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lethal virus

Lethal Virus

Eight Horrible Facts

1. Regular readers will know that my sister died of cancer some 25 years ago. And my belief is that the last five years of her life would have been considerably bettered had she had access to medical marijuana.

Rightly or wrongly, that is my belief.

2. If I had a virus in a test tube that would hurt very significantly or, perhaps, even kill, all those officials who are effectively blocking seriously ill people from having access to such drugs, I would use it.

I would, of course, merely threaten them with this at first; but if they did not back off, I would definitely use it.

3. There must be millions of men worldwide who are as aggrieved as me over some issue or other.

4. "Home-made" viruses of a lethal kind have already been developed, and in the next few years many people with talent will be able to manufacture such viruses and those who have money will be able to get their hands on them.

People will use such viruses to attack their enemies and also to provide themselves with protection; e.g. a drugs baron wishing to protect himself from prosecution.

5. There is absolutely no hope of stopping this.

6. The probability that we will be hit by such things is high - very high. 

(Indeed, Sir Martin Rees, the renowned physicist and cosmologist, and the current Astronomer Royal, believes that the entire human race has only a 50% chance of surviving through this century; and Stephen Hawking would clearly concur with this judging by what he has said recently.)

7. The consequences of even just one virus attack will be horrible, and one result will be that governments everywhere will try to clamp down very heavily indeed - on just about everything.

As just one example, your actual body will need to be checked wherever you go - e.g. at airports - to ensure that you are not carrying some virus within you.

And life will not be too pleasant when people are too scared to send their children to school, too scared to go out to work, too scared to go shopping, and even too scared to leave their homes; lest they end up infected.

empty town


Our societies will collapse wholesale.

What people can do with computer viruses today, they will probably be able to do with biological viruses tomorrow.

Millions of us will die.

All of us will be terrified.

This is the likely future for you and for those whom you purport to love.

8. The growth of the Men's Movement and the spread of information is the only hope that we have of reducing the horrors that are in store for us.

The former is needed to reduce the number of aggrieved men as per 3. above, and the latter is needed so that everyone's eyes can be opened further to whatever might be happening; e.g. see AH is Going to Build Himself a Virus

There are not enough government employees to do this job for us and, most definitely, we also cannot actually rely on many of them to do their jobs properly in the first place.

And they know it.

(Remember the purple powder incident in the House Of Commons - and 9/11?)

In other words, the number of ordinary people on alert needs to be much, much greater than is currently the case.

Furthermore, in so very many ways, western governments are actually increasing significantly the likelihood that disaffected men will resort to terrorist type activities. And so western governments must be stopped from doing this.

Indeed, there is nowhere on this Earth where the people can be happy if the men are not happy; and it is fast becoming supremely dangerous for millions of men not to be happy.

Look at the above 8 points again.

Every one of them is true.

In summary: ... 

Very powerful and very dangerous technologies are being developed.

Thanks to the activities of western governments, many millions of men are continually being alienated and aggravated.

Horrible Fact 9 - Added October 2014

Suicidal terrorists could infect themselves with deadly infectious viruses - ebola perhaps, or something like it.

So, in short, can we really afford to continue alienating millions of men? ...

ISIS is plotting online to kill Western civilians with Ebola.



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