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All Men Are Bastards

Now, how many times have you heard that before? 

However, if a woman says that 'all men are bastards' then this must be her experience. This must be her experience of ALL her male relatives, ALL her male colleagues and ALL her male friends (if she has any).

Now, you and I know that not all men are bastards, but we also know that they can behave like bastards if they want to do so.

So, if a woman’s experience is that all men are bastards, then it follows that all the men in her environment behave in a bastardly way towards her. 

The question is, why do all men behave like bastards toward this woman?

Erin Pizzey, the very founder of the refuge movement for battered women, found that the women in her shelters were mostly more violent than the men they were supposed to be escaping from! 

They were also more violent toward the children. 

And those of you old enough will remember the strange finding that when many of these ‘battered’ women in the refuge shelters formed different relationships with other men, these men tended to be more violent than the norm. 

There was great psychoanalytical debate and wishy-washy twaddle spread across the media concerning the reasons why these women apparently kept seeking out violent men for their partners. 

It was a great psychological mystery. 

Analysts and therapists had many a field day constructing ridiculous hypotheses as to what deep-seated psychological traumas - usually from sexual abuse, of course - accounted for this counter-intuitive phenomenon. 

Why did such women always choose such violent partners?

Of course, no-one was allowed to contemplate openly the possibility that the behaviour of these women was so appallingly selfish, irrational and provocative that they were the very cause of the violence against them.

In other words, they were not picking violent partners, they were actually making their partners violent.

Indeed, when it comes to their complaints about men, one should point out to them that they, themselves, are the common denominators; i.e. the very source of their own woes.

Now, it could be argued that men should never be violent. 

But, for example, when the relationship is going badly, and when men hear such things as ‘you’ll never see your children again’ or ‘I’ll tell the police that you raped me and you’ll go to prison’ then you cannot expect men to behave in a cool, calm fashion. 

Why? Because selfish, irrational and provocative women can say and do exactly these things, and the law won’t lift a finger to help the men or the children who are threatened and hurt by it all. 

In fact, the law actually aids and abets these women.

The men have nowhere to turn. And they cannot even protect their own children from it all.

It is politically-correct and feminist laws designed to deny men equality and justice in their relationships that drives so many men to act violently. The laws themselves are a major cause of domestic violence across the nation.

So, the next time that you hear a woman say that 'all men are bastards'. Watch out. Keep away. For she is telling you about her own history. She is telling you that she is a woman who makes all men behave like bastards towards her. 

That is her world. 

And she is telling you that she is a selfish, irrational and provocative woman.

And if the laws in the UK continue to support the actions of selfish, irrational and provocative women instead of ensuring fair play and even-handedness, then men will continue to be violent toward these women. 

Further, given that most women can behave in a selfish, irrational and provocative manner - and can also now get away with it - and men know this - then many men will simply avoid the commitment of any close relationship for they will not wish to be the helpless victims of our senseless unjust legal system at anytime in the future.

This is not good for men. It is not good for women. And it is certainly not good for our children.

But, of course, it is wonderful for the government, the abuse industry and the feminists.

They positively thrive on the social disharmony and discord that they, themselves, create; in this case, by corrupting the justice system so that men will always be at the mercy of selfish, irrational and provocative woman; whether such characteristics be deeply ingrained in their natures, or merely the product of a current mood.

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