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Slap That Face

Equality! A Florida reading teacher charged with having sex with a minor pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior as part of a plea deal that DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY JAIL TIME.

I'd pay $100 to slap that face.

The very sight of it winds me up.

It's got nothing to do with her crime.

It's just that face.

There's something about it that irritates me.


It seems to need a good slapping.  

It seems to be yearning for it.

Two to the left, and two to the right.

With gusto!








But I'd pay $1000 to slap this face ...

Beatrix Campbell Bea Campbell

... Hmm. Maybe even more - depending on my mood - which she often blackens.

In my view, this is one of the most revolting women that I have ever come across.

And I should know!

Her name is Beatrix Campbell. 

She is a woman who, in my view, lies and exaggerates a great deal with the specific aim of engendering hatred towards men - which, as far as I can ascertain, she has done for some two decades; but probably for four decades, judging by that face.

She is a typical lesbian feminist who appears to know precious little about men - unsurprisingly - and hardly anything about women - which, quite frankly, is also not surprising, because women, by and large, are not lesbians!

 lesbians do not know much about normal heterosexual men and women

Quite simply, lesbians do not know much about normal heterosexual men and women.

How could they?

They can't read minds, can they?

And, of course, it is also in the interests of lesbians to stir up hostility in women towards men so that they can increase the potential number of sex-starved beings willing to supply them with a clitoris.

Speaking bluntly - if I may - the more that women are set against men, the more likely are they to engage in lesbianism.

And that's a scientific fact!

Take it from me, it is no coincidence that so many feminists are lesbians - particularly of the butch variety.

Of course, I have nothing against lesbians - each to his own, I say - but I do have a great deal against this woman Beatrix Campbell - and, clearly, I use the word 'woman' in the loosest of senses!

In my view, the amount of hatred towards men that this woman has engendered over the years is incalculable.

For example, last week in the Guardian, Mz Campbell tried to raise the hostility of women towards men by making the claim that women are financially far worse off than men, which we know is untrue; i.e. it is a lie ...

... women are allowed to work, get into debt, get a PhD - but on condition that they do what they've always done: take care of men and children; pay a forfeit for motherhood; put up with porn in the office; and, over a lifetime, even if they're as good as a bloke, get paid, promoted and pensioned less. It costs women millions to be women.

Women receive huge amounts of money from men both directly and indirectly (via the state). Furthermore, women spend some 80% of all the money that is spent in western countries.

(In my house, it's about 99%.)

As far as taking care of their men and children is concerned, women have complete choice over whether or not they wish to do this.

Furthermore, they also have complete choice when it comes to deciding about their careers; e.g. see my piece entitled Subsidising Pregnant Women.

They also have complete control over their pregnancies; e.g. see Why Should a Man Bear Responsibility for a Woman who Decides to have a Baby?

Women in the UK are not forced to have babies! 

men do not have the luxury of 'choice' in these matters

For the most part, men do not have the luxury of 'choice' in these matters. They simply have to troop off to work. And, of course, if their partners decide to get pregnant and to remain so following mutually consensual sexual activity, then there is absolutely nothing that the men can do about it.

If she wants a baby, she gets it. If she doesn't, she doesn't.

Indeed, women are portrayed as the victims because it is they who have the choices!

As another example of Beatrix Campbell's malicious rantings about men - and her deceits - a few months ago the BBC Radio 4 had an item on the restricting effects of political correctness on jokes.

Beatrix Campbell was invited on to the programme to air her views about the matter. She felt that the internet had helped to unleash men's true natures. Here is what she said. 

"There is a sense in which the wonderful email and internet have merely released something which was always there, men behaving badly, enjoying child abuse, and sexually abusing women." 

we men just love to abuse women and children and to make fun of such things.

That's right boys. According to the BBC (and the BBC knows damn well what Beatrix Campbell is likely to say) we men just love to abuse women and children and to make fun of such things.

Now, bearing in mind that millions of listeners to this BBC programme will not be familiar with the internet - [note: I wrote this article in 2005 when very few people were accessing the internet] - particularly those areas inhabited by men - the idea that men by the million are using the internet to make fun of, say, child abuse must be quite frightening, and it will certainly blacken people's perceptions of men.

But this is what Beatrix Campbell does. And this is why both the feminist-controlled BBC and the Guardian newspaper are always so keen to promote her views.

And, while on this particular subject, I have never - not once - in all the thousands of hours trawling the internet, come across any man making any fun of children being abused.

Of course, I could never infer from this alone that such a thing never happens, but the notion that men, in general, are using the internet so that they can 'enjoy' child abuse is a downright lie - a lie which is clearly designed to stir up a hatred of men.

A further example of her deceits can be seen in an article of hers to which I posted a link last week; Men Are The Problem. It exposes the truly massive extent to which she distorts the findings of a piece of research on domestic violence.

In my view, she also lied pretty blatantly in an article which she wrote about two innocent nursery nurses who had been falsely accused of child abuse ...

in the Daily Express, Beatrix Campbell told her readers that the "stringent" inquiry had found "persuasive evidence of sadistic and sexual abuse of up to 350 children" - an appalling tale - 6 min

In fact, the inquiry was a complete sham - so much so that a later court hearing condemned it unreservedly ... 

