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Lesbian couples may be able to have a baby that shares both their genes following a new technique pioneered in the US.  And, if you click the link, you can see the couple - Adele and Dawn - who are keen to have a child together.

What a pair!

Anyway, they were interviewed on Newsnight last Friday (Newsnight is the equivalent of the USA's 60 Minutes).

And here is Kirsty Wark absolutely wetting herself with delight as she points out that the child can only be female. 

Ms Wark was positively glowing with the excitement of this 'victory'.

You see, for feminist women like Ms Wark, the idea that women can now bypass men entirely, and have children - female children - represents a crowning victory whereby men are rendered completely redundant in the reproductive process.  The human species, one day, could actually consist entirely of women - with men as extinct as the Dodo -  and it could still perpetuate itself.

"Men Not Wanted. Men Not Needed," is the malicious message now being sent out by misandric feminists such as Ms Wark. 

Indeed, I have already noticed over the past few months the unhappy rumblings over this issue in many of the men's lists, and I have often seen the sneering  nastiness being directed at men by many women as they taunt men with the view that they are becoming redundant.

But men should not despair over this scientific triumph - one made mostly by men, I should add.

Firstly, there is no question that men will shortly be able to make clones of themselves (or modified versions) by implanting the appropriate cells within a woman's womb.

Secondly, women's wombs are not that far away from actually being manufactured, much like many other organs. (e.g. see Within a generation there will probably be mass use of artificial wombs to grow babies.)

Thirdly, if anything, the chances are not so much that women will take over the planet and exterminate the men, but that men will start to 'farm' women for their very own purposes - just like they currently do with cows.

And, quite frankly, unless women in the west get their act together and start supporting men rather than making enemies out of them by supporting divisive feminists who do little more than continually stir up hatred toward them, and who, therefore, also undermine the whole well-being of their very own societies, then they shall surely deserve to be tamed, domesticated and harvested for the good of the planet, and, of course, for the contentment and happiness of the men who dwell upon it!

And the very thought of this most likely possibility will surely wipe the smile of Ms Wark's face a lot quicker than it got there!

Indeed, if women are not very careful, they are, as they say in France, toast! - e.g. see Are Women Becoming Redundant?

Also see Men have Bred Dogs and Cattle. Why Not Women?

Finally, Ms Kirsty Wark's malicious promotion of the view that men - all men - are parasites reveals, in my view, something decidedly malicious about her nature; Kirsty Wark - Steve Jones - Parasites? 


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