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The UK Woman's Favourite Soap Opera!

What follows, according to the BBC's archive of the series, is some of what transpired during the TWO CHRISTMAS DAY editions of the series.

Kat finds Kelly but she’s too late. Zoe’s done a runner. Roxy beat up Kelly to find out where Zoe ran off to. Kelly tells Kat where Zoe is.

Roxy tracks down Zoe and grabs her. As she drags her to her car, Kat turns up just in time with Anthony. She headbutts Roxy and rescues Zoe!

Trevor pushes Mo’s face in her Christmas dinner. He knocks the plate to the floor, and throws his wife into it, making her eat the turkey.

Trevor breaks down and apologises. Little Mo’s covered in gravy but she forgives him. She assures him that he’ll make a wonderful father one day.

Trevor discovers Little Mo’s contraceptive pills. He’s furious and he beats her up. Meanwhile, Pat discovers Roy’s watch from Jane.

Yes folks. This is how the BBC spreads goodwill at Christmas. 

Glad tidings, UK style!

Don't UK women just love to see themselves being abused? They don't want to escape from it. They love it.

When it isn't actually happening in their own lives, they switch on their TVs by the million so that they can soak their consciousness in abuse, domestic assault, sexual harassment and violence.

There is no question that these are the things that turn on UK women.

They thirst for it. They seek it. They revel in it. They talk about it.

And, clearly, they desperately want to experience it.

And they do so, every time that they tune in.

As far as the media are concerned, by continually portraying men as 'evil' in some way, with women and children being the victims, sales of their products just grow and grow. 

The TV soaps that women watch and the books that they like to read clearly demonstrate how much women enjoy material which portrays them as hapless victims and men as vile oppressors

Make their abuse sexual, and the number of interested women grows enormously.. 

Make their abuse sexual, and the number of interested women grows enormously.

(Also see AH's Women Just Love Violent Men)

Indeed, one of the most sickening images that I have of the TV screen, one that has haunted me for some years now, and which will remain with me for life (you know, like that little Vietnamese girl covered with burns, or JFK being shot) relates to the evident sexual satisfaction that was being derived by two overweight, overbearing, middle-aged women 'social workers' overtly bullying and verbally bludgeoning a FIVE-year old girl in an attempt to get her to accept the idea that her father had put his finger into her vagina on a regular basis (which she consistently denied) while, further, telling her, in no uncertain terms, that she would never be able to see her father again unless she changed her mind and confessed that he had fingered her.

"You won't be able to see Daddy until you tell us what he did when he put his finger ... ... "

On and on. Over and over again. The girl was crying and repeatedly stating that her father had done nothing of the sort. 

Remember: She was aged FIVE!

They would then calm her down, distract her with other things - such as an 'anatomical' doll - and then go back to the threats. This particular 'interview' went on for TWO HOURS.

And it happened twice.

This was no soap. This was no fiction.

I had this on tape, and when the missus and I watched it, we could barely believe our eyes and ears. What we saw was sadistic sexual salivation over a five year old girl's discomfort at having to talk about her vagina. 

These malicious, sadistic, badgering women were, quite simply, turning themselves on in a sexual manner

There was absolutely no concern for the well-being of the child whatsoever. These malicious, sadistic, badgering women were, quite simply, turning themselves on in a sexual manner by forcing the child to talk about sexual experiences that she had clearly never had, nor had ever thought about.

And their aim was obvious. It was to break the little girl's will, to make her engage in sexual talk, in detail, and it was coupled with what was clearly some perverse and, no doubt, delicious anticipation that they could tear apart the man whom they were desperate to destroy - through his own daughter.

It was truly, truly sickening.

These deeply obnoxious and flawed women were hell-bent on destroying this child's bonds with her father - and his with hers - and they were determined to break their relationship for all time, no doubt with some further severe punishment in store for the innocent father - such as prison.

Can you even imagine what such a man would go through?

Can you imagine what it must be like to have your daughter made to believe that you molested her by a couple of man-hating, sadistic, perverted women social workers, and then have this endorsed by a corrupt legal system more than willing to persecute and prosecute innocent men without any objective evidence?

