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A Man's Life Is Cheap

A Man's Life Is Cheap A judge sparked fury yesterday by sentencing a teenage thug who killed an innocent stranger in an unprovoked attack to just two-and-a-half years behind bars.

And why did he kill him? ...

For no reason Swales' girlfriend Natalie Lee, 17, decided to falsely accuse the tipsy stranger as being someone who had touched her breasts earlier in the evening.

Accountant Paul Midgley, 23, was walking to his parents' house after a night out with friends when he was punched to the ground by drunken 16-year-old Lee Swales who then stamped on his head and punched him again, Hull Crown Court was told.

Women often lie about being sexually 'assaulted' in some way

Women often lie about being sexually 'assaulted' in some way. And one reason for this is because they often want to suggest to others - often their partners - that they are 'irresistible'.

Women also like to use their muscle power in much the same way that men do, but because their muscle power is weak compared to most men, they tend to goad other men into doing their dirty work for them - very often by falsely proclaiming that they have been 'abused'.

Indeed, falsely proclaiming to have been abused in some way (not necessarily sexual in nature) is a tactic in which many, many women engage every year - certainly in the order of some 10% of the female population, annually, would be my guess.

In fact, finding a woman these days who claims never to have been raped is a rare event.

It seems that very many women now believe that if they do not claim to have been raped - or at least sexually assaulted - at some point in their lives, then they are indirectly admitting that they must be horrendously unattractive.

Furthermore, in the old days, losing one's virginity was seen as a hallmark of becoming a woman. But losing one's virginity these days means very little in certain quarters.

Nowadays, one must be raped, abused or assaulted to become a woman!

Nowadays, one must be raped, abused or assaulted to become a woman!


Indeed, one only has to look at women chatting away on the internet to see what pride so many of them take in having been 'raped' or sexually assaulted - especially by a 'celebrity' - perhaps by a real celebrity, or just by a popular boy.


Anyway. I would have given the murderous thug 10 years in jail because of the kick to the head.


Another example; this time from the past (from Per's Manifesto) ...


Eddie Polec was 16. He was an altar boy at Philadelphia's St. Cecilias's Catholic Church. He was beaten to death on the steps of that church in November 1994 because someone made a false rape accusation against him.

Polec was attacked by several teen boys enraged when they were told Polec had raped one of their friends. As they beat Polec to death, several girls stood around laughing, the Associated Press reported.

Four teen boys were convicted in February 1996 of the attack. However, no charges have ever been filed against the girl who made the fatal accusation.

"Incitement to riot" charges might have been appropriate -- if the incident had been fomented by a male. However, in the current climate of rape hysteria, even false accusations that result in death go unpunished.

Feminists ask, "Why would she lie?"

Answer: Because she gets away with murder.


"I'm late! I'm late! ... RAPE! RAPE!"

Horrific Rape Not A 15-year-old girl today recanted her report that she was kidnapped at gunpoint off a busy Richmond street and gang-raped on Friday night, admitting that she made up the story because she was late getting home, police said.

And don't you think that I haven't see you guys repeatedly claim that, most likely, some 40% of rape allegations are false.

No Sir! I've seen you all right.

Because you cannot hide from your Uncle Harry!

But the figure is nowadays more likely to be 80% than it is to be 40%.

And that's a fact!


You only have to look at the Kevin Driscoll case in America to see how easy it must be to convict innocent men these days even when there is NO OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER standing against them; e.g. see my piece Kevin Driscoll Is Innocent.

these legal officials are doing everything in their power to convict men of rape.

And the fact that the prosecutors in his case believe that they have a good chance of conviction (despite the lack of evidence) and, further, that they are prepared to go to trial again, in order to get a second chance at convicting him, demonstrates quite clearly that these legal officials are doing everything in their power to convict men of rape.

And they are doing this to men who, at the very least, cannot be shown to have done anything wrong.

One might also recall the disgusting shenanigans of district attorney Michael Nifong in the rape case of the Duke University Lacrosse Three. He tried to get three innocent men incarcerated for a crime he knew they had not committed.

