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young woman maid doing housework sweeping in short skirt

Low Birth Rates

UK Europe is dying, but its population is taking not the least notice of the fact. Around 25 years ago, birth rates fell below replacement levels across most of Western Europe, and they have been locked in a broad downtrend ever since. Richard Cragg

Yep: We are dying. Thanks to feminism. 

The ideology of self-delusion and self-destruction.

We are doomed.

But. Is there a solution? Or do we just curl up and die?

Well, according to the article, "As a stopgap, it will be necessary to bring in increasing numbers of immigrants, with all the social and cultural complications this entails."

But, of course, I have a much better solution!

And this is to get all those no-good hussies of ours who masquerade as womenfolk back into the kitchen! - where they can make you a nice cup of tea when you get home from work before you pump 'em full of your reproductive juices while leaving enough time for a sandwich or two before the football starts on the TV.

Criminalise abortion and make 'em spend all their no-good years being painfully pregnant!


Baby bags.

That's what they were designed for.

That's the solution!

"Even if birth rates were to double overnight, it would take 20 years before this made the slightest blip on the size of the workforce."

Damn! Too late!



No problem. 

I have another solution!

The most attractive women servants and maids from other countries should be tempted to immigrate into our own countries in order to help our poor permanently pregnant women with all of that tedious housework. 

young woman maid doing housework sweeping in short skirt


This way we menfolk could quadruple the birth rate!

Yes indeed!

And a jolly good time would be had by all!


But Angry Harry. That could displease some of our own womenfolk. Some of them might get upset.

Oh fiddle-de-dee. Who gives a sh*t!?

Women were designed to have babies. What is the point of them otherwise?

Look. If women stop having babies, that's it! End of story. 

Women were designed by Nature to reproduce! What we have today in the west are non-women. They can't even keep the population afloat.

They have failed!

We westerners are going to become extinct. Western women are evolutionary dead ends. They have pampered themselves into the abyss.

Even a hundred years ago women were reproducing more than enough children even to counter the high rates of death in young babies and during birth. And then they rushed around for many years on end caring for their families. These days most of them can't even wire a plug or boil an egg despite all this 'education' and 'feminism'.

They are too busy masquerading as 'victims'.

So. Too bad. Let 'em complain.

And if they make too much fuss about the arrival of millions of attractive women servants and maids from other countries then we shoot them.

man pointing gun right at you

Still complaining, eh?

We point the barrels of our shiny guns at the tips of their stuck-up noses and we shoot them.

Aha. I see. So you're complaining about Ingrid's short skirt again, eh?


Hmm. So you think that it is unfair of me to give Helga 80% of my sexual attention time, eh?


Oh. I get it. So you don't think it's right for me to have three seriously nubile serving wenches, eh? Little Miss Smarty Pants thinks that one serving wench is enough, eh?


Show them no mercy.

And, in any case, we should also shoot them when they reach the age of 60.

That'll also solve the problem of having to cope with too many ageing people.

And it'll serve 'em right, because this is yet another serious problem that those scheming harlots will have brought upon us.

Huge swarms of old women with no teeth clogging up the planet's eco-system.

And complaining.

Western women alive today have caused nothing but trouble to their menfolk. They don't deserve to be catered for in their old age. We should ship 'em out into Oblivion as soon as they hit 60 and transport into our cities truckloads of fertile lovelies from elsewhere.

young girls women in lingerie on a bed

Angry Harry's Domestic Staff

And then every day would be a day in which to partay!

All the men would be happy.

No more crime. No more 'competition'.


But Angry Harry. That would not be fair.

Fair? Fair? Who gives a sh*t about being 'fair'? Any kind of 'fairness' that existed between the genders was surely destroyed a long time ago. Forget about 'fair'. That rule does not apply any longer.

It is either us or them.

And then, when the bio-technology is advanced enough, we'll grow 'em like turnips.

And eventually they'll all be genetically-engineered so that they all grow up to be good looking and amenable, with their brains re-programmed so that they become ecstatic to the point of orgasm at the very thought of catering for the needs of their menfolk.

Their masters!

Forget about 'fair'.

Indeed, do not people often say that all is fair in love and war?

Well. This is both!

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