And what makes my blood boil even more ferociously over this issue is that these vile women are actually protected by the law and encouraged to behave in this manner by many of those in the child-abuse industry and by women's groups.

Anyway - and moving on - for those who still remain sceptical about the fact that major soap producers are targeted by groups who want to demonise men and keep fuelling the belief that men are liars and abusers, here is just one example of the kind of thing that happens on a REGULAR basis. (In this case, Brookside - CH4's biggest soap - is targeted by the NSPCC.)

Welfare workers demanded that scriptwriters change an "irresponsible" storyline which sees a nine-year-old boy make false allegations. They feared it would lead to genuine victims being disbelieved, even though it is extremely rare for children to make up complaints of abuse. Jim Harding, chief executive of the NSPCC, had a crunch meeting with producers of the Liverpool-based show. ... link now defunct

Men must never be believed. Only women and children tell the truth. 

Even in fiction!

And this is what your money promotes when you donate to the NSPCC.


Here is part of Amazon's review of this CHRISTMAS week's TOP FEMALE fictional paperback bestseller, The Journey, by Danielle Steel.

For as Maddy enjoys more and more career success, Jack's resentment and desire for control grows daily, and her life becomes hell in this fracturing marriage. ... When Maddy joins the president's wife in the latter's newly formed commission on violence against women, the grim stories she hears from other terrified wives starts her on a journey which will help her break the cycle of fear she is living through.

Women in the UK just love to soak their consciousness in abuse.

Even over Christmas!

They love it.

They'll pay for it, read pages and pages of it, gawp at their TV screens for hours to see it, demand huge funding to highlight it, talk incessantly about it, and they'll sadistically abuse five year old girls and destroy their fathers to get sexual gratification from it.

That millions of women actually seek, almost daily, to be enmeshed in 'abuse' ... is a FACT that dwarfs all the piffling 'research' studies ever carried out in social science or psychology departments ...

That millions of women actually seek, almost daily, to be enmeshed in 'abuse' - TV, radio, books, magazines, chat shows, real life! - is a FACT that dwarfs all the piffling 'research' studies ever carried out in social science or psychology departments that have purportedly investigated the nature of 'abuse' by looking only at the behaviours of men. 

And this FACT also provides overwhelming evidence to show that, by and large, women in the UK regularly CHOOSE to get high on abuse.

And this is why Eastenders is the UK woman's favourite soap opera.

It is positively packed with the stuff.

Even at Christmas!

Also see ... A Great Read For Women A science fiction novel in which a totalitarian state forces females to have loveless sex with men and forbids them to own property or have jobs, has emerged as one of the books that women find most life- changing.

Bogus Misery Tales The modern boom in the misery memoir is often dated to the multi-volume wail of pain that the American writer Dave Pelzer began in 1995 with A Child Called 'It'. Sam Leith 

Given how many of these books have turned out to be exaggerated, if not entirely fictional, the question is worth asking. This is a genre in which the principal selling point is the contract of trust between writer and reader; yet also the one in which that trust seems to be abused most often, and with the most spectacular results.

Misery Consumers Mostly Women What is especially astounding about misery lit is that its readership is estimated to be 80% to 90% female, with the bulk of sales taking place in supermarkets. India Knight

UK Coronation Street was the UK's most-watched TV programme of 2003, thanks to its serial killer storyline.

Yes indeed. People really enjoy engaging their minds in such things when it comes to soap operas - women especially.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Men also seek out thrills from violence. War. Carnage. Gangsters. Space adventures. Heads being lopped off. Bodies hacked to pieces. And so on. But when it comes to 'intimate' (relationship) 'domestic' violence - as in most soaps these days - it is the women who cannot get enough of it.


EastEnders has swept the board for the third year running at the British Soap Awards in London. ... There was a double win for Alex Ferns, who plays wife-beater Trevor Morgan, with success in the best newcomer and villain of the year categories. 

The BBC has defended scenes of sex and violence in recent EastEnders episodes after more than 250 people complained.

One the main reasons that I positively hate the programme Eastenders is because I believe that the only way in which we will ever be able to live in a truly decent and fair society is by clamping down much more firmly on dishonesty, deceitfulness, aggression, lack of caring and violence.

