.

And, of course, the sexual experiences of lesbian women will mostly be with women who are, themselves, not normal heterosexual women. So they, too, will know very little about the desires of normal heterosexual women.

Furthermore, of course, lesbian women can never be men when they are having sex with other women, and so the women with whom they have sex will not be responding to them as they would to men.

And so, whichever way you look at it, you end up having to conclude that the most expert beings on the planet when it comes to women's desires as they pertain to men are, in fact, men - not women.

And the most expert of these men will have had many sexual encounters with many women.

And if you were to ask these experienced men whether or not it appears to be the case that many women like the idea of being raped, they will nearly always tell you that they do.

Heterosexual women themselves will, generally speaking, fall into two camps.

Those who do like the idea of a rape (in certain circumstances) and those who do not.

The latter will, clearly, deny that women like the idea of being raped - making this judgement on the basis of their own desires - but the former will also tend to deny it; quite simply, because it is too embarrassing to state otherwise and/or because they dare not state otherwise in this politically-corrected climate that we all currently have to endure.

if you want to know the truth about women's fantasies, ask the men who sleep with them.

In short, if you want to know the truth about women's fantasies, ask the men who sleep with them.

3. Loosely speaking, 'feminist' men mostly fall into five categories.

a. Men who claim to be 'feminist' simply because to do otherwise would not be politically or socially acceptable given their positions in life.

b. Unattractive men who have little or no experience of women. They often naively believe that openly supporting feminism will change their luck.

c. Men who claim to be feminist simply in order to ingratiate themselves to women in the hope of getting their hands on more of them - e.g. university professors who would like to have more sexual encounters but who are terrified of being seen as predatory males.

d. Inexperienced men who are clueless when it comes to women and who have been successfully indoctrinated with deceitful misandric feminist propaganda.

e. Effeminate (heterosexual) men who simply - and genuinely - do not view women in the same way that other men do, and who cannot understand how these other men, and the women who like them, might view each other.

For example, an effeminate man - even if sexually experienced - is unlikely ever to attract the attentions of a woman who likes the idea of being raped. As such, he gets no experience with such women.

And I should point out that I do not use the word 'effeminate' in a pejorative manner.

My own view is that maleness and femaleness derive from various characteristics that can be represented on a gender continuum.

Effeminate heterosexual men are, loosely speaking, those men whose characteristics are mostly found on the female side.

And there's nothing wrong with that!

All in all, therefore, there are many groups of people who will hotly deny that millions of women like the idea of being raped, but you can happily discount what they say - mostly on the grounds that they cannot possibly know what they are talking about.

To repeat myself; the only real experts on the sexual desires of heterosexual women are those men who have had many intimate experiences with them.

Everyone else is talking through their hats.

Furthermore, it will be those men whom women perceive to be dominant who will attract women who fantasise about being raped.

Indeed, such men are likely to attract many more women than are those men who are not perceived by women to be dominant.

In my piece entitled Women and Chimps, I outlined the evolutionary forces that have shaped the sexuality of human males and females.

In a nutshell, the outcome from evolution has been that human males like to have sex with females who appear to be vulnerable and non-threatening, whereas human females are mostly turned on by dominant males who can overpower them.

Quite simply, the genes of hominids and humans that have produced these characteristics have outgunned, outlasted and out-populated those genes that did not produce them.

Which is one of the main reasons why women seem to be sexually attracted more to the Bad Guys than to the Nice Guys.

Bad Guys are dominant. They are strong enough to defy convention.

Nice Guys are conformists. They do what they are told to do.

Nice Guys are conformists. They do what they are told to do.

But, in this piece, I really want readers to focus their attention on the sexual pathways that people traverse as they move on through life.

And the first thing to point out is that females from an early age begin to recognise that they are valued by many males on the basis of their looks and on the femininity of their behaviours.

Furthermore, it is their lot in life to be relatively passive in the processes involved with courtship and flirtation. This is to say that their role is to attract males, rather than to pursue them.

As such, females spend an enormous amount of their time, energy and money on making themselves attractive to males.


woman in front of the mirror at hairdressers cartoon 


And it is from this situation that their sexual fantasies often drift in the direction of a desire to be raped.

They want men to have a passionate sexual interest in them.

Thus, to begin with, their sexuality is aroused by men taking a sexual interest in them. And then, as time passes, this is not enough. They want men to have a passionate sexual interest in them. But then, this is also not enough. They want men to be so overcome with desire for them that they lose control and, perhaps, rape them - or to do something else that is consistent with the view that the men are positively ravenous for them.

In other words, the sexual pathway goes from being, "He has a sexual interest in me," to, "He just cannot resist me sexually."

Which, of course, would give her huge power over him.

Indeed, most men - certainly older men - can also recognise just how pleasurable it would be to have women so deranged with desire for them that they just cannot contain themselves.

In other words, how wonderfully sexual for a heterosexual man would be the experience of having a woman whom he desired be so attracted to his body that she persistently wanted to ravage him in a sexual manner.

