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Are Men More

Emotional Than Women?

On Thomas James Ball He doused himself in gasoline then self immolated on the steps of a family courthouse in New Hampshire. Mr. Ball chose to use his own agonizing death to focus public attention on the corruption of the family courts.

A truly terrible tragedy - a tragedy that much of the mainstream media refuses to report on.


To me, this is yet another example demonstrating that men are often more governed by their emotions than is often purported to be the case.

Indeed, is it not men, rather than women, who do the craziest things in certain circumstances?

For example, it is men who are crazy enough to die for their countries or their rulers.

It is men who end up the most passionate about their religion.

It is men who seek the thrills from sports and taking risks and sex.

True. Men seem to be endowed with greater skills than women when it comes to logical analysis, mathematics, space and time, and more able to detach themselves from emotions, but it does not follow from this that men are, in general, less emotionally driven than are women.

Does it?

Perhaps men are more driven by emotions than are women, whereas women are more confused by emotions than are men.

Or maybe it's the other way round.

Or, maybe, men are more driven and more confused by emotions than are women.

Or, then again, maybe it's the other way round.

why have men not enslaved women?

And, surely, if men were as rational and as emotionless as they are often proclaimed to be, then why have men not enslaved women?

After all, it would certainly make good rational sense to do so.

Think of the benefits!

And who could stop them?

Oftentimes I wonder if men have been sold a lemon when we are led to believe that women are more emotional than men.

Maybe it's just a ruse - an excuse - for their miserable behaviours.

An act.

A ploy.

A deception of the most heinous kind.

A bit like childbirth being hugely painful.

woman giving birth cartoon

After all, how do we men know that childbirth is hugely painful, eh?

Maybe it's just a scam by women to wheedle some extra sympathy out of everybody - and to get time off work.

We only have their word for it.

But we don't actually know, do we?

(e.g. see Is Everybody Conscious?)


(October 2014 - Vindicated! - The researchers then called the moms twice, two days after birth and again two months later, to see if they used the same pain scale and provide an overall evaluation of her labor pain. The results show the women rated the process less painful two days after their delivery than they did when the researchers asked them again two months later.

In other words, the alleged pain had increased.)


And we all know how prone are our women to exaggerating their various woes.

(e.g. see  Depressed Females)

(e.g. see Women and Chimps)

How else to survive amongst their brothers when they are children, or amongst the men when they are adults?

And then they learn how to manipulate their very own children, by lying to them all the time and saying that the spinach with some sugar on it is a new kind of chocolate that tastes great, and that if you do your school homework then you can watch the TV for five whole minutes.

But it's all a scam.

The chocolate spinach tastes like old underwear, and you don't actually have a TV.

But she doesn't care.

So long as she got you to eat the spinach and do your homework, she's won!

And that's all that matters to that no-good hussy.

Her whole life is engaged in developing the art of manipulating others to do her will.

That Jezebel!

(e.g. see Women Manipulate Men)

what about chivalry and honour?

And what about chivalry and honour? - manly qualities for the most part.

Qualities that require sacrifice of some sort.

Is there much that is 'logical' or 'rational' about men seeking to possess qualities such as chivalry and honour?

Surely, in most cases, the drive to possess such qualities and to exhibit them - genuinely so - is much more based on emotion than on reason?

conductor of orchestra cartoon

And who are the greatest and most popular artists, musicians, composers, poets, writers, sculptors, song-writers and playwrights etc etc?

Not women.

And at the more negative side of the spectrum, we have smoking, drinking, drug-taking, gambling, porn.

All to do with emotions. And all engaged in by men far more so than women

So where, exactly, lies the evidence to suggest that women are more emotionally driven than are men?

Beats me.


People often think that some of the activities mentioned above have little to do with 'emotions'.

But they are mistaken.

As a psychologist myself, I can assure you that they have very much to do with emotions.

An example.

Some men often think that their sexual activities have often very little to do with 'emotions'.

They believe that because their sexual focus is so often on the female's body - rather than on any relationship matters - then emotions must have nothing to do with it.

But getting pleasure from physical contact, visual stimulation and, basically, getting turned on by engaging in sex (or in anything else for that matter) is packed full of what psychologists and neuroscientists would definitely describe as 'emotions'; because emotions are, generally speaking, all those feelings that one experiences - positive or negative.

They affect your mood, your attitude, your sense of well-being.

Indeed, almost everything that has an impact on your 'feelings' is deemed to have emotional significance.

And, as such, sex and orgasms probably represent some of the most positive 'emotional' experiences that people have.

Drinking alcohol, losing a bet, getting a thrill when your side scores a goal, banging your head against a brick wall for being so stupid, punching someone on the nose.

All these things are to do with emotions.

So. Take another look at all the items that I mentioned above. And ask yourself again the following question.

"Are women really more emotional than men?"

For more on emotional difference see my piece entitled, ...

Dr Lewis Wolpert: The Differences Between Men and Women

June 2014

The research finally catches up with your Uncle Harry ...

Big boys don’t cry BUT deep down they’re more emotional than women, according to new study


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