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Home Office Tactics Stir Up More DV 

UK The idea that domestic violence lurks behind many of the nation's bedroom doors, tacitly accepted or quietly ignored, is a myth. Josie Appleton

Yep: There is yet another huge domestic violence advertising campaign being launched in order to stir up more hatred towards men and, indeed, to stir up even more domestic violence towards women.

What fun, eh?

Apparently, the advertising space and creative costs for the new DV campaign were donated by sections of 'the media'.

Yes indeed. Certain sections of 'the media' make a great deal of money from sex and violence, and from demonising men

They love it!

And as you fathers out there watch your kids being slowly turned against you as they grow up, do remember those people in 'the media' who so willingly helped to f**k up your relationships with them.

But Angry Harry! I've never done anything to harm my kids - or anyone else for that matter. My kids won't be affected by such campaigns.





EVERYONE will have a more negative attitude toward you as a result of these poisonous campaigns.

Your very status as a human being is devalued by them.

And let me remind readers that the serious physical abuse of children is mostly carried out by women.

Even the NSPCC admits to this! 

But there will be no similar campaigns aimed at stopping women's domestic violence with posters and TV adverts of women seriously assaulting children.

Why do you think this is - given that the interests of children are supposed to be paramount?


Oh look. Here comes the cavalry! ...

UK More than 100 people have been arrested in raids across London in a drive to combat domestic violence.

There is something strangely ludicrous about this sort of thing. I presume that it is some kind of publicity stunt designed to put fear into the heart of every alleged domestic violence perpetrator.

It is almost pitiful.

And it won't work!

This sort of thing will simply increase insecurity and, hence, domestic violence, right throughout the land.

And the traitors in the UK's Home Office know it.

If there are 100 people out there deserving of being arrested, then they should have been arrested at the time when they were deserving of it.

This publicity stunt will achieve nothing.

Police officers are simply being forced into making fools of themselves by their bosses - the Organ Monkeys in blue uniforms.

Imagine for the moment a school playground wherein 250 teenage boys and 250 teenage girls daily mingle with each other. Most of the time they get on pretty well. There are tensions and there are disputes, but, on the whole, they survive quite happily together. But there are occasional outbursts of violence between small groups of boys and girls, or just between individuals.

And, on occasion, the teacher comes along and says, That's it. I've had enough. And he **ALWAYS** grabs one of the boys and hauls him out of the playground - perhaps even expelling him from the school.

And a great display is made of this to all the other children.

The singled-out perpetrator's photograph is then put on the school noticeboard.

"Another BOY expelled for bad behaviour!" says the headline.

Tell me. Is this strategy going to work?


It will not.

1. The boys will start to become more enraged at the system and at the girls - hence more disharmony.

2. The boys will feel increasingly threatened and insecure, which means that they will be more ready to react with hostility - hence more disharmony. 

3. The girls will take increasing advantage of the fact that they are free to engage in their bad behaviours because they are never singled out for punishment, and so they will become more arrogant and provocative toward the boys  - hence even more disharmony. 

Well, this is the situation that currently applies to men and women vis-a-vis their relationships. The police and the officials pretty much always take the same side. They always side with the women. And especially so in their publicity about such matters.

This is not a recipe for harmony. This is a recipe for disharmony.

But, of course, this is exactly what the abuse industry wants.

The organism that is the abuse industry thrives on stirring up disharmony.

And, in fact, there are two additional factors that will tend to make matters even worse!

Let's go back to the playground.

4. The teacher is not watching all the time. In fact, the teacher isn't anywhere near the playground for 99.9% of the time. And so there is no way to keep an eye - or a  lid - on the growing disharmony that is actually taking place. (This is the reality for men and women in their relationships. For 99.9% of the time, no-one in officialdom is watching.) As such, it is not very difficult for the boys to get their revenge. (And it doesn't have to be through violence. But revenge it will be!)

5. The boys are bigger than the girls. And yet it is the boys who are being provoked! 

What could be more stupid?

What could be more destructive to the social order?

The occasional expulsion exclusively of boys from the school has repercussions throughout the whole playground.

Every girl will be negatively affected by it.

And the more that the teachers publicise the expulsions (i.e. the police DV adverts) the greater will the repercussions be for everyone else.

Finally, in order to ram this point home.

Imagine that the Americans went into Iraq with a few thousand troops (teachers) and that whenever there was a problem of 'violence' between the Sunni and Shia, they **always** arrested members of the Shia - the stronger group.

Would this be a recipe for peace?

Would this create harmony between the Sunni and Shia?

No. It would do the complete opposite.

The stronger Shia would react overtly or covertly by creating the most enormous problems for the Sunni.

Only a complete and utter moron would provoke the stronger group - unless, that is, they actually want a lot of trouble.

Well, this is exactly what feminists and those imbeciles in the abuse industry are doing to us ***ALL*** with regard to the way in which they tackle the issue of 'domestic violence'. (And how they tackle many other issues.)

And in much the same way that if the Americans in Iraq were making matters worse between the Sunni and Shia they would deserve to be kicked out of Iraq, so it is that the domestic violence industry needs to be shut down and kicked out of our lives. All of us, both men and women, are having worse relationship problems as a result of its activities.

Furthermore, the attitude of men toward women is deteriorating throughout the western world. Perhaps a very simple example of this was the recent UK report showing that women were often charged more for services (e.g. by plumbers) than were men. Thirty years ago, the opposite would have been true.

But many groups nowadays benefit very handsomely by stirring up problems for people in intimate relationships. 

And we all know who they are!


Also see Fathers Groups Miss The Big Picture to see why the Home Office wants to stir up trouble for people in close relationships.




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