So, this fantasy can also be found in men.

However, the differences between the sexes (once again as outlined in Women and Chimps) somewhat militates against men engaging in such a fantasy.

For example, being sexually ravaged by a woman is not likely to be consistent with a man's desire to be active and dominant. It doesn't quite fit in with his evolved predilections.

For a woman, however, being sexually ravaged by a man fits in perfectly with her evolved predilections.

And one good way to be sexually ravaged by a man is to be raped by him.




Nevertheless, if you look closely at the BDSM aficionados, many of you might be surprised to discover that the people in control of their various antics are almost invariably the ones who, on the surface, appear to have the least control.

How is this so?

Well, quite simply, if those who are being submissive in these situations do not like what is being done to them, then they are unlikely to participate again.

And the same appears to be true in general when it comes to men and women who engage intimately with each other on the basis of him being dominant and she being submissive.

In other words, she might look submissive, and she might be submissive, but, in fact, she has a huge amount of power over him.

The power to deny.

Even in the world of chimpanzees this often appears to be the case.

For example, big brutish alpha males that could smash the bones of a female's face with just one blow very rarely attack their females even when they steadfastly resist their amorous advances. On the contrary, they have been known to sneak off to get them a present of some sort in the hope that they will change their minds.

A bit like a man who buys his woman flowers.

Let me put it this way, instead of writing another twenty  paragraphs.

When it comes to human sexual relationships, this thing here ....

young woman in skirt


... has more power than does this thing here ...


man with big muscles


And as she gains more experience in life, she begins to realise this.

In summary, both sexes are much aroused by the notion that the persons whom they desire are insanely desirous of them.

In the case of women, who are passive, this insane desire is, in their minds, often manifested by a man who is so desirous of a woman that he cannot, or will not, contain himself.

In the case of men, who are active, this insane desire is, in their minds, often manifested by a woman who is so desirous of a man that he can do whatever he pleases with her.

And when matters are going well, he has the power to satisfy her deep-seated sexual desire to be submissive to a dominant male. She has the power to satisfy his deep-seated sexual desire to be dominant over a submissive female.

And so, in both cases, power has something to do with it - for, in both cases, the person having the fantasy is also able, in their fantasy, to exert huge power over the person whom they hotly desire - essentially, through their ability to provide them with something that they really, really like as a result of their sexual natures.

Indeed, the desire to exert some strong degree of control over those whom we deeply care about is not - as emotionally-retarded feminists are wont to proclaim - an indication of some kind of Machiavellian pathology, but is, in fact, an indication of just how desperate we are not to lose them.

For example, the more that you want to be close to someone, the more that you wish to restrict any activities of theirs that might take them further away from you.

Throw in a huge dose of passionate involvement into this equation together with a large dollop of sexual desire and the outcome is often a great deal of emotional heat! 

But an important point to keep noting is that, in the case of both sexes, the desire is usually to please, not to harm.

And this is mostly true even when the parties engage in thoughts or acts that involve some kind of pain or humiliation. Hurt and helplessness - but not harm - is often very appealing to those who are passionately immersed in each other.

sex without some kind of psychological enrichment and confabulation would be a pretty rum affair

Indeed, sex without some kind of psychological enrichment and confabulation would be a pretty rum affair - and quite revolting in many ways; e.g. unwelcome gunge, horrible smells, stickiness, soreness, sweat, bacteria, blood, the possibility of disease, infection and unwanted pregnancies.

And so fantasy has quite an important role to play in all cases of successful sex. 

But specific fantasies and desires come and go.

They appear and disappear at different times in people's lives. They depend on the current circumstances. They depend on the current mood. And they depend on the current objects of desire.

But the notion that millions of women have, at some times in their lives, erotic fantasies about being raped is very decidedly true.

And when feeling sexual at these times, many of these women will attempt to engineer circumstances in such a manner that invites or entices rape - or, much more often perhaps, some kind of persuasive sexual encroachment.

With men whom they know well enough, this is usually fun and games.

But with men whom they do not know well enough, they might still hope for fun and games, but it might not turn out to be so - because they will not understand each other well enough to make all the right moves, and their comprehension of the situation will not likely be the same.

And if either party is not on full alert - perhaps drunk, tired, imbued with sexual desire - or maybe just naive, it can all go horribly wrong.

Finally, there is the intriguing conundrum to do with the fact that if a woman desires to be raped then how, exactly, can she be raped?

In other words, how can she be penetrated against her will when, in fact, she wills it?

And the answer to this question clearly derives from the fact that when it comes to fantasies, almost anything goes.

You can make it all up as you go along.

Logical consistency, an adherence to reality and a true understanding of other people's motives and desires are not required in order to make a fantasy do its work.

Indeed, it seems to me that this is also true for most people even when it comes to many other things.

Thus, and for example, it seems to me that logical consistency, an adherence to reality and a true understanding of other people's motives and desires are not really required even when it comes to what people believe.

It is the story - i.e. the fantasy - that seems to count the most.

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