But Eastenders makes heroes out of ignorant, foul-mouthed, aggressive characters - who make a drama out of almost everything - and it also makes inter-personal hostility and nastiness 'fashionable' - a fashion that has been taken up by millions of people in the UK over the years.

And to see thousands of middle-class youngsters who have never been anywhere near the east end of London taking on - as their own - the exaggerated accents, the belligerent tones and the persistently aggressive behaviours of the characters in Eastenders is a deeply depressing experience.

Soaps 'creating bitchy youngsters' 

Press Association Friday April 16, 2004 5:38 PM

Backbiting and bitchy characters in TV soaps are helping to create a "climate of bullying and aggression", an expert has warned.

Dr Sarah Coyne believes programmes such as Emmerdale and EastEnders may be breeding a culture of nastiness, especially among the impressionable young. She has carried out research which appears to show that children and young teenagers are strongly influenced by scenes of aggression on television.

Both physical and verbal acts encouraged "indirect aggression" among 11 to 14-year-olds. Other work by Dr Coyne found that episodes of unpleasantness - such as snide remarks, spreading poisonous gossip or giving people the cold shoulder - featured highly in 29 soaps and sit-coms shown on British television.

A study covering 250 hours of television showed that 92% of the programmes contained instances of "indirect aggression". In 60% of cases it was a female character exhibiting the behaviour. Often she was attractive and rewarded or forgiven for her actions.

Emmerdale, EastEnders and Coronation Street were the most aggressive soaps, showing "bitchy" scenes at the rate of 14 or 15 times an hour.

In contrast, the Australian soaps Home and Away and Neighbours were comparatively tame, with only four or five hourly episodes of "indirect aggression".

Dr Coyne, from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, said: "Obviously, spreading a rumour about someone isn't as serious as blowing someone's head off, but indirect bullying in schools and the scars it can leave on whole lives can really be important."

"I think if TV is having this effect it's something we need to investigate further. It's creating a climate of bullying and aggression."

Women's Fantasies

Women's Fantasies Twenty Years Ago, in the The Secret Garden, she found the following fantasies common to most women: 1. Being “taken” by a Faceless Stranger” 2. Showing off to an audience (exhibitionism) 3. Rape or, “don’t just stand there, force me!” 4. Pain and masochism, or, “ouch, don’t stop!” 5. Domination or, “how humiliating -- thank you!” 6. The sexuality of terror or, “help, I’m out of control -- thank God!” 7. The thrill of the forbidden/taboo or, “no, you mustn’t -- here, let me help out!”


UK Why are so many teenage GIRLS cutting themselves? ... The habit of cutting can be, as the nurse at one school where it takes place put it, 'catching'. Margot Waddell of the Tavistock Clinic, author of Inside Lives, a book about adolescence, says there are 'cutting schools' and 'anorexia schools', so strong is the tendency to mimic behaviour. And Sue Sherwin-White, a therapist who has studied the phenomenon, agrees: 'In some schools, it is fashionable, exciting and even rather competitive - and it has the added advantage of scaring teachers and parents. Nicci Gerrard


Women Love Scott Peterson As for the Peterson case, forget the grisly discovery of the needle-nose pliers on Scott's boat with Laci's hair in them. And yet Scott gets dozens of love letters, cards, and flowers every day from women all over the country who want to marry him and have his baby because he's good-looking. Angela Fiori


Women Love Killers Theresa Olson, a lawyer who admitted having sexual contact with a client in a jailhouse conference room, has agreed to a one-year suspension, followed by one year of probation, the Washington State Bar Association said Monday. ... he saw Theresa Olson having sex with Sebastian Burns, charged with three counts of aggravated first-degree murder in the 1994. (link now defunct)


Gangbangs Last year, a 44-year-old woman who is known on Tribe as Harriet (she declined to disclose her real name), discovered that a lot of women she knows harbor unspoken fantasies about being involved in gangbangs. But because the topic is taboo, they rarely talked about it.

The Joy Of 'Abuse' If you ask me, this fascination with the (relatively new) genre smacks of voyeurism and the pornographic, with each book taking its power from titillation and gory details. Sue William Silverman's offering, Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You, for example, is given five stars in Amazon reviews, along with the accolade, 'graphic memoir of sexual abuse'. Alexandra Jackson

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