Why? Because he wanted to secure more votes.

Furthermore, in Kevin Driscoll's case, the government's legal officials are doing everything in their power to convict this man of rape even when they know (from the objective evidence) that he is probably innocent and that his accuser is, to put it mildly, a serial false accuser and a liar.

All of this must, surely, give you some idea of just how high must be the number of innocent men who have been convicted of rape.

There is just no way that the false allegation rate is only 40%.

Furthermore, for it to be this low, you would, amongst other things, need to assume that, despite all the encouragement for women to make such allegations, and despite all the incentives that women might have to make them, and despite the fact that many women are unbalanced for some reason or other, it is still the case that a woman is less likely to make a false allegation than is a man likely to commit-a-rape-that-is-actually-reported.

In other words, when you accept the 40% figure, you are endorsing the view that a man is more likely to commit-a-rape-that-is-actually-reported than is a woman likely to make a false allegation - despite all the encouragement to make such allegations, all the incentives etc etc.

And, in the case above, the rape claim was made simply because the woman wanted to find an excuse for being late home! - which demonstrates just how low is the current threshold for women when it comes to making false allegations.

Time and time again we see women prepared to make false claims of rape for the most ridiculous of reasons; to explain why they were late for work, because they want the day off work, because they were discovered having an affair, because they could not afford the taxi fare.

On and on it goes.

And we also see women colluding with each other to make false allegations - sometimes three or four of them - which demonstrates just how acceptable it is these days for women to make false accusations.

prosecutors are forever clutching at straws

Couple all this with the fact that prosecutors are forever clutching at straws in their desperation to convict as many men as possible (and, indeed, actually managing to get convictions without any decent evidence) and you cannot seriously conclude anything other than that the false allegation rate must be of the order of 80%.

Quite simply, when you claim that 40% is the false allegation rate, you are claiming that men are more likely to commit-a-rape-that-is-actually-reported (the 60%) than is a woman likely to make a false allegation (the 40%) - even though you also know that some women will falsely allege rape simply to make an excuse for being late home.

Thus, when you claim that 40% is the false allegation rate, you are, loosely speaking, claiming that, despite the demonstrably low threshold that women clearly have for making false allegations, the threshold for men to commit-rapes-that-are-actually-reported is even lower!

This is just not credible.

And then, of course, if we include all rapes (i.e. not just those that are reported) then a 40% false allegation rate would suggest that the threshold for men to rape is, in fact, much, much lower than is the threshold for women to make false allegations.

(In other words, if we include all rapes - even those that are allegedly not reported - there would be a zillion rapes going on compared to the small number of women reporting a rape.)

Perhaps you should think about all the men and women whom you know, and ask yourself this question. "Are the men whom I know far more likely to rape a woman than are the women whom I know likely to make a false allegation?"

If your answer is, No, then you cannot really accept the 40% false allegation rate.

Reported Rapes Tumble In USA

Reported Rapes Tumble In USA Reported rapes have fallen to the lowest level in 20 years at a time when DNA evidence helps lock up more rapists, and victims are more willing to work with police and prosecutors, victims advocates and crime experts say.

Apparently, reported rapes are going down because new technology means that rapists are more likely to be caught.

And this notion will have some merit.

But not much!

Because, given that most reported rapes (about 90%) come from alleged victims who know the identities of their alleged rapists, and, further, that it is mostly not disputed by the defendants that sex took place, any DNA evidence is somewhat irrelevant most of the time.

As such, the recent decline in the number of 'reported rapes' will likely have much more to do with a decline in the number of false allegations being made than with anything else.

Let us see why this would be so.

New technologies (such as CCTV, video cameras in mobile phones) make it far more likely that false accusers will be caught out, as will the closer attention nowadays given to alleged victims by law enforcement agencies.

Thanks to the activities of many MRAs over the years, professionals in the field have wisened up to the high propensity of some women to make false allegations. And women, themselves, are becoming more aware of their increasing lack of credibility in this area.

