knife block holder shaped like a man figure All Men Are Bastards

All Men Are Bastards Knife Block

Looking to purchase this fabulous knife block?

Then you are one sick moron.

Go Away.

I don't want you on this site.

You are clearly stupid, ignorant and unpleasant.

Maybe you should think carefully about who you really are.

Would you buy this knife block if it was shaped like a woman?

I bet you also love Sharon Osbourne given how funny she seems to think it is to mutilate men with a knife ...

Sharon Osbourne

YouTube Video - 5 min

Of course, if you are a man, then you are probably a mentally-disordered homosexual sadist of some sort, who likes the idea of stabbing men.

You're sick. You're nasty.

That is who you are.

Do you like snuff movies too?


Know thyself, Brother.



You might want to email the people who market the above kitchen utensil. Here are their email addresses ...

[email protected],[email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected]

[email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 

And you can also complain to the Trading Standards Department here,

[email protected]

people who encourage others to laugh at the savage mutilation of males deserve a lot of heat.

... My own view is that people who encourage others to laugh at the savage mutilation of males deserve a lot of heat. These people are also encouraging violence towards men and, hence, between men.

This does nobody any good. 

The directors of this company are just very greedy people. They simply want to make money by making fun out of men being stabbed, and they are contributing to the already-widespread notion that violence against men is something to laugh about.

So, are you actually going to do something about this sort of thing? - perhaps by emailing them with your views?       

Or not?

knife block holder shaped like a man figure All Men Are BastardsG Rolph: The Knife Block saga continues ...

> Hi
> Just an update on the Knife Block complaint I have lodged with the police.
> As you may already know, I originally made my complaint about the "All  Men Are B*stards" Knife Block sold at iwantoneofthose.com on a police hate crime report web site (UK).
> This report was then sent to Bromley (Kent) police force. A few days
> later (Sat 8/1/05) I received a telephone call from a female saying
> she had received the report. Had no idea why I was complaining and > would call me back when I was at home. She left no name or contact details in her message and never has called back. I reissued the complaint on the police web site after being advised to do so by a
very helpful women at Bromley police station after I rang to find out
what was happening.

Today (Tuesday Jan 17th 2005) I was contacted by a police officer at
Lewisham police station. He gave his name as PC Rush #525pl.
At first his attitude was typical. "Can't see a problem here mate!"
I chatted with him and explained my concerns. Among the things I
pointed out were these:

1. If this product was aimed at any other group in society there 
would  be an outcry. "Imagine" I said, if the product was described as, "All Gays are B*stards" Or, "All Blacks are B*stards." He conceded that this would be illegal.

> At 11:58am (15 minis later) He called me back. He said, "I have 
talked to people in the office and we cannot see where a crime has been committed here and so we will not be proceeding." I replied, "Are you telling me that even under hate crime legislation, you cannot see a crime here, despite the fact that the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) guidelines point out that any group can be a victim of a hate crime if they feel threatened or abused by the behaviour of others?" He said, "Yes. I cannot see that a crime has been committed."

... thus proving what ingratiating politically-corrected w*nkers are UK police officers.

"All Police Officers are B*astards"

If I had the resources I would produce an 'amusing' poster or an object with knives being stuck into a police officer and sell it with "All Police Officers are B*astards" as a theme.

Then we'd see how they like it.

The truth, of course, is that most male police officers are too stupid and too politically-corrected to see themselves as 'men'. They mostly seem to think that they are some kind of superior beings - when they are, in fact, nothing of the sort. 


Try telling a male police officer that all male police officers are brainless idiots, and I can almost guarantee you that he will not look too pleased.

But tell him that all men are brainless idiots - which amounts to the same thing - and he will probably laugh.

"Stupid" is the word that keeps coming to my mind.

(Also see Organ Monkeys and Men Fighting Back to see how police officers not only ignore violence against men but purposely foment it. And this is why they are more than happy for hatred towards men to be stirred up by other parties.)

Oh well. What to do, eh?

Ah yes. I know.

laughing hyena cartoonSearch Google

"Police Officer Stabbed".

LOL! There are so, so many of them.

Thousands of them over the years!

Some of them even killed!

LOL! x 100

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Never laughed so much in my life.

A few examples of UK headlines from the BBC in the past few days ...

Police are hunting the attacker of an 18-year-old man who was stabbed in the chest in an apparently motiveless assault.

A pair of attackers who stabbed a man and then slashed him across the face are being sought in west Kent.

Two masked intruders have stabbed a man repeatedly at his home in Sheffield.

A woman stabbed her former boyfriend, a Royal Marine, to death after he accidentally called her by the name of his new girlfriend, a court has heard.

... I could have posted up about 20 more from the same week.

Objections To Knife Block Advert Overruled By Advertising Standards Agency Objections, one via an MP, to an ad in a mail order gift catalogue, featured in The Times and The Telegraph, for a knife block


[Summary of] COMPLAINT as described by the Advertising Standards Agency  ...

Objections, one via an MP, to an ad in a mail order gift catalogue, featured in The Times and The Telegraph, for a knife block. The ad was headlined "ALL MEN ARE BASTARDS KNIFE BLOCK" and showed a picture of the product which was shaped like a man with several knives stuck in his body.


It was "shaped like a man", right? With "several knives stuck in his body", right?

However, ... (my underlining) ...


[Summary of] ADJUDICATION ...

We considered the phrase "ALL MEN ARE BASTARDS" to be a common and ironic piece of female humour, which was unlikely to be interpreted literally or encourage violent behaviour. We also considered the item was labelled clearly as a knife block and possessed an unrealistic form, which was unlikely to be seen as a man. We concluded that the ad was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence, condone or encourage violence or be seen as demeaning to men.


So, the knife block was "unlikely to be seen as a man", even though this is exactly how the ASA itself described it!?

I quote them ...

"and showed a picture of the product which was shaped like a man.

I should also point out that surfers who use Google often end up on this page by searching for phrases such as "knife block shaped like man".

For another insight into how the ASA allows adverts that encourage violence towards men (something which the ASA claims is UNACCEPTABLE and must be stopped) take a look at Men Fighting Back

I responded by emailing her professors.

Also see how I responded to one incredibly stupid woman who - like most western women - has clearly been indoctrinated to hate men. I responded by emailing her professors ...

 ... Knife Block Email.

Finally, if someone produced such a knife block with the figure depicting a police officer or a politician being stabbed, it would be banned immediately in the UK.

In other words, UK officials think that it is not acceptable to promote the view that stabbing police officers or politicians is a funny thing to do - because it might encourage violence against them - but they think that it is quite acceptable to promote the view that stabbing 'men' is funny.

In other words, encouraging violence against 'men' is OK.

Quite simply, as a man, you do not count.

As a police officer or a politician, you do.


Also see ...

What A Piece Of Sh*t Is Man

Homosexual Sadism - there's a lot of it about - right in front of your nose - but you just don't see it

Chivalry - Are western men too chivalrous?


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