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Carmel Napier deputy chief constable of Gwent

Carmel Napier

Lying Is Acceptable Say Police

More Home Office Lies Exposed Do brutal attacks on women by their husbands or boyfriends surge during the World Cup? According to a May 25 press release by England’s Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), “cases of domestic abuse increase by nearly 30% on England match days.” Prof Christina Hoff Sommers

Professor Sheila Bird ... found it [the Home Office Study] to be so amateurish and riddled with flaws that it could not be taken seriously.

Never, ever, ever believe any of the 'abuse' figures emanating from the UK's Home Office or ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers). They always do their very best to drum up as much abuse hysteria as possible in order to maintain their cosy empires and their huge pensions.

And they send the lower ranks of police officers scuttling around all over the place at the beck and call of any woman who even hints at 'relationship abuse'.

Women's personal rottweilers - with helmets.

What a waste of their times and their talents.

When the BBC investigators presented Carmel Napier, the deputy chief constable of Gwent, with the evidence that the study she and her colleagues were promoting was specious, she replied: “If it has saved lives, then it is worth it.”

This emotionally-inflammatory empty-headed remark from a feminist is a typical example of how the abuse industry operates. It is a remark that is made in order to stun people into silence so that they no longer question the dogma.

And, as a tactic, it works extremely well.

After all, people do not want to come across as uncaring towards women.

Whenever I hear such a remark in the real world I often reply as follows, "Hmm, yes - which is why I think that women should be completely covered up whenever they leave the house."

I pause.

At this point, people look at me as if I'm mad. "What on earth has this got to do with anything?" they think.

"After all," I then continue; "if this saves just one woman from being raped, then it's worth it, isn't it?"


Of course, women would never accept that they should all cover up so that, perhaps, being raped could be avoided.

men are expected to put up with all sorts of curtailments and restrictions

But men are expected to put up with all sorts of curtailments and restrictions of their rights and their liberties on the basis of the fact that such curtailments and restrictions might prevent something bad from happening to a woman.

Indeed, this notion that men - all men - can be treated unfairly - sometimes atrociously - in order to reduce the probability of something bad happening to a woman has been used time and time again as a major justification for prejudicing against men all our laws to do with relationships.

But the idea that women should somehow be restricted in order to prevent something bad from happening to themselves - or, indeed, to anybody else - is never discussed or entertained.

Women must be left completely free and untouchable to do as they please.

And in the case above, we see a very senior female police officer, Carmel Napier, admit to being quite happy to promote false statistics in order to demonise men in order to, allegedly, save lives.

So. Please get this into your head.

This VERY SENIOR police officer is ADMITTING that she is HAPPY for LIES which DEMONISE MEN to be PROMOTED in order to maintain her campaign against domestic violence.

And so when you read some of my articles which reveal just how malicious and dishonest are so many senior government officials when it comes to 'gender issues', perhaps you will more likely realise that I am not exaggerating.

Indeed, they are lying through their teeth on virtually every issue that I have investigated - with serious consequences for men.

But can you imagine what would happen if a senior male police officer said that he was quite happy to see being promulgated false and elevated statistics about the rates of female crime?

He would be fired within the day.

Furthermore, I know that many of you will find this difficult to believe - presumably, because you are honest souls - but the truth of the matter is this.

The left - and particularly the feminists and the politically-corrected - mostly believe that it is perfectly acceptable to lie all the time; because, in essence, the truth, and the consequences for others, are far less important to them than is achieving their own aims - which, for the most part, are decidedly self-serving and self-enriching.

it is not just feminist police officers who lie all the time

Thus, it is not just feminist police officers who lie all the time, but also feminist academics, politicians, journalists, columnists, judges etc etc etc.

And they continue to get away with it.

Oh well, I suppose, if it saves just one woman from domestic violence, then it's worth it, isn't it?

But what, exactly, is the 'it' that is, allegedly, 'worth it'?

What, exactly, is being sacrificed in order to save 'just one woman from' something or other?

And the answer is 'absolutely nothing' - unless you happen to be a man; in which case, not only will you have to put up with all the totally unwarranted demonisation of you that will be shunted out all over the land and into the minds of just about everyone - including your loved ones - through posters, TV adverts and 'news' items, but you will also have to put up with all the suspicion and the anti-male laws and policies that usually follow from all this.

And these will all be drummed up on the basis of the LIES (and, hence, the hatred towards men) that people like Carmel Napier are happy to promote.

And while you will continue to hear, over and over again, the refrain, ...

"Well, if it only saves one woman from something or other, then it's worth it, isn't it?"

... you will never hear ...

"Well, if it only saves one MAN from something or other, then it's worth it, isn't it?"

Finally, it seems to me that if senior police officers and other government officials are quite happy for men to be demonised and for LIES to be spread about them, then men should feel quite entitled to do the same to them - in retaliation.       


For Male Police Officers

Now, I know that lots of British police officers are going to turn up to this page over the next few years via Google.

And if you are a male police officer then I have a message for you.

When your senior officers and the Home Office collude together to lie and/or to exaggerate about the scale of 'relationship abuse' that is perpetrated by men, then you, as a police officer, get a triple whack in the face.

You are demonised as a man, as a father, and as a husband or a boyfriend.

And you are also demonised as a police officer in the eyes of all those who know what is going on.


police officer wearing handcuffs cartoon drawing


Psychologically and socially speaking, you might as well handcuff yourself.

Furthermore, you are supposed to be the bulwark of our justice system.

It is your job to help to bring about justice for all members of the public who come into contact with you - without favour or prejudice.

Without you doing this - and to be seen to be doing this - we are lost.

And this includes you.

 Your job is to protect your country, your people, your democracy - and, hence, your loved ones - not to pander to those politicians and officials who put their own self-serving ambitions above the interests and well-being of everyone else.

And, among other things, this necessitates that your people - and, hence, your loved ones - have freedom of speech, a decent unbiased justice system, and government officials who do not lie or deceive.

As such, you should not be supporting those police officers who lie to the public, nor supporting those who implement policies that inflict injustices on men.

Finally, of course, the truth is that most male police officers are too stupid and too politically-corrected to see themselves as 'men'. They mostly seem to think that they are some kind of superior beings - when they are, in fact, nothing of the sort. 


If a member of the public told you - a male police officer - that all male police officers are brainless idiots, I doubt that you would be too pleased.

But if, instead, he told you that all men are brainless idiots - which amounts to the same thing - then you would probably laugh.

"Stupid" is the word that keeps coming to my mind.

Yep. You have been politically corrected to the point of stupidity.

So. Wake up.

And start standing up for yourself, both as a man and as someone whom your people - and your loved ones - rely upon to make sure that our justice system remains worthy of its name.

British Police 2015


Responding To Domestic Violence Incident

(Man shouted at woman.)

A Police Officer Speaks About Politically-Correct Policing in the Telegraph ...

Now let me return to Strathclydes Chief and just one of his many ingenious ways of keeping police off the streets. Like many senior officers he has an almost rabid obsession with domestic violence. I am in 100% full agreement that domestic abuse is a terrible crime and those who suffer from it deserve the same attention as any other victim of crime.

Mr House does not agree with this at all, he feels they require some 600 - 1000% more attention than everyone else. More attention than people who have been burgled, people who have been stabbed, people who have gangs set fire to their cars and doorways night after night after night.

Harriet Harman was told by senior government officials to stop lying about the rape figures ...

Stop Lying Harman

 ...and also see this short piece to see how feminist-inspired academics fudge the rape figures by a massive extent ...

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