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It surely cannot have escaped the attention of conscious westerners that many of the professionals working in the therapy business seem to have sunk deeper and deeper into the realms of witchcraft and make-believe over the past three decades.

For what seems like an eternity, we, the public, have had to endure in silence the shrill sounds of hysterical nonsense emanating from therapists who, it seems, often entertain more delusions and morbid fantasies than most of their sickest clients.

We have had to put up with the recovered-memory hocus-pocus - wherein therapists claimed that people could be horribly abused for years on end, undergoing the most serious of torments - including the smashing of their limbs for sexual purposes - but, apparently, as a result of various mysterious psychological processes, these people would completely forget about their terrible decade-long ordeals and happily prance off into their futures, arm-in-arm with their previous abusers.

But, of course, and most fortuitously, these people could be reminded of their earlier torments with just a few months of hourly recovered-memory therapy sessions, and thereby cure themselves from just about anything that currently needed curing.



We have also had to suffer the agony of being told that our countries, unbeknownst to us, are densely populated with sex-crazed, devil-worshipping paedophiles who cook babies. 

Babies whose very own mothers might hungrily re-ingest them, as if they were nothing more than good cuts of freshly-killed tender meat.

 we were informed by therapists that schizophrenia was caused by mothers with attitudinal problems

In the decades prior to this lunacy, we were informed by therapists that schizophrenia was caused by mothers with attitudinal problems, dyslexia by poor potty-training regimes, and that children were often dysfunctional because they were persistently being denied the pleasure of having sex with their own parents.

All these ridiculous notions have been seriously held by various highly-respected professionals in the therapy business at one time or another throughout the past century, and the result has been untold misery caused to millions of people.

At the present time, much of the therapy business is now promoting a new theory as to why people might have psychological difficulties.

It derives from feminism.

And, as can be expected, the new theory suggests that men are to blame for many of the psychological ills that beset people - particularly women.

In one way or another, this point of view pervades the whole therapy industry, from the academic researchers right the way up through to those working on the front lines of mental health.

this model assumes throughout that the man is the perpetrator and the woman is the victim

For example, the Duluth Model of domestic violence has been used very widely by law enforcement agencies to deal with relationship disputes. Basically, this model assumes throughout that the man is the perpetrator and the woman is the victim - regardless of their behaviours or their violence.

But this Duluth Model is as much a work of fantasy and fiction as is the recovered memory nonsense and the baby-eating paedophile hysteria.

Or, indeed, the Ink Blot test.

I have written many times before about how those in the abuse industry profit so very well from demonising men (and, increasingly, women) and the uptake of feminist principles by much of the therapy profession is a result of this.

there is much money to be made by therapists if they demonise men.

Quite simply, there is much money to be made by therapists if they demonise men.

I was, therefore, delighted to see Paul Elam recently decide that it was time to start taking direct action against groups of mental health professionals who are touting for business by allying themselves to an ideology - feminism - that is largely driven by a desire to promote hatred towards men.

An example of the hundreds of therapists who drew Paul Elam's ire by allying themselves to this ideology of hatred, are those who tout for business on a website called ALLABOUTCOUNSELING.

And to get some idea of just how prejudicial towards men are those therapists who support this website, it is worth looking at their Women's information page and their Men's information page.

It will not take much more than a cursory glance at these 'information' pages to see that disseminating feminist ideology, rather than mental health, is the main concern of ALLABOUTCOUNSELING.

To give you a taste, here, for example, is the first main piece of 'information' for women, ...

How many women in the US are sexually abused? raped? battered? Millions. And even a greater number of women are attacked verbally, instilling oppression, fear, anger, and low self-esteem.

 And here is the first main piece of 'information' for men. It is, in fact, an instruction, suggesting that men should monitor closely ...

"how my behavior or the behavior of other males affects women."

(Please take a look at those 'information' pages. You will surely be appalled.)

And men, in particular, should be very much aware that what they see going on here is what is going on throughout the field of mental health.

In other words, ALLABOUTCOUNSELING is not an aberration.

In essence, what many professionals in this field are doing is blaming men for their own woes, and also blaming them for women's woes.

Indeed, it must be obvious to any prospective female client turning up at the ALLABOUTCOUNSELING website, that the associated therapists are going to blame the men in their lives for all their problems.