Last summer Mr Justice Eady ruled that Barker and his colleagues social worker JUDITH JONES ... had been DELIBERATELY UNTRUTHFUL in writing the inquiry report. Reed and Lillie each won £200,000, the maximum permitted libel damages.

Judith Jones is/was Beatrix Campbell's partner ... 

What is not in Judith Jones' biography is that she works closely with the influential feminist Beatrix Campbell, who was a key figure in the discussion of the Cleveland child abuse scandal 15 years ago. ...  Another fact that is not in Jones' biography is provided by the Daily Mail: 'Judith Jones - formerly Judith Dawson - was a leading figure among social workers who became convinced that a group of young children were being sexually abused by devil worshippers in Nottingham in 1989. Police found no evidence to support this claim.' 

In my view, Beatrix Campbell also did her best to imbue the nation with the idea that sadistic ritual child sexual abuse was rampant throughout the UK and, further, she tried to portray many of those who criticised the associated 'recovered memory' nonsense as paedophiles ...

Ms Jones, together with her partner, journalist Beatrix Campbell, has been a longstanding opponent of the British False Memory Society. As part of a campaign to uphold 'recovered memory' theory, both Campbell and Jones have sought to blacken the name of the BFMS over many years. The most flagrant example of this was in their 1999 co-written book Stolen Voices which sought to portray, through misinformation and misrepresentation, the BFMS and other critics, as part of a 'paedophile's lobby'. Unsurprisingly, the totally unfounded slurs in the book resulted in a queue of people intending to take legal action. Responding to the first of many potential claims, the publishers withdrew the book the day before publication. - 5 min

The number of people that she has damaged very seriously is inestimable - in my view.




Quote ...

Sexual abuse of children now presents society with the ultimate crisis of patriarchy, when children refuse to protect their fathers by keeping secrets. Beatrix Campbell - trying to imply that fathers are the main perpetrators of child sexual abuse when, in fact, the evidence shows quite clearly that the biological fathers of children are the least likely group to abuse them.

Ritual Satanic Abuse Baloney The former Communist and noted feminist Beatrix Campbell wrote a series of articles and made a Channel 4 Dispatches programme promoting the myth more enthusiastically than any American evangelist group or salacious tabloid. Dolan Cummings

Also see Shameful Therapists.

UK Two nursery nurses forced to flee their homes in fear of their lives after being accused of sexually abusing dozens of children yesterday won libel damages of £200,000 each at the end of a six-month court case.  

"The judge said the team "clearly fell under the spell" of Camille San Lazaro a paediatrician at the Royal Victoria infirmary, Newcastle, who examined 53 children and made findings of abuse. She was "unbalanced, obsessive and lacking in judgment" and had given "untrue accounts" to the criminal injuries compensation board ."

+ UK Nurses cleared of child abuse win libel payout - Telegraph version of the same story

+ UK If we want to prevent more cases of this kind, we need to start asking more questions of those who claim to be protecting children. Jennie Bristow - Brits should read this.

"What is not in Judith Jones' biography is that she works closely with the influential feminist Beatrix Campbell, who was a key figure in the discussion of the Cleveland child abuse scandal 15 years ago."

That the people who were responsible for this appalling act of malice and professional misconduct have not been prosecuted says a great deal about the justice system and how corrupted it has become. And the fact that this team of fraudulent malicious 'experts' continue to work in positions of power is an absolute disgrace.

They should be serving prison time.

+ UK MPs last night expressed outrage at the payment of £360,000 in fees to a council team commissioned to produce a report which wrongly accused two nursery workers of child abuse.

+ UK What the Shieldfield case demonstrates is just how potent and insidious paedophile allegations are; they penetrate not just the low-income housing estates, but also the portals of power. Over the past nine years, there have been many opportunities to find out the truth about Shieldfield. Bob Woffinden

+ UK 'Extremely young and bewildered children were brought in and interrogated (sometimes for over an hour) by one, two and even three interviewers. These interviewers used the full array of suggestive techniques to elicit allegations of abuse. When the children denied they had been abused, they were bombarded with more suggestions, they were scolded, threatened and bribed. When some children whimpered, moaned or begged the interviewers to end the questioning, the interviewers continued.' David Rose interviews the falsely accused couple.

Satanic Amanda Knox Acquittal: It isn’t the Catholic Church that is unhealthily obsessed with mythical Satanic sex – it is radical feminists and social workers. Brendan O'Neill

It was writers like Beatrix Campbell, a feminist and contributor to the Guardian, who argued ... that Satanists were “organising rituals to penetrate any available orifice in troops of little children; to cut open rabbits or cats or people and drink their blood; to sh*t on silver trays and make the children eat it”

Yep. When it comes to sexual fantasies about child sex - and lusty orgies - it is women radical feminists and women social workers who, quite clearly, were the people mostly engaging in them recently.

And when people keep having fantasies about child sex, over and over again - and these were very definitely fantasies - what can you realistically conclude, other than that they are turning themselves on?

This is what these women were doing.

No question about it.

They then set about trying to stir up as much hysteria and hatred towards men as possible through their fantasies - with much success.

Also see, ...

Chris Langham - Scapegoat?

Brits might also like to see this detailed piece about Beatrix Campbell and her feminist friends, ...




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