The internet makes it much more difficult for false accusers to maintain their anonymity in the event that they are found out, it makes it harder for them to keep their fabrications confined to official channels and, of course, those whom they falsely accuse (or their friends) can usually use the internet to fight back in some way.

All in all, therefore, the drop in the number of 'reported rapes' is, almost certainly, mostly due to a drop in the number of false allegations being made.

How Often Do Women Cry Rape?

How Often Do Women Cry Rape? While most of the good studies converge at a rate of about 8 percent to 10 percent for false rape charges, the literature isn't quite definitive enough to stamp out the far higher estimates.

I'm not quite sure why I posted up the above article because, just like nearly all the other articles that I come across concerning this issue, it annoys me intensely.

But I cannot refrain from making a few comments.

1. There are absolutely no academic studies currently in existence that shed proper light on the false allegation rate - because it is just not possible for researchers to know what went on in the vast majority of cases reported to the police.

The judgements that researchers will make about most of these cases will therefore be almost wholly based on speculation.

These speculations will also be grossly contaminated with a 'feminist perspective' - which, essentially, means that if a woman makes an accusation then the man is guilty.

It is almost pointless to look at rape research of 10 years ago

2. It is almost pointless to look at rape research of 10 years ago and beyond and to assume that it has any bearing whatsoever into what is going on now.

In particular, there are so many incentives for women to make false accusations nowadays that, as I have explained elsewhere, the evidence is mostly consistent with the view that the vast majority of rape allegations these days are false.

And I have yet to see one study which even comes close to counteracting this view - though, I must confess, I no longer bother to look very closely at official research into rape.

3. But MRAs should think very carefully indeed about how research into false rapes is actually conducted by academics.

Imagine that you were such a researcher.

What would you do to ascertain whether or not a reported rape was true as you rustle through all the official reports about the case?

(Remember, too, that women have been known to bruise and batter themselves prior to turning up at the police station in order to convince the officials that they had been raped.)

And how do you classify all those gray cases? - wherein it is just impossible to tell what really happened.

Do you discard them from your research?

Well, if you do, then your research is already invalid - because you cannot just assume that the false allegation rate will be the same among these gray cases as it is among the other cases.

So, what would you do to figure out the true false allegation rate?

4. In days gone by, women who turned up at the police station alleging rape were quite likely to be telling the truth, for the simple reason that unless there was a considerable amount of evidence to support their allegations, the police were not going to do anything.

So, there was, mostly, no benefit to be gained by making a false allegation.

Nowadays, however, the situation is completely different.

Many women can nowadays gain enormously by making false allegations. Or, perhaps more accurately, they think that they can.

And so many women find themselves in situations wherein they are quite prepared to have a go at making false accusations.

But, to repeat myself: It is very important for MRAs to think how they, themselves, might research this matter.

And if they think carefully enough, then they will surely realise just how impossible is the task - in practice.

And the so-called 'research' that purports to show that false rape claims are only of the order of 10% are bogus - almost pure fabrication.

5. It is also very important to understand that the suggestion that false allegations of rape are few in number, implies that the vast majority of men acquitted of rape in the courtrooms or 'not charged' are, in fact, guilty.

And while it is one thing for hysterical malicious feminists and their victim groups to make this outrageous claim, it is quite another when government-funded agencies do so; given that they have no strong evidence to support the view that most of these men are guilty.

Indeed, can you imagine the public outcry that would take place if, for example, government officials were proclaiming that black men were mostly getting away with their crimes and, further, that those black men who were arrested were guilty - whether or nor they were ever charged, and even if they were later found Not Guilty.

In essence, these government officials are proclaiming to the world that nearly all the men who are merely accused of rape are guilty - and yet they have not got a shred of evidence to support this claim.

Haven't these men already been through enough!?

Also see my short YouTube video entitled, ...

Understanding the Rape Statistics

... to get some idea of just how ludicrous are the official claims about rape.

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