Especially For Young Women


Mike Tyson in the boxing ring 

Mike Tyson

Women Just Love Violent Men

Mike Tyson would click his fingers at one of the gorgeous young women in the queue, and she would be the one honoured with his bed for the night. The others were the losers.

When Ruby Wax interviewed OJ Simpson, many months after his trial for murder, she was astonished that this man had so many young women at his feet. They would phone him up. They would come up to him in the street. They would date him and bed him.

The most appalling killers in the USA, the serial killers, the ones who cut, carve, rape and kill, EACH receive some 500 letters every year from women 'expressing an interest' in developing some kind of intimate relationship with them according to the FBI.

What is it about these men that SOME women find so attractive?

There was a recent programme on TV (and I can't remember the name or the Channel) that looked at the criminal world of London's East End as it was in the 50's and 60's. The film footage and the photographs were mostly black and white and the programme focused on the arch villains, their cronies and their women.

 their women were gorgeous

And their women were gorgeous, without exception.

What is it about these violent criminal men that allows them to attract such gorgeous women?

The answer is simple. 


Such men can choose out of the large population of women that seeks their attention. They do not have to choose the less attractive women. They can have the pick of the bunch.

groupies and women drinking

Why is it that the arrogant, loud-mouthed, extraverted, muscular, boundary-breaking men in the nightclubs get so much female attention? Why do those rock music stars who perform aggressively and rudely find queues of wide-eyed female groupies waiting for them outside the theatres? Why does the delinquent youth have so many admirers - of both genders?

We've all seen these things.


They are applauded for it, loved for it, sought after because of it, adored for it. 


Not by all women, of course. Not by most women. But by a significant number of women. And that is enough.

Imagine that you are a Mike Tyson type.

Imagine that you are a Mike Tyson type. You do what you do, and aggression and violence are a large part of what you do. And what happens? Women flock to you. Men bow down to you. Your every move is encouraged, applauded and endorsed. That is your world. That is your environment. That is your audience. You don't watch Saints on Sunday. You don't listen to Praise Be To The Lord Of Peace. That is not your world. Such things do not impinge on you at all. Therefore ...


What everything around you teaches you, is that being macho and being aggressive is applauded by many. And it brings to you very many goodies.

Your behaviour is encouraged, endorsed and rewarded. 

And so, of course, you continue doing what you do! 

And while SCORES of women throw themselves into your bed and tell you that you are everything that they have ever desired, you will continue to be as you are. 

Particularly, one imagines, if you're also not very bright, and/or, you simply don't have much else to offer.

Further, men, statistically speaking, will drift toward being whatever it is that women find attractive. And they will do so from an early age. Their hormones and sexual urges will drive them that way. And as men see the women flocking to the 'imposing' men, the leaders, the aggressors, the macho and the law breakers, so they will try to emulate them. Men will seek to become more like them. They too want the prize of women seeking them out.

women promote violence

So, of course it is true that women promote violence. They seek out men who promulgate it.

Not all women, but enough of them to count.

And until women and feminists recognise the female's own contribution to the male's propensity to aggress, we do not have much hope of reducing aggression!

Perhaps, therefore, instead of simply blaming men for their propensity toward violence, one might take notice of the fact that significant numbers of women encourage it, and get turned on by it.

If all women were to find gentle men attractive then this is what nearly all men would become.

If women mostly shunned violent men instead of seeking them out, the world would be a better place.

But, of course, this is yet another area where women shirk out of any responsibility for the world in which they live. And the very thought that women might have anything to do with affecting the level of men's violence cannot even be openly discussed. 

Feminist hysteria, disinformation and intimidation all ensure that women in this society are held responsible for very few of the many negative things that they, themselves, cause to happen.

"There are a lot of times — and I have seen this with my own eyes in London — where women have tried to force themselves on him, checking into his hotel trying to compromise him," Frank Warren said today while announcing that Mike Tyson will fight Lou Savarese on June 24 at the 52,000-seat Hampden Park soccer stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. NBD 19/05/00

Also see Eastenders-  The UK Woman's Favourite Soap to see how women just love to wallow in 'abuse' and also see Women and Chimps to see why, evolutionary-speaking, this has probably come about.

A woman is to marry one of the most notorious American killers after seeing his crime in the Oscar-winning film Boys Don’t Cry.

Miss Mirth wrote first to Lotter, on death row. He wrote back ... They met, but the relationship failed to ignite. ... Miss Mirth turned her attentions elsewhere, writing to Gary Ridgway, the Green River serial killer,... and Dennis Rader, the sadomasochistic “BTK” serial killer who is responsible for ten deaths. Neither replied.

So, ...

She started a correspondence with Nissen in ...

This woman, just like so many others, loves violent men. She is desperate to get her hands on one.

Also see, ...

All Men Are B*stards

Women Love Manga

But if you really want to understand why women drool over aggressive men, you need to read the following account from an evolutionary perspective ...

Men, Women and Chimps


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