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Sir Ian Blair Chief Commissioner Metropolitan Police

Ian Blair 

A politically-corrected w*nker.
He is the highest-ranking police officer in the UK.

PC W*nkers In Blue

Crime Crackdown Is Useless New laws to tackle gun and knife crime brought in early after a spate of violent crimes will not work, a senior police representative says.

Alan Gordon told the BBC some people had a "scant regard" for human life which would not be combated by the Violent Crime Reduction Act.


"People that seem to have such a scant regard for human life, I don't think are going to be dissuaded in their actions by new legislation."


But something that would make a difference is bringing the law to bear on people like those greedy scumbags who sell the disgusting knife-block that promotes the view that stabbing men is funny!

Unfortunately, however, those politically-corrected W*NKERS who currently masquerade as our most senior police officers are too effing stupid and too lily-livered to even contemplate such action.

The very fact that this knife block can be on sale openly in the UK and that it can be advertised with the statement that, "All Men Are B*stards," sends out a number of messages to the public; particularly to the less intelligent and the more aggressive members of it - i.e. the knuckle-headed Neanderthals; of which there seem to be so many these days. 

the stabbing of a man is not to be taken seriously at all

The very display of this knife block in a public arena sends out the message that it is perfectly acceptable to promote violence against men by depicting the stabbing of a man on a household utensil in a humorous way. The implication of this humour is that the stabbing of a man is not to be taken seriously at all. On the contrary, it is something to laugh about.

The fact that the means to carry out an actual stabbing - i.e. the knives -  form an integral part of the knife block sends out the message that, when it comes to stabbing men, even malicious humour that is infused with menace and which is associated with a real threat - i.e. the knives - is perfectly acceptable in the UK today.

The fact that it is acceptable even to advertise this knife-block sends out the message that the government and the police must find it acceptable to make fun of men being stabbed. And if the government and the police find such a thing acceptable then this endorses the view amongst ordinary people that it is perfectly legitimate to find the act of stabbing men humorous.

And the fact that these knife blocks - and the way in which they are advertised - would be illegal if they depicted women, children, blacks, gays, Jews, etc., tells us, unequivocally, that the police and the government are well aware that these knife blocks are likely to increase the incidence of violence against those whom they depict. 

And so, for example, it would be illegal in the UK to sell or to advertise a knife block such as this one ...

Some Women Are Bitches

And so the fact that the police and the government are well aware that these knife blocks are likely to promote violence coupled with the fact that they will not do anything about them when their target is men, clearly tells us that the police and the government are completely unconcerned about violence against men.

Violence against men is fine. Violence against any other group is not.

Indeed, Ian Blair and most of his other senior officers will send out vanloads of police officers to investigate even the most innocuous of imagined sleights against 'minority' groups and they will readily prosecute anyone who causes 'offence' to these groups or who does something that incites violence against them, but when it comes to promoting the idea that the stabbing of men is funny, they are nowhere to be seen. They do not want to know.

These politically-corrected w*nkers in blue are either too stupid to recognise that they are endorsing a culture of violence by refusing to act against those who blatantly promote serious violence against men or it is simply the case that they actually want to promote such violence; perhaps in order to justify their ever-growing empires.

And my guess is the the latter might well be nearer to the truth.

Why? Because these politically-corrected w*nkers who are our senior police officers clearly recognise that the sale and advertising of this knife block would likely promote violence against all other groups that could be depicted by such a product, and there can be no legitimate reason whatsoever for them to believe that this is not the case when the target of this knife block is 'men'.

Alan Gordon is right - as is David Cameron. Unless we change this cultural attitude towards violence - particularly violence that is directed against men - we have no hope of reducing the amount of violence in our society.

violence against men is one of the biggest problems ... right across the planet.

Indeed, violence against men is one of the biggest problems that we face. It is an enormous problem - right across the planet. And it is a far, far greater problem than is, say, violence against women. But those politically-corrected w*nkers in blue seem very unwilling to address this rather obvious fact.

