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Oxford University Liberals

Reveal Their Hypocrisy

Shame On Oxford Students A debate at the Oxford Union was disrupted when protesters forced their way into a building.

BNP leader Nick Griffin and controversial historian David Irving were invited to talk about free speech.

Watching the aggression of those Oxford students protesting last night was deeply embarrassing. So much for their 'liberal' attitudes, eh? They were actually trying to use aggression and intimidation to close down a debate on the Limits of Free Speech!

Shame on them.

And this was not a debate on immigration. It was a debate on free speech!

Furthermore, I simply cannot understand how these ignorant bigots continually manage to get away with calling themselves 'liberals'.

And last week, I actually saw an Oxford University professor talking about his belief that having 'open borders' in the UK would be beneficial for the country; with one Labour MP endorsing his view and also saying that the current wave of immigration brings in more taxes rather than incurring more expenditure!

Oh really?

Well, if all this immigration is bringing us so many economic benefits and so much money in taxes, then why are our tax rates increasing rather than decreasing, eh? Surely, all this extra money should reduce our tax rates!?

Of course, the truth is that immigration will, indeed, bring some extra money in taxes, but it will also incur much more government expenditure - which is great for those in government!

The government is like a landlord trying to squeeze as many tenants as possible into his property

The government is like a landlord trying to squeeze as many tenants as possible into his property so that he can charge more rent. Great for the landlord, but not so good for the tenants!

And, of course, by packing as many immigrants into a country as possible, left-wing governments hope to benefit from all their extra votes - and, of course, from all the extra 'disharmony' it causes - and 'disharmony' is what left-wing governments thrive upon - e.g. see The Governing Elite.

To hell with the natives!

And as for this "freedom of movement" and "open borders" policy being a great idea - according to this nincompoop of an Oxford professor - then why does he not go the whole hog and suggest that the British Government tour the world and invite millions of people into the country?

How's about 500 million from China?

Well, why not?

500 million immigrants from China would be a real boon to our economy?

Surely - according to the aforementioned nincompoop - 500 million immigrants from China would be a real boon to our economy?

Of course there must be limits to immigration!

And, of course, if people did have complete freedom of movement, and all our countries had "open borders", then what would happen is that people from all around the world would pour unrestrainedly into all those areas that seemed like good places to live, until such time that these places were so over-crowded and deficient that they were no longer any better than anywhere else.

The whole idea of open borders and unrestrained immigration is utterly ridiculous - at least, at this point in time.

It would lead to a great deal of chaos and a huge amount of unhappiness.

Well, that's my view!

'Blasphemy' Teacher Found Guilty

'Blasphemy' Teacher Found Guilty A British primary school teacher was jailed for 15 days tonight by a Sudanese court after being convicted of inciting religious hatred for allowing children in her class to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Hmm. An interesting case! - because the western liberal media's outrage over this incident demonstrates just how bankrupt are the ideas and notions of the so-called 'liberals' and how blatantly hypocritical and ignorant they are.

They are protesting wildly because this woman teacher was convicted for naming a teddy bear Mohammed, and yet these very same 'liberals' have created - and continue to endorse - a society in the west wherein people are persecuted for doing no different to what this woman teacher has done!

For example, ... 

Two golly dolls have been confiscated by police officers from a furniture and gift shop in Lancashire, following a complaint that they were offensive.

Mandela and Luther


And imagine, for example, that the above two monkeys on a classroom poster were named "Mandela" and "Martin Luther" by some school teacher in the UK.

Not only would there be a carefully-manufactured 'liberal' outcry over this, but I have little doubt that six police officers would also turn up to investigate the matter.

So, in principle, how would this be any different from what has been going on in Sudan over this teddy bear incident?

In other words, what is the difference between the woman teacher who named a teddy bear Mohammed - the woman whom these liberals would defend - and a woman teacher who names a monkey Mandela - whom the liberals would accuse of racism?

And is it not the case that it is only the feelings of the offended parties that nowadays count for much here in the west? - thanks to the empty-headedness of the 'liberal' lobby.

And so how can 'liberals' become so upset over this teddy bear incident given that the feelings of many Muslims have been offended by it?

Well, I'll tell you.

The answer is that those people who masquerade as 'liberals' - such as the Oxford University protestors - are not liberals at all.

They are bigots and they are thugs.

They are bigots and they are thugs.

They do not believe in free speech at all - unless the speech happens to support their own agenda - and they are completely unconcerned about people's feelings - unless these people happen to be from privileged groups that support their agenda.

And given that religious, Sudanese Muslims do not support the agenda of the so-called western 'liberals', then their feelings can go to Hell!


Why Fear Multiculturalism?

Why are the English so afraid of multiculturalism when, in fact, only some 10% of England's population are foreigners, eh?

Well, the reason for this fear, we are told by liberal 'professors', is because the English must be racist. After all, 10% of the population can hardly be anything to worry about, can it? 

So, it must be racism that causes the English to fear so much immigration.

And yet, at the very same time, these unbelievably ignorant 'liberals', will also claim that multiculturalism significantly enhances a society.

Well, how can it possibly be that this minority of 10% has the power to enhance a society but it does not have the power to debase it?

It makes no sense at all, does it?

Furthermore, this ridiculously over-simplistic type of thinking can be exposed very easily by taking a look at 'organisms'.

Organisms - such as humans - can be completely debilitated or destroyed by the tiniest number of alien bodies - an absolutely miniscule number when compared to the number of components that make up the organisms themselves.

A few thousand bacterial cells or viruses can completely destroy an organism composed of trillions of cells. A tiny amount of arsenic can kill an elephant.

cultures are also 'organisms'.

And cultures are also 'organisms'.

As such, the notion that they are safe from debilitation or destruction simply because 'only' 10% of their populations are foreigners is nothing less than the usual hokum espoused by the almost unbelievably ignorant leftists who deceitfully masquerade as 'liberal intellectuals'.

Goodness me. Even average 9 year olds can grasp the idea that a tiny teensy dose of something can cause positively devastating effects.

Furthermore, in many parts of the country, the foreign elements and cultures now constitute 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%+ of the population. And so the 'liberal' propaganda that claims that only some 10% of the population is alien to the indigenous population is nothing more than an example of their customary deceit.

Whole areas of the UK are being taken over by people and cultures that are foreign to the indigenous people. The latter find this threatening and alarming; particularly as their neighbours and their relations are gradually forced out of the areas leaving them more and more isolated.

Their feelings about all this is not 'racism'. It is a general unhappiness at the way in which their neighbourhoods and their country is being handed over to others, with themselves being pushed out of what they consider to be their homes - and have done for centuries.

Notice also that the 'liberals' do not accuse the foreign populations of being 'racist' when they choose to live amongst their own kind, but when it comes to the indigenous population, the very same desire is said by them to reflect a deep underlying 'racism'.

They are some of the most ignorant bigots that dwell amongst us.

But, as is all too evident, these left-wing 'liberals' are not liberal at all. They are some of the most ignorant bigots that dwell amongst us.


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