The 'information' pages make it quite clear that this will be the case.

 therapists mostly do blame everybody but their own clients for the problems that beset them

Now, therapists mostly do blame everybody but their own clients for the problems that beset them - for obvious reasons; perhaps the most obvious being that therapists are not going to make much of a living by blaming those who pay their fees.

On the contrary, the more do they pander to their clients, and the more do they stroke their egos, the more does the money roll in.

And what has happened over the years is that these mental health professionals have simply latched on to a whole ideology (feminism) that appears to give them some justification for blaming men for the ills of their clients.

And so confident of this point of view are they nowadays, that they can more or less state this to be the case to their prospective clients (via their 'information' pages) even before they have even met them!

"Your problem is Men!"

Now, given that this therapeutic industry is vast in size, that it is worth many billions of dollars every year, and that it is highly influential across society and the law, the fact that it is permeated throughout with the view that 'men are the problem' causes a great deal of unhappiness in the lives of men.

It also fuels a great deal of hatred towards men; thereby sanctioning and promoting the mistreatment of them.

As such, it is quite fitting for someone like Paul Elam to say that he is no longer prepared to put up with what is, in practice, bogus feminist propaganda masquerading as therapy, and that he intends to take continually to task all those therapists who are endorsing it; either to treat their clients, or to attract them in the first place.

Indeed, it is surely nothing less than outrageous that therapists are using their professional status to imbue their clients with pernicious, sexist, political propaganda.

"Your problem is Jews,"

And, in essence, this propaganda is no less harmful to society and no less bigoted than would be one that proclaimed that, "Your problem is Jews," or, "Your problem is Blacks."

And we should all be fighting against it.

Unfortunately, however, there is nowadays so much money to be made by therapists who can manage to construct some convincing notion that someone's mental health problems are caused by someone else, that it is going to be very difficult to persuade such therapists to abandon this gravy train.

lawyers and therapists can form very lucrative deals

For example, hand in glove with the legal profession, lawyers and therapists can form very lucrative deals by promoting the view that 'men are the problem'.

The lawyers act out in outrage at every hint of 'abuse' imaginable in order to pull in the plaintiffs, and they promote relationship laws which make it almost impossible for intimates not to break them - or appear to do so - very often sending clients directly off to therapists who will confirm the damage.

And in the opposite direction, heading into the lawyer's office, travel the therapists' clients who have been convinced that their unhappiness is the result of some 'illegal' kind of abuse.

I can still remember the chill that went through me some 20 years ago when a female murderess on a woman's TV chat show programme in the UK (who was given no prison term for killing her husband) admitted that she had felt guilty about the killing, but that, after therapy, she now realised that she was not to blame AT ALL because her husband had been abusive.

(I should add that it was perfectly obvious that she, herself, had often behaved violently towards her husband; thus proving that she did not fear him.)

Her lawyer was also on the show. And she explained how this murderess had been diagnosed with Battered Wife Syndrome - or something similar - which is why the legal system had exonerated her.

Now, I am not suggesting that something like BWS does not exist, nor that women who suffer from it might become uncharacteristically murderous.

 most of these women look nothing like battered wives

But when I have looked at the evidence presented in cases where women are exonerated for having suffered from BWS, most of these women look nothing like battered wives, and they seem to have engaged in serious violence themselves throughout their history with their now-deceased partners.

In other words, the therapists and the defending lawyers have colluded with each other to portray these vicious women as hapless victims.

And the very same type of collusion is taking place when it comes to matters of divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and so on.

The therapists and the lawyers are sending clients to each other, and maximising their incomes.

"You are an abused woman. The man is the problem. Here is a good lawyer to help you deal with him."

"You are an abused woman. The man is the problem. Here is a good therapist who will confirm to the court that your problems are all his fault."

And, in essence, these professionals collude with each other to inflict some kind of hurt (legal, financial or otherwise) on to men on the grounds that they are responsible for some woman's current state of disgruntlement.

This industry is now absolutely vast. And it is worth billions of dollars every year.

(I strongly recommend Professor Stephen Baskerville's book Taken Into Custody to see just how profitable is this business between therapists and lawyers).

This is not about mental health.

This is about politics and money.

And I would urge all mental health professionals to think very seriously about what is going to happen to their profession - and, hence, to their future prospects - as the public becomes more aware of just how disreputable so many of their colleagues appear to be.

Thanks to the internet, thousands of men are beginning to wake up to the way in which many therapists poison their loved ones against them.

And they are mostly not very happy about this.


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