Indeed, when it comes to violence against women, senior police officers and politicians seem forever to be worrying about this decidedly lesser problem - and they even create huge exaggerated ongoing publicity campaigns about it - but when it comes to violence against men, nothing.

Perhaps they should get the rank-and-file police officers on the ground to tell them which group of people suffers the most from violence.

It isn't blacks. It isn't Jews. It isn't gays. And it certainly isn't women.

It's men.

6 Killed Over Weekend A 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death in a gang fight during a weekend of gun and knife violence across Britain which left at least six other people dead.

Urgency Needed' On Knife Crime The director of the Victims of Crime Trust, Norman Brennan, said he believed there was now "a national crisis with knife crime".

Oh yes; and then there was the eleven-year-old who was shot ... Police are continuing to question six people about the killing of 11-year-old Rhys Jones after one was bailed.

There must be greater urgency behind the fight to tackle knife crime and anti-social behaviour, the innovation, universities and skills secretary, John Denham MP, says.

Well, here is my email to the minister ...

To: [email protected] 

Subject: Knife Crime

Dear John

You have recently said that you are concerned about knife crime. Then why will the police not do anything about the advertising and sale of this disgusting knife block?


If this knife block depicted any other group of people other than 'men' (e.g. women, Jews, Muslims, gays, blacks etc etc etc) its sale would be illegal, because it would be said to incite violence against the members of those groups.

So, why is it OK to incite violence against 'men'?

Also see, ...

(URL to this page)

Best wishes


MRAs: Please email John Denham about this knife block.

Only One In 40 UK Police Officers Available For Emergencies Only one in 40 police officers are available to respond to 999 calls from the public.

But they find the resources to rush out to deal with the complaint of one woman concerning two golly dolls for sale. And I seem to recall that they also managed to find 6 police officers to investigate Cherie Blair's gentle tweaking of a teenager's ears.

After all, tweaking an ear might be 'abuse'!

gollywogs dolls puppets

Golly Dolls Confiscated Two golly dolls have been confiscated by police officers from a furniture and gift shop in Lancashire, following a complaint that they were offensive.

You must not hurt the feelings of black people, they tell us; but promoting the view that the stabbing of black men is an acceptable thing to do, and something to make fun of, is just fine 

Goodness. They're stupid. It is surely no wonder that violent crime keeps going up and up and up.

... Two Weeks Of Knife Deaths A series of fatal stabbings has prompted Home Secretary John Reid to call for serious offences involving knives and sharp instruments to be recorded separately


To: The Association of Chief Police Officers

If ACPO was really concerned about violence and the use of knives then perhaps it would take some action to stop the promotion and sale of this disgusting knife block ...


The police would prosecute the sellers of ANY knife block that suggested that "All Women are Bitches" or all "Jews are scum" or whatever - on the grounds that it would incite violence against these groups. 

Well, this knife block trivialises violence against 'men' and it encourages violence against 'men' just as it would do so for any other group.

So why is there no action against this knife block on your part?



TV presenter Sue Turto has her bottom pinched

TV presenter Sue Turto has her bottom pinched


five police cars attend a female TV presenter whose bottom was pinched ..

Meanwhile, five police cars attend a female TV presenter whose bottom was pinched ...

Thames Valley Police faced criticism from local taxpayers after mounting an investigation into the incident, footage of which has already found its way on to the Internet site YouTube where it has so far been seen by more than 150,000 people.

Sir Ian Blair Chief Commissioner Metropolitan Police

"I caught them all single-handed - with one hand tied behind my back." 

The Politically-Corrected PC Caught Telling Porkies Sir Ian Blair has been accused of exaggerating his role in a notorious IRA shoot-out in the 1970s in a desperate attempt to improve his image.

Only liars get to the top and stay there. Always remember that.

It's the way our system works.


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